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Friday, January 27

Respect The Girls In The Sky

Xing Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

Released from jail! I'm free for 1 week to celebrate Chinese New Year, yeay! But it would be a really quiet CNY, as i would be the only sibling at home celebrating with my parents. Hmmm, think of the bright side, i can take AngPao on behalf of them! Yeay! *grins :P

Stumbled upon a colleague's blog few minutes back. Her name is Cindy, she's a Flight Stewardess for Malaysia Airlines. There's this particular post of hers that attracted my attention, and i think it's worth sharing with you guys. It's about harassment. (Cindy, i hope it's fine with u to let me copy paste this)

Here's the original post that she wrote:

jUz cAme bAck fr0m mY tAipEi tRip...sUmthiN hAppEnEd 0n mY kK-kUL flIght 0n 16th...

a f00tbAll tEAm wAs 0n b0Ard.thEy weRe tRavElliN 0n bEhAlf 0f thEir c0mpAny (a bIg c0mpAny iN m'Sia..."T * *").m0st 0f tHem r 20 0ver yRs 0ld.dUriN tHe mEal sErvIce thEy chImed n0n-st0p.whEn i cR0ssEd bY...0ne by 0ne..thEy sAid : i wAnt pEaNuts...i wAn biScUits...swEets...pEpsI...7up...miLo aIS ...... N suddEnly...0ne 0f thEm saId : I WANT U !!

m i lo0ked liKe a weAk gIrL tAt wiLL nVr fiGht bAck?? i thInk tHey 'th0ugHt' tAt i M tAt tyPe 0f giRl...bUt s0rry t0 sAy...i M n0t!

s0.......vEry l0ud N cLEar...i wAs liKe tAlkiN witH a mEgAph0ne u kn0w...i sAid : SIR !! TAT IS A HARASSMENT U KNOW? IS A VERBAL HARASSMENT!!D0 U WAN ME TO MAKE A REPORT?OR ELSE PLZ BEHAVE URSELF!

pAssEngErs wh0 sittIN ar0und heArd tAt.aVb0dy loOked aT tAt fEllow.hE wAs sh0ckEd...n c0uldnt rEsp0nd.tHe gUy sittIng bEsidE hIm ap0l0gIze f0r hIm.

My leAdiNg heArd tAt...cZ shE wAs aT tHe bAck.sHe sAid n0 nEed t0 cAll hIm SIR aNym0re.thEy giLa-giLa aLd.

thIs iS my 1sT tiMe tAt sc0ld paSseNger 0n b0ard...actUally...feEl good.ahahhaa...cZ kEna bUlly mA ....mUZ fIght bAck k gIrls!!tIS iS hArAssmEnt leH!!

Such a shame! Can't believe that there are such poeple from Malaysia, I think u should know who they are rite? "T * *" Now i understand the meaning of '3rd world mentality'. It suits them well - F***tards!

Respect yourself bastards! U can't even respect yourself, and u r thinking of playing a fool on the flight? u must be kidding me. I guess u do not know what stewardesses and pilots can do to u ya? Let's just hope that the pilot doesn't do an emergency landing just for u, where lots of ppl will be waiting to greet u at the airport. (If u get what i mean?)

Cindy, u did a great job! I'm sure all of us here (me and my blogger friends) are behind u, giving u full support. Teach these ppl a lesson, they deserve it! Best wishes from all of us Malaysians and keep up that smile of yours that we crave for! LoL!

p/s: I hope the Flight Stewardesses do not bring canes into the flight in future. I'd cry!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Happy Chinese New Year from me and Malaysia Airlines! :)

Tuesday, January 24

1meme, 2meme, 3meme, 4meme, 5meme

I got tagged by 5 bloggers in a span of 10 days! Thanx to these 5 people for being so loving, u melted my heart! (chehhhhhhhh... so fake. LoL!)

1. 1+2mom
2. Gina
3. Passion Flower
4. Alicia
5. Ming Ming

As i was typing the title above "1meme 2meme 3meme 4meme 5 meme", immediately i starting singing the song 'Little Red Indian Boys'.

Originl: '1 little 2 little 3 little indian boys......'
Remix: '1 meme 2 meme 3 meme 4 meme......' (Duhhh! Smack!)

Combination of 2 different MEME titles! I've eliminated a few questions though.

3 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
- My mum's slave (not allowed to resign)
- Book Store Assistant
- Waiter

3 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
- Girl Next Door (hot!)
- All Vin Diesel's movies (my idol)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
- Jan 2005, i was 21. I went to Bali 1 week after Tsunami happened in Sumatera

3 TV Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
- The O.C (Merissa, will u marry me?)
- Smallville (Lana, will u marry me?)
- Joey (How u doin')

Super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:
- Erm, me body conscious health conscious guy, seldom snack.
- Well, cheezels is good! :P

Songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
- Red Little Indian
- Happy Birthday (zoo version)
- Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Bla bla blacksheep
- 1 of LMF's song - HKL (ooo.... vulgar song, bad bad!)

Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:
- Kangar, Perlis
- A.Setar, Sg. Petani, Kedah
- Bayan Lepas, Feringgi, Penang
- Pangkor, Lumut, Sitiawan, T.Intan, Taiping, Bkt Merah, Perak
- Selangor
- P.D, Seremban, Bahau, K.Pilah, Negeri9
- Tampin, Melaka, Melaka
- J.Bahru, Mersing, Kluang, Johor
- C.Hghland, Genting, Kuantan, K.rompin, Tmn Negara, Pahang
- P.Kapas, P.Germia, P.Redang, P.Tioman, P.Perhentian, P.Pemanggil, K.Terengganu, Terengganu
- K.Baru, Kelantan
- Kuching, Sarawak
- Next destination - Kota Kinabalu!

- Kuta, Bali
- Singapore, Singapore
- Phuket, Thailand

1 Thing you would do if you were a millionaire billionaire:
- Buy an Airbus 380 (RM1 billion)

3 Places I Would Rather Be In:
- Old Trafford
- Girl's hug? (as if... dream on kampungkai!)

3 bad habits:
- Teasing/kacau people
- Never use a cup to drink water, rather pour straight from the kettle
- Never bring my folded clothes upstairs and leave by the staircase :P

3 Of My Favourite Foods:
- Melaka Popiah
- Shui Gao (Water cake)
- Eggs - Half boil, Hard boil, Fried, Scrambled, Steam. No RAW egg pls.

3 things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
- Ah beng's uniform
- Small little souveniers from places of visit. (It collects dust)
- Hair Gel. (It spoils ur hair, use natural products like BabyOil instead)

Five favorite “toys”:
- Handphone
- Ipod Shuffle
- My car (parent's car to be precise)
- Digital Camera
- My guppies in the fishtank!
p/s: I'll be leaving for my hostel tonite. I've 3days/week class schedule haha! see u all on Friday night!

Monday, January 23

The Devils & The Reds

1. Before i start this post, I've to say, I'm a Manchester United fan.
2. Malaysia is a free country, we dun fist fight just for a football game ya?
3. hahhahahahah! chill dudes, dun get angry and start debating bout MU & Liverpool!

Yawn, i'm very sleepy! reached home at 3am, slept at 4am, woke up at 9am, brought the car for service (suspected water might have gone into the engine) on a very very sunny morning, and 2 hours later, now, the sun is no where to be seen, dark rain clouds all over the sky.

So, where did i go last nite till 3am? FOR THE GAME OF THE YEAR OF COURSE!!! MANCHASTER UNITED vs LIVERPOOL!!! GOD! all my effort of booking a place from 7pm-2am was worth it! Why all the trouble to Desa Sri Hartamas' SOULED OUT cafe, when i can watch at home on the sofa? cos lots of these football fanatics and this Football Crazy presenter (Sheikh Haikel) was there to boost up the mood, it's the game of the 2 teams that never will be friends! And there was this big satallite dish and 1 van each from TV3 and CELCOM parked outside, broadcasting us live on TV.

If u were watching the game, i think u would have seen us LIVE, with this very huge plum guy(Sheikh Haikel), did u? Well, that's us in the background hahahha! Not to forget, the main reason of going to hartamas was to get the goodie bag from ESPN. They were giving out goodie bags to the 1st 300 who were there. AND I GOT 1! hahhaha

Image hosting by Photobucket
Goodie bag.

Before the game started at 12 midnight, chelsea was playing charlton. And something weird happened. ManU and Liverpool fans got together and supported Charlton, not wanting Chelsea to win the game hahahaha! But the second right after the clock struck 12, u could see the rival look on our face - The Devils & The Reds!

1st half was kinda cool and calm, one or two attacks from both side, it was boring in fact, something that both team's fans were expecting more of it. Everyone sat in the chair quietly, had the eyes glued to the big screen, sipping some water slowlyyyyyyyyyy so that they dun finish it so soon (which then the waitress can't chase them away).

Then came 2nd half, fuhhhhhh the heat started to build up, once awhile ppl start jumping up from their chair when the ball gets near to the penalty box, but always with a 'aiyoooooooooo' and 'smack on the forehead' in the end. No goals!

Everyone was kinda dissapointed by the time it reached the 90th minute, only left with few minutes of injury time. Suddenly, a chance of free kick came, Giggs took the kick. Ferdinand jumped and gave a header, GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! *SCREAM LIKE MAD, JUMP UP FROM THE CHAIR, PPL HUGGING EACH OTHER, PUNCHING THE FIST INTO THE AIR LIKE A MAD COW, PUTTING ON SOME VERY VERY WEIRD FACE EXPRESSION....

Image hosting by Photobucket
Rio Ferdinand is mobbed after grabbing the late winner over Liverpool

The screaming went on for at least a 30 seconds. Even during playback, we screamed again, but slightly softer haahahaha, cos no voice d. ManU 1-0 Liverpool! This is a very memorable day.

Before the game started, Liverpool fans were loud. During the game, Liverpool fans were loud. During half time break, Liverpool fans were loud. But after the game, Liverpool fans went quiet. hahahhaha! u could see the dissapointment in their face, seriously! But yea, i understand that feeling of loosing. Well, it was far more humiliating when ManU lost to ManC the week before (forget bout it, sigh).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Discounted jersey which only cost 10 pounds (RM70).

This morning, when i was out to service the car, i wore on my ManU jersey. Proud! Even at the workshop, the mechanic, who is also a ManU fan, was happy that i wore the red jersey, he was chatting away bout the game with me through out the service. I wanted to stop talking to him, so that he doesn't forget to put back any bolts or nuts, but he can't stop! hahahhah! January 23rd (123, easy to remember), i will not forget this day!

Guys, especially Liverpool fans, dun get all heated up alright? No hard feelings! It's a game. Got lose, got win. Anyhow, Liverpool never walks alone, am i right? Cheers!

Friday, January 20

Ex-AirForce Guys

Wasn't able to go online for the past week as i was back in hostel. The new semester has started this week, and today i'm home, out from the blardy torturous jail, sitting in a comfortable place i call home.

It was a week of ups and downs. Ups were during classes, and downs were after classes. Let's go for the ups first. I have very good lecturers this semester, having 4 different lecturers teaching 4 subjects namely:

1. Turbine Starting
2. Turbine Fuel & Metering
3. Turbine Overhaul
4. Turbine Lubrication

Out of 4 of them, 3 are ex-AirForce guys, and 1 is a lady (ex-MAS mechanic). In the aviation education world, u will not see professional License Aircraft Engineers (LAE) giving lectures, well even though there are, they r the minority; but alot of ex-AirForce ppl giving lectures. Why? Because LAEs have way higher salary in Airlines companies (MAS, SIA...), so why go for lecturing when the salary is way lower?

Image hosting by Photobucket
F-14 flying about 10 ft above sea level.

As for AirForce guys, we all know, they are paid very low, rite? So, lecturing is like a very good job promotion to them, and in my institute, 80% of the lecturers are from the AirForce. So, are AirForce planes or fighter jets related to civilian planes? Well, not very to be frank, the basics are the same, but most of the system are different. Fighter jets are built to shoot and to be shot down, civilian planes are built to earn money and definitely not to be shot down haha!

From the sentence that i just said, i shall summarise that our contry's fighter jets are poorly maintained, because there's no point maintaining it, as it's gonna be shot down 1 day haha! and fighter planes' equipments and parts are much more expensive compared to civilian plane. For example, a low category fighter plane can cost the same as a Boeing 737. The fighter plane sits a maximum of 2, and the Boeing 737 sits 144. U get wat i mean?

Image hosting by Photobucket
F-14. Does this look familiar? remember this scene in TopGun? where Tom Cruise showed the international sign language and snapped a pic?

We learn alot from these AirForce guys, really. It's very fun and interesting to listen to these ppl talk about their experiences. Even though i'm from MAS, and we have got nothing to do with war or jet planes, but u know, they are the AirForce guys, flying at speed of sound(Mach1) or maybe Mach2 (pronounce it as mother=emak's MAK), servicing some high-tech planes, it definitely attracts anyone! And we will be like standard 1 kids listening to Gandalf tell stories, once awhile hearing 'wahhhh' 'ohhhhhh' and 'ah!' lol! funny...

Truthfully, nearly every year, 1 Malaysian fighter jet will crash. If the pilot is lucky, God Bless Him! if not, Rest In Peace. Why are there so many crashes? As i just said, they are poorly maintained. They rather fly the plane even though it is due for maintenance. But we can't blame them u see, the cost is indeed very high, most of the parts are in USD, in addition to our poor AirForce, it's a big burden to them.

Image hosting by Photobucket
A row of F-18.

Malaysian fighter pilots call most of the old fighter jets "The Flying Coffin"! hahahha... I was laughing away when i heard this. It's like, if u get in that jet, u are queueing up for a death, get it? hahaha! What a waste ya, all these well built, good looking AirForce pilots in sunglasses sitting in a flying coffin? lol!

Every 20 minutes or so going through the text book, we get bored, we get sleepy, and these AF lecturers know us well. He'll turn off the OHP, we will close our books, and our eyes become as big as 50 cents coin, putting 2 ears on alert, waiting for stories from the military! haha!

During these story telling sessions, our class would be like military training u know? The AF lecturer would hold a marker pen in his hand and start off drawing an airfield (airport), then comes some strategy planning, asking us how to combat on-coming jets. He'll draw a '0' for our jets, and 'X' for intruders. Next, he'll teach us to take off the planes from which direction of the runway, depending on the direction of the on-coming intruder.

Image hosting by Photobucket
B2 Bomber. It comes without a vertical tail, and it's stealth!

The best way to take off is to lift off the ground as short as possible, and turn on the after-burner (some turbo super-duper power thing), shoot 90 degrees into the sky and start the chase, pretty thrilling i should say. In the sky, if there's a dog behind u (not the 4-legged dog ok?), there are ways to counter too like pulling the airbrake (handbrake for cars) to slow down the plane in an instant, letting the dog overshoot u, then put on the super-duper afterburner and chase. For your info, we are not talking about 110km/h like cars, but 900-1500km/h, so imagine the G-force acting on your body.

Image hosting by Photobucket

As for the Sukhoi planes(Russian), which Malaysia have, if there's a plane locked on u, and a air-to-air missle is launched on u, no worries! Just pull down the black screen on your helmet and a computer screen will appear inside the helmet, showing some grid and cross-heir in the middle. Can u imagine the situation? So what u need to do, is to guide the missle into a red round spot on the screen and press a button. Walaa, the missle will divert away, amazing huh? These are called super high-tech gadgets. I can't reveal that much info to u as my lecturer revealed to us, cos it's kinda confidential, sorry guys!

All these stuff sounds really fun in the sky, but once they land and engineers take over, engineers will be having a hard time. From all the high gravity manouvers, doing sharp U-turns, flying at X2 speed of sound, the body of the aircraft goes through a lot of stress. If u have a magnifying glass in hand, u will notice alot of hair-line cracks on the wings, no kidding. Just from 1 dog fight in the sky, there will be cracks all around the wings, especially the point where it comes in contact with the fuselage (body).

Man, there's just too many stories to tell and share here. If possible, i'll talk nonstop in person! Haha, now i'm all excited, and i forgotten all about the downs of the week. Nvm, forget bout the downs! Enjoy the weekend and start cleaning your house for Chinese New Year! :P

Saturday, January 14


My bro is back, from Vietnam. He has grown thin! How come! Vietnam not feeding him well? It's only been 4 months since he left.

But in less than 24 hours after reaching Malaysia, he's now on a flight to Cebu, Phillipines. Come back = never come back. Duh! He made me sleep deprieve for sending him to KLIA at 6 a.m. Being not able to get back to sleep, my panda eyes are looking at the monitor, wondering what to write because my brain is not really functioning.

Purpose of going Cebu: DIVING! He left me at home, i wanna go! Since i graduated from SCUBA till today, which was around June of 2005, i have not went for any dives. I can't really remember how to dive to be frank, all the equipment names and installation stuff are forgotten! I think i need to go for a dive soon to brush up my skills. Any divers around? Come, let's go diving...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For u who have not learn diving, let me tell u, it's fun! It's a total different world down there (of course), and it's really beautiful. Lots of Nemo, lots of Dory, lots of soft soft anemonies, and no great white shark in Malaysian waters. So it's pretty safe diving in Malaysia, in fact, the Malaysian sharks are very shy (they swim away upon seeing u).

What do they teach during the course? Everything u need to know in order to dive. That includes safety, all the equipments' name, what's the use of each component, how to communicate under water (hand signal), what to do during emergency.... many many things. Everything done during the course of 4d3n, which includes theory and exams. Oh, the most important question? How much? Currently, it's RM800. Not including lodging and food. Might increase if diesel price increases? Oh ya, 2nd most important question - i can't swim, how to dive!? It's not true... i have 2 diver friends who can't swim. u dun need to know how to swim, just kick your legs and the flippers will do the job, easy. Futhermore, u won't drown, the tank on your back is for breathing, dun worry.

U can do it in many places around Malaysia like: Perhentian(i did it here), Redang, Lang Tengah, Langkawi, Tioman, K.Kinabalu.... too many to mention. So, once u have graduated, tell me! Then we shall plan a budget trip and go diving alright?

Again, my house is updated with things throughout the world, mainly woodcraft. Here are the things brought home from Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi yesterday.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- A comboy hat?! from vietnam?
- Shouldn't the hat be cone type with a sharp tip, like the ones used in Padi field?
- Dunno when i have the chance to wear it. Maybe during my ride on my 'Old Metal Horse'??? hahaha (direct translation from Mandarin) It's still a horse! and horse riders wear cowboy hat!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Very vietnam look.
- That's the hat i was talking about.
- A small log carved into this, very nice furnishing.
- They should used this to substitute the Grammy Awards!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Very cute!
- Knowing that my mum loves fridge magnets, here goes 5 vietnamese girls.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Korean girls
- Nah, not from Vietname.
- Just showing some sort of similar product on my fridge
- It's flexible/able to bend, compared to the rigid Vietnamese girls

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Made from sea shells.
- Very smooth finishing, with seashells embedded inside the wood. Glossy.
- Would look perfect after shining some spot lights on it.
- Brother cannot read chinese words and he went around the shop asking what it means
- Shop owner says this FUK LOK SOU brings good luck, and so he bought it hahahha!
- Very good CNY gift, shall be presenting it in the living room very soon.

Monday, January 9

Bathroom Lizard

We call it 'Biak Sa' in Hakka (direct translation from wall snake). Again, I caught a BiakSa, bout 5 minutes ago and i cant resist blogging about it. I think I should seriously consider changing my nick name to kampung lizard! lol! I'm sure u remembered my previous lizard catching post. Now, i've a bigger catch, a more beautiful catch, a catch that made me sweat like a pig minutes before i wanted to brush my teeth and sleep. I present to you... *playing the welcoming music.... chiang chiang chiang chiang chiang!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hohohohoho... this 4 sucker foot reptile caused me sleep deprivation and sticky body, moments before i plan to be a good boy and sleep earlier. Now, i'm so alert, and i don't know what to do with it. It's just 15cm away from the keyboard, wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.

hm... i hope i won't spoil my own reputation, scaring girls away and having nicknames like lizard-man or lizard-jong. That's no good. I should be proud of myself, being the lizard buster! Well trusted in Kajang and Sepang, some say in KLIA. (does KLIA have lizards? help me pay attention to the ceiling when u r there)

It all happened in the bathroom, i don't know how on earth it got into the bathroom. It was hiding behind this multi-tier platform where we put the bottles oh shampoo and stuff. Having sighting that brown long thing with black spots on the back, quickly i grab hold of a rag. With 1 hand moving the platform away, i prepared my strike on the other hand.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

WHOOOOOPPPPPPPP! i covered the rag over the lizard which was then on the wall. Got'cha! Then, i push up the side of the piece of rag, revealing the lizard, planning on how to approach it and pick it up. Suddenly, it slipped through the rag! it fell on to the ground, PIAK!

I threw the rag hard on it on the bathroom tiles while accidentally kicking some basins and buckets, making it sound like wrestling with an aligator in the bathroom. It was under the rag now. Again, i pull up the sides of the rag and revealed the lizard. Without hesitation, my thumb and 1st finger went straight towards it and pinch its body, followed by pulling up from the floor.

Let me go into details. As u pull the lizard up from the floor, or away from the wall, its sucker feet will try its best to suck on the surface. Thus, normally after pinching the lizard in between your fingers, use a lil force to pull the sucker feet away. From my experience, the body can lift up about 1cm from the surface, then the sucker feet will give way and POP! hahahhaahha..... gross!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wanna tickle it? See that black dot on the left? I hope it's not the lizard shit, resulting from me pressing on the tummy. Eeeewwwwwww.....

Even though i sound brave, being able to put them in my hands like a pet, to tell u the truth, i hate it alot when the tail falls off! It's very geli ya know? It gives u that 1 second shiver and makes u close your eyes slightly with a frown on the forehead. I hate it alot! So the skill behind lizard catching is to not touch the tail. It will only fall off if u touch or put pressure on the tail. Urgh, now i can't stop thinking of that cacing tail, geli!

Anyway, since this lizard is a different than normal one, i gave it a nicer plastic bag. A transparent one, which food stalls use it to tapao food/drinks hahaha! Something happened while i tried to put it into the plastic bag. It slipped through my fingers and drop on to the floor, and started running! Within a blink of an eye, i chased after it and put my hand over it, forming a hollow in the hand. Got'cha. I wonder where i found the courage to do such things. Previously, i was really scared of lizards, just like how girls fear the flying cockroaches.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Picked it up again, carefully avoiding the tail, i put it into the plastic bag, and immediately sealed the inlet with a rubber band (exactly like a packet drink). Snap some pics for u to see and here i am blogging at 2am in the morning. I want to sleep! Catch the previous lizard here.

p/s: what should i do with the lizard in the packet? suggestions? Best suggestion wins that RM5 beside the lizard hahahha joking!

Sunday, January 8

Aircraft / Airport Pictures

Thanx everyone for your concern, appreciate it alot. Went for the meeting with the police and the other driver earlier on, after discussing, police told me and my parents to go home 1st, leaving the other driver and him back. So, i dunno what's gonna happen next. I guess i'll just wait for a letter to be sent to me. Might be a saman, might be a court letter... i dunno. The moral of the story is : Try not to get involved in an accident, it is very mafan and the effect is long term. Thus, i'll be a better driver than before from now onwards, and do hope all of u too be better drivers k? Please drive safe. (with the rainy season now, please pay extra causion)

I guess only aircrafts can cheer me up. haha! well, that might change if i had a gf. But i dun have one, sad case. So, so be the aircrafts! Browsing through the net, looking at aircrafts or airports or reading forums bout aircrafts makes me feel better. It diverts my stress and puts a smile on my face, making me admire at the pics of the oh-so-gorgeous big metal bird. I'm sure each one of u have different ways of cheering up/de-stress yourself, as for me, just bring me to KLIA and u'll make my day :)

Here are some pictures that i would like to share with you. It's a lil different from normal aircraft pictures, so let's admire and awwww together k? We'll start of with the flying ambulance! hahahhaa!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Swiss Air
- It gives u the feeling like... they are here to rescue us!!! lol!
- hm... maybe the vertical tail is injured, that's why they stick white plaster on the cut.
- Wait a minute, shouldn't they be parking at the hospital? not at the airport...
- Unfortunately, they don't land in Malaysia. So we won't get medical aids from them. AirAsia should change their logo to a white colored Bulan Sabit Merah with a red background, dun u think so?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Queueing up: United Airlines, MASkargo, British Airways
- All 3 are Boeing 747, preparing to take off, waiting for ATC (Air Traffic Controller) to clear the runway and sky
- Where? Sydney Kingsford Smith International.
- Fortunately, here in KLIA, there's no jam, because no1 wants to fly into Malaysia.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Philipsburg - St. Maarten (i dunno where this is, any idea?)
- Very famous airport, for being beside the beach.
- Lots of bikini girls lying under sun, waiting for the plane to fly above them
- I wonder whether the pilots get distracted? Damn.
- I think KLIA should be relocated to Port Dickson, yea? Can i see a raise of hands?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Cars have car junk. Planes have plane junk too.
- Here's where old/unwanted planes are kept.
- It's either waiting for 2nd hand buyers, or torn down to make aircraft material beer cans! lol! Definitely a collector's must.
- Btw, there are 24 planes here. All Boeing 747.
- Dun u think it's such a pity? such beautiful planes. I suggest to make it into a housing estate, each house means 1 plane. Dun play play, it's a bunglow lot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Shot of 60 seconds.
- Notice the blue and red light on the wing tip. Blue = Right ; Red = Left
- I can spend 5 minutes just looking at this pic. It's beautiful.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Nagoya - Chubu Centrair International (Japan)
- I think it's a man-made island, specially for the airport
- Look properly, there's a plane on the runway.
- Verdict: Cool

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Incheon, Korea
- Notice the big white letters of INCHEON (left side of the pic)
- Why such big words? so that pilots feel secure that they are landing at the right country!
- Pic taken while approaching landing
- There's a light blue Korean Air B747 taxiing to the runway

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- I love this pic so much.
- It looks majestic. Having its wings spreaded and the 4 engines blowing up all the moisture from the runway after a rain fall, blurring the whole background. Imagine how strong those engines are, lifting off 200-300tonnes of mass.
- It's a MAS Boeing747, rolling off LAX (Los Angeles)

Here u go, 8 beautiful pics. U can view more of them at www.airliners.net If u prefer to watch some short clips/video, check out www.flightlevel350.com

I'm trying to find the tv series - LAX. Heard bout it? 8TV plays it. It's very nice, trust me. It's about the daily life of the Los Angeles International Airport. If not mistaken, it's the busiest airport in the world. Does sg wang sells it? Cos i can't seem to get it with my streamyx (if u get what i mean haha). Anyone has it?

Thursday, January 5

Black Star Shining

"I'm bored, bring me out please?"
"I want to go to school too, i'm so bored."
"I'm boreddddddddddddddddd... how many 'd' did i type? 17?"

These are the words that always appear in my MSN name status. But, from this very day onwards, it would not appear anymore and I shall not complain that i'm bored anymore during my holidays. Why? Because, i think God heard me and thus gave me lots of things to do now, making feel so busy. What am i so busy about? It all started yesterday night...

...I was driving in my car, with a female friend (old school-mate). It was raining heavily, we were on our way to meet up another friend. It was on the PLUS Highway that i was driving on. A car was behind me on the outer fast lane, seeing him behind, i decided to overtake 1 more car on the middle lane, so that i can let the car behind me overtake me. During overtaking of the middle lane car, which was under a bridge, there was a big puddle of water, my wheels went over it, i held real tight on the steering wheel, knowing that the car will definitely ski abit. Nearly bang the divider on my right hand side, but manage to get the car back into control, SUDDENLY i was bang from behind! Sigh... accident.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Weird thing is, even though i was bang from behind, my engine shut down, and it couldn't be restarted at all, was considered dead (later, mechanic said the timing belt broke). So, there i was, on the outer fast lane, sitting in the car, at a cornering, where cars few hundred meters away wouldn't notice the accident. i was in great danger. And my words were true, a kelisa soon bang into the wira that bang me. Great, now 3 cars are involved. Sigh... accident

The Plus Unit Peronda ppl came, put up some orange cones and diverted fast oncoming cars to the middle and inner lane. It's really scary standing in between the divider. Then, they pulled all 3 cars to the emergency land. And me and my friend had to risk our life running over 3 huge lanes. Unforgettable experience.

Made a police report this morning, but have to meet up again with the sarjan and the 2 other drivers this saturday night to investigate. I just hope everything will be fine, and get everything settled a.s.a.p. The post-accident effect is torturous, hate that feeling.

After making the police report, me and Mr. C (the fren who is very kind to fetch me around) went for breakfast, it was my treat to him. Having so many things to talk about, we forgotten to put up the 50 cent parking ticket. So, we came back to the car to see a very colorful paper clip under the windscreen wiper. Looking at the time the ticket was issued, it was just 9 minutes ago, while we already had breakfast for the past 40 minutes. IT'S JUST SO NOT MY DAY. DAMN.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Since we were already in town, we decided to pay the fine. It is the 1st time in my life being such a good citizen, paying a fine 20 minutes after being fined. *shakes head. Anyway, Mr. C volunteered to pay the fine (thanx). It had to be settled a.s.a.p because the fine will increase after 14 days of delay. WHAT A SHIT DAY.

The Black Star is shining bright on me i guess. I'm unlucky. Before i forget, i would want to sincerely apologise to my friend who was with me. Sorry for giving u such trouble, shock, and trauma. I guess i won't be able to chauffeur u around, cos most prob your parents have banned me from doing so. SIGH.

Feel so lifeless now. Can i have some words of encouragement? A pat on the shoulder? A hug? Anything... I feel real shit now.

Sunday, January 1

Year New Happy

haha! u gotta be different from the others, dun follow the crowd! Read it backwards k? Ah... while u guys are spending the night out, having 2 mins more to the end of the year, i'm here typing, listening to music with headphones on, and watching fireworks on tv! haha! Why am i not out? 1st no companion, 2nd i hate the jam, 3rd home is the best.

Just came back from a wedding dinner. A very good day to get married i presume? Cos whenever your anniversary comes, u get to see so much fireworks, am i right!? It was a fun dinner. Since the dinner ended at about 1030pm, we brought forward the New Year countdown 1.5 hours, and everyone yelled really loud! 10, 9, 8, ...3,2,1 *clap clap clap *wuuuhooooooo!

Tonite's bridal car is one special one. 1st time ever seeing 1. Very creative i should say. It's a VolksWagon Beatle! A black one. So chun! Too bad i didn't bring along my camera, so i have to get a pic from the net instead. As i said u gotta be different from the crowd, with the usual custom of the weds being chauffeured, why not drive a 2 door car yourself as a groom? Wouldn't it be so chun? *dreaming... i wonder when would my day come lol!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bridal Car.

Kajang is like a battle field now. Bomb here Bomb there (firecrackers). I guess it's just the starting? When CNY comes, OMG... WW3! let me leak out some illegal stuff to u. I have 3x8foot long red crackers, leftover from last year! wahahahahha! Please dun call the police wil ya?

Have guest in my house now, they are staying over night after the dinner. Singaporeans, with 3 youngsters around my age(21+-1). I dunno how to entertain them! From the moment they step in the house till now, we only said Hi! That's all. Sigh... they are hiding in the room now. I wanna be friendly as the host of the house, but they seem to be avoiding from coming out from the room. Singaporeans?

Hm...singapore, such a developed country. Me as a malaysian, how should i entertain them? Should i bring them to the longkang and see longkang fish? erm... go behind my house, show them chickens and ducks? or should i bring them to 7-11 and buy a whole box of chewing gum to exercise their jaws? lol! So what does everyone say bout our neighbour? they are the 3K rite? Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiabo! hahahha...

Why am i laughing at ppl! i'm so bad. Obviously singapore's economy is so much stronger than our country's, and they have so much more civilised citizens, rite? Then, the aviation industry - SIA & MAS. I guess MAS is no competition to them, everyone says SIA is much better than MAS, so i presume so. Thoughts of changing to SIA one day might be too early, as i'm bonded for 10 years. So... who knows, 10 years later MAS might be better than SIA? or will it not happen? hahha...

Singaporeans are coming out of the island for holidays, and we malaysians are happily entering the island instead, why? I think we are both bored of our lifestyle, and want something different from what we have daily, humans are never satisfied with what they have ya? Ya, like me, i'm not satisfied that the singaporeans dun bring me to their longkang and see their longkang fish when i visit them!!!