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Monday, January 9

Bathroom Lizard

We call it 'Biak Sa' in Hakka (direct translation from wall snake). Again, I caught a BiakSa, bout 5 minutes ago and i cant resist blogging about it. I think I should seriously consider changing my nick name to kampung lizard! lol! I'm sure u remembered my previous lizard catching post. Now, i've a bigger catch, a more beautiful catch, a catch that made me sweat like a pig minutes before i wanted to brush my teeth and sleep. I present to you... *playing the welcoming music.... chiang chiang chiang chiang chiang!!!

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hohohohoho... this 4 sucker foot reptile caused me sleep deprivation and sticky body, moments before i plan to be a good boy and sleep earlier. Now, i'm so alert, and i don't know what to do with it. It's just 15cm away from the keyboard, wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.

hm... i hope i won't spoil my own reputation, scaring girls away and having nicknames like lizard-man or lizard-jong. That's no good. I should be proud of myself, being the lizard buster! Well trusted in Kajang and Sepang, some say in KLIA. (does KLIA have lizards? help me pay attention to the ceiling when u r there)

It all happened in the bathroom, i don't know how on earth it got into the bathroom. It was hiding behind this multi-tier platform where we put the bottles oh shampoo and stuff. Having sighting that brown long thing with black spots on the back, quickly i grab hold of a rag. With 1 hand moving the platform away, i prepared my strike on the other hand.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

WHOOOOOPPPPPPPP! i covered the rag over the lizard which was then on the wall. Got'cha! Then, i push up the side of the piece of rag, revealing the lizard, planning on how to approach it and pick it up. Suddenly, it slipped through the rag! it fell on to the ground, PIAK!

I threw the rag hard on it on the bathroom tiles while accidentally kicking some basins and buckets, making it sound like wrestling with an aligator in the bathroom. It was under the rag now. Again, i pull up the sides of the rag and revealed the lizard. Without hesitation, my thumb and 1st finger went straight towards it and pinch its body, followed by pulling up from the floor.

Let me go into details. As u pull the lizard up from the floor, or away from the wall, its sucker feet will try its best to suck on the surface. Thus, normally after pinching the lizard in between your fingers, use a lil force to pull the sucker feet away. From my experience, the body can lift up about 1cm from the surface, then the sucker feet will give way and POP! hahahhaahha..... gross!

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Wanna tickle it? See that black dot on the left? I hope it's not the lizard shit, resulting from me pressing on the tummy. Eeeewwwwwww.....

Even though i sound brave, being able to put them in my hands like a pet, to tell u the truth, i hate it alot when the tail falls off! It's very geli ya know? It gives u that 1 second shiver and makes u close your eyes slightly with a frown on the forehead. I hate it alot! So the skill behind lizard catching is to not touch the tail. It will only fall off if u touch or put pressure on the tail. Urgh, now i can't stop thinking of that cacing tail, geli!

Anyway, since this lizard is a different than normal one, i gave it a nicer plastic bag. A transparent one, which food stalls use it to tapao food/drinks hahaha! Something happened while i tried to put it into the plastic bag. It slipped through my fingers and drop on to the floor, and started running! Within a blink of an eye, i chased after it and put my hand over it, forming a hollow in the hand. Got'cha. I wonder where i found the courage to do such things. Previously, i was really scared of lizards, just like how girls fear the flying cockroaches.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Picked it up again, carefully avoiding the tail, i put it into the plastic bag, and immediately sealed the inlet with a rubber band (exactly like a packet drink). Snap some pics for u to see and here i am blogging at 2am in the morning. I want to sleep! Catch the previous lizard here.

p/s: what should i do with the lizard in the packet? suggestions? Best suggestion wins that RM5 beside the lizard hahahha joking!


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