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Sunday, November 25

12 + o = 12 o'clock

Hola kawan-kawan! 6 months of idling, it was boring, it was lonely. Now that i'm back, i've got to search for my bloghood friends. I miss u guys, so much!

Im still breathing well here, but surviving on the edge, having the fact that the cost of living has sky-rocketed tremendously, if u've noticed. As everyone says: everything has gone up except our pay.

Having some extra pocket money from working during the Hari Raya weekend, i've decided to tick one of the check-boxes in my wish list. It's a necessity in life especially at my work place, and i've always wanted a good and reliable one that wouldnt fail me during emergencies.

I've gotten myself my 1st watch in my 23 years of life! It's a happy day for me, which is one of the reason i came back to blogging today to share my happiness.

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Seiko 5 automatic

Well, i've bought many watches throughout the years, but none of them cost more than RM20. It's those pasar malam type where the traders place a cloth on the floor and display all their branded watches. I've gotten myself a Swatch Skin and a Gucci for RM10 each, unbelievable! Call me cheapskate or what, but when you are financially insecure, or in other words poor, you live with what you can afford.

It's kinda funny when i recall on those RM10 watches. They look unbelievably genuine, but once drop, there goes. Even while washing hands, next thing you know is that you're wearing a kid's watch which has water and a fish in its casing haha!

I also remembered that the RM10 Swatch Skin which i liked most had its battery run dry within 3 months from date of purchase. Since it was still working well, i decided to replace the battery. At the shop, i paid RM8 for the new battery, and i shook my head as i smiled. RM10 - RM8. The watch only cost RM2. #%#&@$*&%^ !!!

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My 1st watch - Seiko 5 automatic

A watch tells most about a person. Seiko 5 automatic. This is the watch that i've been eyeing for years. It's the automatic that i'm looking for. I'm sure u've heard of it before, whereby it doesnt need a battery cell to power the watch movement. If you're an active person and like technical gadgets, this is the one.

'The 5 is proposed to reflect 5 essential features of the watch namely shockproof, waterproof, automatic, with day and date display' (quote wikipedia:seiko). I believe in companies which manufacture nothing but time pieces. Unlike other high-end brands where they venture from clothing into shoes, watches, sunglasses etc... and with their brand name on the it, the price tag goes ooh-la-la.

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Some people like white backgrounds for their watches, it gives a neat and tidy feeling. I personally like darker ones like black or dark blue, it gives a contrast to the metal casing and bracelet. Besides it looks cool and sophisticated. U've got to forgive me for self praising my watch hahaha! i cant stop staring at it.

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The heart

Flip the casing over and you'll be amazed by the see through back cover. The internal gears and mechanism gives a feeling of high-tech. It's just so pretty. And while having the watch in your fingers, u'll tend to turn the watch left and right, up and down just to see the rotating rotor spin.

A full charge from the normal daily wear can last up to 40 hours. More than that, it will stop and u've got to rewind it. That's why it's an active person's watch as i said.

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Heart removed

Paying a good price of RM199 for this baby (with 1 year warranty), i'm so satisfied. It's one price that i've never seen so low before. All this while the Seiko 5 automatic watches come with a tag of RM250-350. If you're interested to buy too, head to P.K Time, it's a franchise available in 1U, Alpha Angle, Sunway Pyramid, MValley, and Jusco Cheras Selatan. Their watches are even cheaper than City Chain. I guess it's because of the Mega Sales that started yesterday! yeay!

Girls say: A guy is not complete without a nice watch.
I say: I'm complete!



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