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Saturday, February 17

Million Dollar Head

Wow, so long since my last post? hahaha... cut short, no excuse, I was just being lazy. Therefore, thousand apologies to you - my friends who are reading this.

And to show you how much I regret for not entertaining you guys with 'mou liu' writings, i sacrificed my head for you. (No, i did not hang myself ok?)

TADAAA........... The Million Dollar Head!

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The Cheerful Monk

So how do i look with my new hairstyle? i call it BOTAK-HEAD, and i cant stop laying my hands over it, moving left to right, front to back, in circular motion, and occasionally scratching the scalp softly.

I'm sure u like touching it too rite? short and spiky like the durian, yet comfortable enough to continue rubbing it as if a ginnie will ooze out from my ears. *Smack... Stop it!

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Killer Instinct

I love this pic. Cool enough. The serious look, paired with the thick eyebrows shows professionalism in my industry. hahhahah! nah, i'm just making up stories. remember, I need to write 'mouliu' stuff to make sure u continue reading the next paragraph?

Anyway, i like reading Men's Health magazine. And just like any other female's magazine, there'll be advertisements in between articles. Male models will be shirtless, clad with jeans only, doing some macho pose.

Well I dunno whether it's me only or everyone else does this too. I tried to imitate the male models! and it ended up like this...

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Hugo Boss - Passion

hahahhhahah! not bad right? a big guy trying to fit underneath a small table. So what's my score out of 10 points?

I dunno what theme to name for this pose of mine. Any better suggestion other than PASSION? it just crossed my mind, so i typed it out.

U know what? other than the advantage of having a lighter and cooler head, there is 1 more advantage of having a botak-head. U know what is it? U get to take pics with pretty girls!

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The oriental models

Aww... doesnt this pic look so pretty with the pink flowers in the background. Just wonderful.

After all the macho photo taking, gotta bring down the ego and show the soft side of me rite? It's the best part and that's what everyone is waiting for to see and laugh out loud.

k la k la... here u go

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Pretty or not? i have an umbrella growing out from my right ear. In Hawaii, which side of the ears do the girls put the FLOWER on to indicate that she's still single and available? is it right side? or left side?

Yea, if it's right side then i'm single and available. So, all the young ladies out there, one botak-head here up for grab! hahaha! :P


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