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Saturday, June 28

Red n Blue

Freedom! dropping that heavy weight off my shoulders never felt better. 25 June 2008 was the big exam that summarised my knowledge of 4 years in one day. In two months' time, we shall see whether i'll sob or cheer when the results are out. Fingers crossed!

Now that i've more time to spend on the net, i shall update this corroded and outdated kampungkai blog, give it some spring (chicken) cleaning and new readings.


Most of you would know of these two liveries on MAS aircrafts, do you? For those of us who have seen it with our own eyes in KLIA or overseas, would u agree with me that it's such a beauty? especially the one in blue, which is called by the name of HELICONIA (
named after Heliconia leaves)

For those of you who have not seen these two liveries, i'm very sorry to say that the Red Hibiscus is G.O.N.E! boh liao! ELEK! MAMPUS! you'll never get to see it again in real life. As for the blue heliconia, time is clicking, and it's going off very soon. So i highly suggest that u try your luck in KLIA and look out for it.

WHY no more? that must be running in your head. Well, in aircraft engineering & maintenance's explanation, together with the finance department, my bosses have came to a conclusion that the extra and heavier paint required to paint the aircraft is contributing to a higher fuel consumption. Therefore, after doing a very good job by bringing Malaysia Airlines' name to the world for approximately 4 years, it's time to go. Sad indeed, but thanx to the soaring fuel hike, it had to go.


To share a little more technical knowledge with you, the Hibiscus was painted on two Boeing 747s and the Heliconia on one Boeing 777, each bearing the aircraft registeration of:

1) 9M-MPB (said as Niner Mike - Mike Papa Bravo)
2) 9M-MPD (Niner Mike - Mike Papa Delta)

1) 9M-MRD (Niner Mike - Mike Romeo Delta)

So two red birds are already down and paint stripped, leaving one 'blue bird' (try saying in hokkien) flying in the sky.

Which do u think is prettier? the blue? or the red?




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