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Sunday, January 8

Aircraft / Airport Pictures

Thanx everyone for your concern, appreciate it alot. Went for the meeting with the police and the other driver earlier on, after discussing, police told me and my parents to go home 1st, leaving the other driver and him back. So, i dunno what's gonna happen next. I guess i'll just wait for a letter to be sent to me. Might be a saman, might be a court letter... i dunno. The moral of the story is : Try not to get involved in an accident, it is very mafan and the effect is long term. Thus, i'll be a better driver than before from now onwards, and do hope all of u too be better drivers k? Please drive safe. (with the rainy season now, please pay extra causion)

I guess only aircrafts can cheer me up. haha! well, that might change if i had a gf. But i dun have one, sad case. So, so be the aircrafts! Browsing through the net, looking at aircrafts or airports or reading forums bout aircrafts makes me feel better. It diverts my stress and puts a smile on my face, making me admire at the pics of the oh-so-gorgeous big metal bird. I'm sure each one of u have different ways of cheering up/de-stress yourself, as for me, just bring me to KLIA and u'll make my day :)

Here are some pictures that i would like to share with you. It's a lil different from normal aircraft pictures, so let's admire and awwww together k? We'll start of with the flying ambulance! hahahhaa!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Swiss Air
- It gives u the feeling like... they are here to rescue us!!! lol!
- hm... maybe the vertical tail is injured, that's why they stick white plaster on the cut.
- Wait a minute, shouldn't they be parking at the hospital? not at the airport...
- Unfortunately, they don't land in Malaysia. So we won't get medical aids from them. AirAsia should change their logo to a white colored Bulan Sabit Merah with a red background, dun u think so?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Queueing up: United Airlines, MASkargo, British Airways
- All 3 are Boeing 747, preparing to take off, waiting for ATC (Air Traffic Controller) to clear the runway and sky
- Where? Sydney Kingsford Smith International.
- Fortunately, here in KLIA, there's no jam, because no1 wants to fly into Malaysia.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Philipsburg - St. Maarten (i dunno where this is, any idea?)
- Very famous airport, for being beside the beach.
- Lots of bikini girls lying under sun, waiting for the plane to fly above them
- I wonder whether the pilots get distracted? Damn.
- I think KLIA should be relocated to Port Dickson, yea? Can i see a raise of hands?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Cars have car junk. Planes have plane junk too.
- Here's where old/unwanted planes are kept.
- It's either waiting for 2nd hand buyers, or torn down to make aircraft material beer cans! lol! Definitely a collector's must.
- Btw, there are 24 planes here. All Boeing 747.
- Dun u think it's such a pity? such beautiful planes. I suggest to make it into a housing estate, each house means 1 plane. Dun play play, it's a bunglow lot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Shot of 60 seconds.
- Notice the blue and red light on the wing tip. Blue = Right ; Red = Left
- I can spend 5 minutes just looking at this pic. It's beautiful.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Nagoya - Chubu Centrair International (Japan)
- I think it's a man-made island, specially for the airport
- Look properly, there's a plane on the runway.
- Verdict: Cool

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Where? Incheon, Korea
- Notice the big white letters of INCHEON (left side of the pic)
- Why such big words? so that pilots feel secure that they are landing at the right country!
- Pic taken while approaching landing
- There's a light blue Korean Air B747 taxiing to the runway

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- I love this pic so much.
- It looks majestic. Having its wings spreaded and the 4 engines blowing up all the moisture from the runway after a rain fall, blurring the whole background. Imagine how strong those engines are, lifting off 200-300tonnes of mass.
- It's a MAS Boeing747, rolling off LAX (Los Angeles)

Here u go, 8 beautiful pics. U can view more of them at www.airliners.net If u prefer to watch some short clips/video, check out www.flightlevel350.com

I'm trying to find the tv series - LAX. Heard bout it? 8TV plays it. It's very nice, trust me. It's about the daily life of the Los Angeles International Airport. If not mistaken, it's the busiest airport in the world. Does sg wang sells it? Cos i can't seem to get it with my streamyx (if u get what i mean haha). Anyone has it?


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