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Wednesday, December 28

Clock of Classic

Feeling so bored at home, i decided to pay my blogger friend - Alicia a visit. She's this small town girl from Batu Gajah, currently working as a programmer in KL. And programmers can really sit in front of their PC for some 18hours a day, spending the leftover 6 hours to sleep and eat. Was feeling curious, so i asked why she ain't wearing any optical aids, since she faces the pc for such long hours a day. Then the secret was revealed, she said that all her PCs (home or office) come with LCDs. No wonder. Very well, i should start saving some money to protect my eyes.

Believe me, IT people really live up to their name. She pulled out her laptop and showed me some mp3 and stuff. Wondering why her screen display was so crisp and beautiful and everything seems so smooth, she answered by saying 'I can't live without playing pc games, especially online games, that's y i got a good graphic card.' Then she pointed to the sticker on the left hand corner of the hand-rest and smiled. The sticker says ATI Radeon 256MB! OMG... she owns a 256MB graphic card in her laptop! Not only that, it's fitted with 1GB of RAM and powered by a 1.70GHz Centrino. She says she can't play games with 512MB, it's too slow. I'm so jealous of her!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
She? A Gamer? Are u sure?

Now, how often do u see girls playing pc games? Especially hard-core players like Alicia, who even takes part in competition, winning prizes and stuff. She's a Pro in this online game called Knight Online, and i know nuts about the game, buat malu haha! According to her, she and her gamer friends can play games non-stop for more than 24 hours continuous, surviving on snacks without letting go the mouse. She rocks man! Let's hope she makes headlines in the country, representing Malaysia for Knight Online! *clap clap clap

Having visiting her, i brought her some leftovers of the cookie i baked last week. Haha, Jason must be cursing me right now! Hopefully it's nice. But i think there's room for improvement. Nevertheless, it was the 1st time trying out the recipe, so spare me!

In return, she gave me a clock! Teasing her, i said 'where got ppl give clock as presents wan?' (cos it means funeral if u translate into mandarin) But when i opened the box, and slide it out of the box, i was surprised! i was shocked! It's so CHUN! It's not an ordinary clock with 3 moving hands, but an alarm clock which doesn't run on battery! It's pure classic. In addition, the display background of the word Heineken with 2 bottles is so cool! Dun u think so?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Classic Clock displaying Heineken on the background.

As i mentioned, it's not running on battery. Since it's classic, it's not running on kinetic or automatic technology either. It's powered by manual winding! meaning that u have to wind it every 24 hours or so to keep it working. Does it sound familiar to u? Clock were built like that back during my parent's time. Say 1960s-1970s? Though some ppl might say it's mafan, but i think it's classic and i luv it alot!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Technology: Gears, knob, chrome plated = So cool

Clockwise: The black knob is for adjusting the hour and minute hands, followed by the manual winding handle. Then the alarm time adjustment knob and a small activate/deactivate handle for alarm. I've yet to find out the usage of the last 1 with + and - sign. It seems that u can adjust it for precision or something like that, i dun really understand the words on the box. Any1 have any idea? Help me out please...

There's no other alarm clock that can battle with this one. Even with Nokia 3310's level 5 ringtone, this classic alarm clock can cover up the sound, easily. 2 alien looking chrome plated hemisphere, with an interconnected handle can wake up a neighbourhood. It's so loud and annoying that u wouldn't wanna let it ring again. In fact, u will feel angry, and that's a pretty good way to make u crawl out of bed for work.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The 2 shining ears on top of it.

According to Alicia, she bought this from Bangkok. She's got taste! What a good souvenier, rather than buying keychains or t-shirts. I've yet to see this clock in Malaysia, i thought it vanish from the world after the one that my dad had broke down. But lucky me, it pop-out into my life again! Thank you Alicia! Not only i like it, but also i love it! Thanx thanx thanx!

Saturday, December 24


Most girls fear cockroaches aka 'siu keong'. I on the other hand, fear lizards (duh, bodoh, buat malu only). But that was history. One fine day, i don't know where i got the courage, i caught a lizard in my bare hands! Holding it in between the thumb and 1st finger. So, from that day onwards, i've been recruited by my family members as a lizard-buster!

Recently, these lizards got on my nerves. They crawl on the wall as though they are decors of the wall, shit on the wall as though the toilet bowl is on the wall, make that tiny-miny dinosaur sound as though they sing better than burung gagak. So annoying. Therefore, i decided to bring them down from the wall.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Lizard : Hello everyone, my name is Lizardo!

1st lizard - the one on the wall above the TV. Why him? Because whenever i watch tv, that brown thing with 4 sucker feet is always there, and it's very distracting. Make me can't concentrate on the TV. Sorry to say, but he's lucky number 1. Say byebye!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The Mop & Lizard Whacker

I brought out the tools. Simple household tools. Simple tools that can send shiver down lizards' backbone eventhough they're cold-blooded. Presenting to u, the Mop and the lizard whacker! (use to be fly whacker). If the lizards are not visible on the wall, go to the wall with lots of picture frames, with a clock, or with a mirror. These are potential hideout places for them. With 1 hand holding the picture frame, chase the lizard out with the Lizard Whacker on the other hand.

Tip: U must be fast and make sure u dun bang into any fragile things because you'll be running around the house. Immediately after the lizard departs the frame, grab hold of the Mop, and dun let go the Lizard Whacker. The lizard will definitely climd upwards away from u. Chase the fella with the mop end. Press the mop on top of it. Repeat procedure if it manages to run.

If it is caught under the mop end, get ready to brush it off the wall, because it will be free falling right to the ground. So, sweep it off and prepare the whacking part!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Once it falls on the floor, u'll hear a PIAK sound, just like when u land flat in the swimming pool, ouch! Without hesitation, start whacking the lizard with the Lizard Whacker with full force. Dun worry, it won't get squash and intestines won't squirt out from the belly, they are quite elastic. If it tries to run, whack! run, whack! run, whack! walk, also whack! crawl, no need whack. When it's crawling, just gently press the head with the Whacker, take a plastic beg if u r scared to hold it, then put it in the plastic beg.

If not mistaken, lizards can't climb on plastic bag. Maybe it's slippery. Or maybe it's too dizzy to climb after all the whacks. Next, depending on u on how u wanna get rid of it. My mum will let go a brick at 4 feet above ground on to it. Yuks! I'm not that cruel, i'll just tie up the plastic bag, making sure no holes to escape, and throw into the dustbin, waiting to be collected by rubbish collector. Dun worry, lizards won't suffocate so soon. I've tried putting 2 lizards in a milo tin, airtight for 3 days. They survived.

Well, that's only 1. Long way for me to go. Perhaps i'll do hunting later during midnight when they are active. I think i'll leave the rice pot open tonight, with few grains of rice in there, make a trap out of it, and slam the cover when it bites the rice! Good Idea!
Merry Christmas to everyone. It's Christmas Eve today. However, i'm gonna have a lonely Christmas Eve at home. No programs for me, i guess i'll be catching lizards? Anyone wanna bring me out for dinner? :(

Wednesday, December 21

Choc-Chip Hazelnut Cookie

Please read this article about MAS b4 u proceed.

Great, real great, what a nice way to start my day...Do u know how sickening it is to wake up and read the papers (TheStar) and see RM1.55m used on buying 3 paintings just to decorate the chairman's office? This is just ridiculous! What paintings are they? OMG! This is just ridiculous! So i guess that's ONE OF THE REASON why MAS is losing money. argh, i dunno wat to say. (*@#&*$(*@&#$ That freaking RM7,525 daily worth Chris Andrews, OMG! so 1 month's salary is RM225,750?! 365days = RM2.7m? What the heck! Mensiasuikan my name CHRIS only! NO WONDER MAS LOSING MONEY LA! If any business man is reading this, let me tell u this. STOP YOUR BUSINESS AND JOIN MAS AS ONE OF THE MANAGEMENT TEAM, EASY MONEY! AND U GET BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS IN YOUR OFFICE ROOM! WTF... uh... disgusted

*takes few deep breath...
*think positive, no point being angry. I've been targetted by some friends, asking what the heck is MAS doing, MAS here MAS there. SICKENING. Dude, i'm just a trainee in the engineering dept, i've got nothing to do with the financial stuff. U want me to cut cost for your safety? No problem, see u 3 feet under. (4 feet if u prefer)

Anywayzzz...Feeling itchy today, i told mum to bake some stuff. Since xmas is coming up, and so many ppl's blog showing off xmas tree, present, party, cakes... My blog has to be competitive as well rite? Well, since she's so free now (she's a teacher), bake some cookies for me to eat la! She, being very obedient to my words (cough!), then agreed to bake this new recipe from TheStar. Choc-Chip Hazelnut Cookie. hahaha!

Come to think of it, it's really fun to be the only child left staying with parents, cos parents will pay all attention on u. (both bro and sis are overseas) But please dun mistaken me as a manja-boy k. I can survive in any condition, not ALL conditions, but shouldn't be a problem if thrown into the jungle or sea. Have gone through much survival skills and training.

Around 15 minutes after i suggested to bake something, i walked to the kitchen, and walaaa! all the baking stuff and ingredients were ready on the table. So fast?

Me: wah... u have all the ingredients needed already?
Mum: Ya, very simple only. Your mummy's fridge is like doraemon pocket (i taught her 'doraemon pocket' haha!)
Me: hahaha... no wonder the fridge is always full of stuff. Never once like the showroom or advertisement in tv, where there's only fruits and 2 boxes of milk.
Mum: How do u think u got into this size?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The process of mixing up everything.

So, mix everything up, run the mixer for 15-20 minutes. Rest the mixer for 10 minutes to cool the engine down. Then, continue mixing for another 15-20 minutes, done! Eh, do i sound like Jamie Oliver on Astro Channel 11? haha... his cooking very very bachelor style.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Next, go to the oven and preheat it. Following that, use a tea spoon and scoop up a small portion of dough, and throw the dough onto the tray. Just like throwing water balloon onto the wall, get it? PIAKKKKK! It's fun! Push the tray into the oven.

I dunno what happened in the oven for the next 10 mins. But i was real shocked to witness what came to my sight! The whole thing melted! It became like ginger bread man! lol! Shouldn't it be sebiji-sebiji rather than 1 big lump flattened?! Big Failure i suppose?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ginger Bread Man!

Then i went back to the recipe and looked at the picture attached with it. To my relieve, the cookies shown in the pic has the edges uneven also, so i presume they were 1 big piece like mine initially, then broke into pieces later on. Fuhhh... Sucessful! *clap clap clap...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My new wallpaper

I'm chewing off the cookie while typing this, crunch crunch crunch! Come, let me feed u. Wear your baby napkin, open your mouth and say 'ahhhhhhhhhh' Um! nice? hahahhaha... Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20

Aircraft Snow Removal

Yawn, waking up at 10a.m feels great! For all u working friends haha! are u jealous?? :P bluekkkk... I better enjoy my student life before the working life starts to haunt me. By then, u'll be laughing at me instead because i even have midnight shifts on big days like Xmas, CNY, Raya & Deepavali! (triple pay though haha!)

It's winter season in most of the cold countries, children and maybe SOME adults overseas are playing snowball in their yard and making snowman with carrots cucuk-ed as nose; and back here in Malaysia, children and ALL adults in the northern states are shifting tv, pc monitor, microwave... to higher ground, thank God selangor is fine.

Snow can be fun for us to play with. It's soft, it's cold, it's just oh-so-beautiful to us Malaysians who have not seen snow before, that includes me. However, snow can be disastorous to aircrafts. Not only it is a very effectice aerodynamic spoiler (changes the shape of the surface), but also it adds a significant amount of weight and drag, to name a few.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yellow bird - DHL having a hot bath with V.S.O.P

During flights, snow accumulation is quite minimal as the strong on-coming wind will blow the snow off the aircraft surfaces. It is on ground, when the planes are parked, that snow tends to accumulate on the aircraft, especially the wings for its large horizontal surface. Knowing that it is disastorous to fly with snow, so some methods of removing them is compulsory before takeoff is allowed.

Procedures of removing snow range from a low tech broom to sophisticated chemicals. Airlines most commonly use a truck mounted mobile de-icer/anti-icer, just like the picture shown above where DHL is having a hot bath. These units generally consist of one or more fluid tanks, a heater to bring the fluid to a desired application temperature, and a spraying nozzle. The dispensing system is capable of supplying fluid at various pressures and flow rates with an adjustable spray pattern at the nozzle. It's something like the nozzle we use to water our plants in the garden.

So, what chemical is being sprayed as shown? definitely it wouldn't be water, because water freezes easily during winter, which would then form stalagtite on the plane and stalagmite on the airport floor haha! Therefore, some sort of chemical having a freezing point lower than 0 degree (water freezing point) is preferred. Generally, airlines are using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and ethylene glycol as the chemical. Mind u, these alcohol are not consumable like V.S.O.P or Chivas Regal ya!!! (u need like 1000 bottles of vsop to pour over a plane!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
When everything is white, the red blue Wau stands out.

If the plane is covered heavily by snow, the ground crews will firstly spray a greater amount of diluted chemical, usually heated, to remove accumulated ice, snow, or frost (de-ice). The dilution must protect from refreezing long enough for the second step (anti-icing) to be completed. During anti-acing, a more concentrated fluid is applied to the uncontaminated surfaces. How concentrated? well that depends upon weather conditions, required holdover time (length of time surface will be protected) and it is applied cold.

De-ice and anti-ice airplanes as close to the departure time as possible, especially when bad weather conditions cause shorter holdover time. Fortunately, we aircraft engineers in malaysia dun need to encounter such problems, and that means less work! But come to think of it, engineers overseas dun do it too. All aircraft engineers do is to order ppl to do things, and when it's done, get to the site and inspect and sign the papers, done! Easy job huh? But dun forget, that signature holds everyone on board's life.

Sunday, December 18

Lightning = Pain in the wallet

RM125 out from my wallet, ouch! My DSL modem got struck by lightning, argh! And that's the cost u pay for being lazy to run upstairs and turn off the modem when it starts to rain. To all girlgirl and boyboy out there, dun be lazy like me, please go offline when it rains (lightning especially), else your hair will be standing straight up just like after being electrocuted even though u didn't get struck, because the frustration of not being able to go online is enough to make it stand!!! and that explains my lost of presence for the whole week.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The new modem - Aztech

Nvm bout all that, i'm just glad that i have the world back at my fingertips, connecting to everyone, seeing how's everyone doing. Have u all been doing good? Of course u have ya?! If u didn't have a good week, let me give u a big huggy! Cheer up!

I was at Bukit Bintang today (to get the modem). Was kinda in a happy mood when the traffic from Kajang all the way to KL was smooth(90/100 kmh most of the time), and having the lil gadget called SmartTag, makes me happier! Looking at cars queueing up, winding down the window, putting out the right hand, some stretching the short hands, while i smoothly overtake all of them and drive into the SmartTag lane, makes me feel like a VIP and a lil bit Smart haha! 'Tut-tut' and vrooommmmmmmmmm u go! HAPPY HAPPY!
Things didn't turn out happy at the junction turning to Bukit Bintang. Jam=Stress=Driving as close as possible to the car infront to prevent hopeless baboons from cutting lanes=time for girl scouting :P ! I was just wondering, what would u all do if u see a handsome guy/pretty girl next to your car during a jam. Do u give him/her a smile? A nod on the head + a smile? Act cool/raise the price? I'm always unlucky, cos KL is full of guy drivers, possibility of seeing girls is low!

Continue with the jam. Wanted to park in sg wang, so i slowly cut into the lane with my signals on (improvement on malaysian driver), and suddenly this white shirt traffic police stood in the middle of the road, put 3 orange colored cones to block the road right in front of my car! What the... He closed up the turning into the parking of sg wang! why me!? why me?! why can't he let 1 more car (my car) enter??!! Cis! Ended up parking in timesquare. Jam is sickening.

So, mood was back to down. But things turn out happy again in the parking lot! Aftersome 20 seconds (only) of scouting for a parking lot, suddenly this ProtonWira zoom out from its lot, LUCKY ME! and it was right in front of the escalator entrance! yeay!

Good things didn't stop there. At lowerground level, right in front of Debanham (i dunno how to spell it! help!), i met Paul Moss! yea, the Malaysian Idol orang putih! Man, he's tall... definitely a 6 footer, well ya i know i'm short, sob! So i quickly told my mum to look at that direction where Paul was standing, and mum said "hehe, why is his hair so whitish, i want to see Jien laa, Jien is cute (nods her head)" My mum my mum... she's really into Jien, u can see her speak softly and lovely whenever she talks bout Jien.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Paul Moss and Jien

Forget bout Paul Moss, continued walking towards the place i wanna buy the modem from. Then i'm pretty sure i saw this Malaysian actor while ascending the escalator, but i dunno his name, so... dun care! While walking across the Timesquare pedestrain bridge/monorail station, there's this little shop along the walkway selling THONGS at the hallway. I wasn't acting like a pervert, but it was obvious enough as it wasn't displayed inside the shop, but at the walkway! Eh girls, dun tell me u would stand in front of those highly-hung thongs, while hundreds of passer-by walk pass u?

There i was walking in the streets of B.Bintang, and when i passed by the road where the policeman sealed off the road earlier on, preventing me from entering the car park, and now he was standing by the side of the road, and cars were allowed to enter !!! ()#@*_&$*()@^#$;*@#^@!*&# What a pain in the arse!

Paid RM125 for the modem. Mood: bad to worst. sobbbbb..... Walking back to the car, handphone rang.

Ring Ring... (a number not in my contacts)
Me: Hello?
Girl: Can i speak to John?
Me: Er... i think i am?
Girl: huh? what do u mean u think u r?
Me: Who's this on the line? Do we know each other?
Girl: Is this John?
Me: ya i am... ?
Girl: Wait a minute, is this 012-xxxxxxx
Me: haha no, i think u got the wrong number
Girl: Holy Cow! u r called John too? That's amazing! i called the wrong number and i got the same name! OMG!
Me: hahaha... yea, i'm shocked!
Girl: Sorry anywayz..
Me: No problem!

hahaha, what a co-incidence! I said "i think i am' because not many people call me John. U see, my name is Yow Jong, but then some people especially non mandarin speaking background ppl can't pronounce Jong because of the G, so i made it easier by just calling me John. Thinking that this unknown number might be my friend, and being unsure what to say, thus i said "i think i am"! hahaha....

Got into the car and drove home. Mood was high up there because out of 10 traffic lights that i drove through, only 1 turned yellow, of course, the other 9 were green! Unbelivable! What a smooth journey back home. And here i am blogging after installing the RM125 modem! Such a pain in the wallet!

p/s: today's mood: Up, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up! 6ups, 3downs. Therefore, today is a happy day! yeay! Crap...

Thursday, December 1

Boeing 777 - All new outlook

Take 5! Enough of books for now. Have been frying, steaming, scalding, grilling...... my brain for the past few hours. Exam's next week, but i'm not really nervous, wonder why. Is it a sign that i've finished knowing what i should know? Hopefully! hahhaha...

Heard of the new outlook for MAS' Boeing 777? No? nvm if u dun know about that, cos i'm sure u know bout MAS' 2nd Qtr net loss of RM368 million! MAS rocks! What a great way to welcome our all new MD/CEO - Mr Idris Jala ya? In contrary to that, 2 thumbs up to AirAsia for making a net profit of RM11.7m (increase of 13%), good work! As for Malaysia Airlines, get well soon...

Despite suffering from financial problems, the all new outlook for the B777 made us all proud. Malaysia Airlines became the first international carrier to land at Adelaide Airport’s brand new terminal about 2 weeks back, with its splendid blue B777 stylised exterior boasting Heliconia leaves, marking its inaugural arrival at the terminal. It was a memorable day.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Upon reaching the gate, Adelaide Intl Airport blasted out a stream of water, while the blue B777 slowly appears out from the screen of water, marking the warm welcome and blessings from the Aussies. (everyone clapped) It was so touching... *sob sob

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The aircraft made a graceful yet grand touchdown, flying the Malaysia flag and the all famous red-blue Wau. 9M-MRD is its registeration number, which also reads '9 Mike, Mike Romeo Delta' (right behind the back door). The 6 wheels each side on the main wheels guarantees its trademark as a B777. The whole package just makes it oh so fine and pretty.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

About the B777 aircraft: The newly refurbished B777 “Heliconia” is one of the two aircraft, to have been repainted, each with a different design specially created to introduce An Experience Redefined persona. The heliconia leaves design was incorporated to portray perfection, attention to detail and a sense of finesse. Its rich blue tones give the aircraft an elegant and luxurious appearance. A stylised rendition of ribbons is also included to add movement, liveliness and certain sensuality to the design. Ribbons (on gifts) symbolise new beginnings, new surprises and the delightful experience of unwrapping a gift.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Shades of blue and white with stripes of lines circumferes the aircraft, leaving the word MALAYSIA untouched, and bearing a new experience of FREEDOM OF SPACE. And when people around the world see MALAYSIA, what comes to their mind? 1st: Pirated DVD/VCD 2nd: Ear squats if u r punished 3rd: land of potential bombers like Azahari. Sighhhh, our PM must be having a hard time cleaning up the dirt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Good Morning control tower. A very beautiful day. 9 Mike, Mike Romeo Delta asking for clearance to taxi to runway for takeoff to KUL. 9 Mike, Mike Romeo Delta, u r cleared for taxi to runway 25R, hope to see u again!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Full Speed take off. Look at the Rolls Royce-Trent 892 twin engine air intake, seems like a layer of cloud has formed right in front of the fan blades. As the aircraft screams off the wet runway, the high speed wheels stirs up moisture and blurs the visibility of everything behind it. Pay close attention to the leading edge of the wings, a thin layer of white smoke is seen, resulting from the wings chopping into the air, causing turbulence or air as air molecules seperates to go above and under the wings. Price of the pic? Priceless.
B777-200 Specs:
Type: Long range, wide body airliner
Powerplant: RR Trent 892 (MAS)
Performance: 905km/h (Mach 0.85)
Weight: Empty 139,025kg, Max Take Of Weight(MTOW) 229,520kg
Range: 12,799km
Max fuel capacity: 47,380 US gallon
Dimension: Wing span 60.93m, or folded 47.32m, length 63.73m, height 18.76m. Wing area 427.8m2
Capacity: 2 Flight crews, 278 passengers (MAS)
1st flight: 1994

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Easily,camouflage in the sky and clouds.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Obviously, easy terrorist target in the sky! haha...

Oh, of course, how could we forget the 7-months new B747 which showcases the hibiscus motif. Equally stunning. This was incorporated into the first design based on its significance as Malaysia’s national flower. Its resplendent red tones add vibrancy while lending a touch of warmth which the country is renowned for. The free-flowing placement of the hibiscus (akin to its swaying in a breeze) also gives it a sense of flight and freedom. (Thus the motif: An Experience Redefined) The hibiscus design is consistent with the pattern used in the First Class cabin decor and elements like the seat fabric, napkins and blankets. But i have yet to get the chance to see it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Now,this is what i call cool...

Personally, i think that Pilots get the best views in the world. Sunrise, Sunsets, over the snowing white Swiss Alps, sandy dry desert, fluffy clouds, u name it, they've seen it. Well, i guess i'm not as lucky as them? What i see is only black engine oil, clothe staining tyres, fuel that can burn me to death, not to forget the fuel fumes that causes impotency(check out 1 previous post). hahahaha... But it's ok. We cannot compare Pilots and Aircraft Engineers. Both have their professionalism, they have to work hand-in-hand. Without Aircraft Engineers, no flights are allowed. Without Pilots, neither are flights allowed.

p/s: I just called upon my parents to see this new outlook of MAS' B777 that i love so much. And u know what my mum said? "Aiyooo, blue color some more, like funeral. No wonder business so bad." (and she walked off straight)
Mum, mum........ i'm spechless. (trying to pull out the knife she stab into me, literally)
*I did not travel to Adelaide for these pics. They were downloaded from www.airliners.net. Just wanna share what's happening in the aviation world. I'm not so lucky to get free air tickets (till i start work haha)