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Sunday, December 2

Orange n Red

A conversation on the phone went on between me and a friend working in Fireflyz.

me: Hello?
friend: Do u have yesterday's STAR newspaper?
me: Yea, i have it. My family subscribes it.
friend: Great, can u do me a favor? Can u pls check out Air Asia's advert? My boss told me to do something about it.

Since my friend is from the advertising department of Fireflyz, i guess Air Asia must had thrown a pebble on Fireflyz, and now Fireflyz is gonna counter attack by throwing a rock back.

Thus i went through the old newspaper, looking for the BIG-RED-PAGE. To my surprise, i saw this:

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Size does matter

This is nothing new to me. In my opinion, Air Asia always try to stir anger in other airlines. Before fireflyz was born, they targeted MAS by saying that u only need 5 reasons to fly and not 25 reasons as stated by MAS. That's childish.

Well, these are marketing gimmicks to get the general public interest. Every company will sell the good side of themselves, even u and me. We don't talk about our nose picking stories, do we? So dont laugh at others when u yourself do it.

However the story isnt so in Air Asia. They laugh at others picking nose, and laugh as though they dont pick their nose. Have u forgotten how many times their aircraft went off the runway? how many times their tires burst? Now that's not a healthy competition.

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The airasia aircraft looked like one obese aircraft, and the anonymous turboprop (short for turbo-propeller) aircraft looked malnutrition hahaha! And obviously airasia is targetting on fireflyz. Just look at the turboprop with a firefly look alike beside it. Who else would it be?

No doubt the Fokker 50 turboprop that fireflyz use cannot exceed a ceiling of 22,000 ft, compared to Air Asia's A320 at 36,000ft. And therefore the Fokker 50 has to fly below the clouds, as shown in the pics if u've noticed, not to forget with lightning, as though flying with fireflyz is a torture.

Why dont u think of the bright side? If u fly below the clouds, u get to see the plateau of the earth, streams, coastal, and cars which looks like ants. Unlike above the clouds which is so boring, feels like you're dead, in white heaven aleady.

So how often does it rain when u fly? cant remember? exactly! so why the scary lightning as if it's gonna strike your aircraft and become charcoal? Let me tell u something you dont know: all aircrafts are prone to lightning strikes, doesnt matter if its a MAS aircraft, Fireflyz aircraft, or Air Asia. It's easily discharged away from the approx 6 in long static wicks (metal sticks) which u see near the wing tips.
That's why u dont feel a thing even if it strikes.

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What?! Beh Paiseh wan...

On Time
*cough... Wow, they've got guts to say this. hahaha!

Leather Seats
Even 1st class seats in 5 star airlines uses cloth material, so what are they trying to prove?

Extra Comfort
Oh c'mon... one can hardly tilt his hips to scratch his ass.

Extra Low Fares
Enough of the hidden charges, and not being available on weekends and public holidays. True flyers know how much the tickets cost.

High Frequency
Fair enough. i'll give a tick in this check-box. Give the petite fireflyz some time, it's still an infant, but it'll be incredible hulk one day.

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Here's a funny comic my friend drew.

It's called 'Orange n Red' .
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p/s: Since MAS posted a profit of 610 million last week, I've to say that everyone contributed a hand to this Business Turnaround Plan ( BTP). Well done MAS! Although im just a tiny-miny trainee, i pray hard and hope that MAS would listen to our miseries - we're very poor la! LoL! :p