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Tuesday, January 24

1meme, 2meme, 3meme, 4meme, 5meme

I got tagged by 5 bloggers in a span of 10 days! Thanx to these 5 people for being so loving, u melted my heart! (chehhhhhhhh... so fake. LoL!)

1. 1+2mom
2. Gina
3. Passion Flower
4. Alicia
5. Ming Ming

As i was typing the title above "1meme 2meme 3meme 4meme 5 meme", immediately i starting singing the song 'Little Red Indian Boys'.

Originl: '1 little 2 little 3 little indian boys......'
Remix: '1 meme 2 meme 3 meme 4 meme......' (Duhhh! Smack!)

Combination of 2 different MEME titles! I've eliminated a few questions though.

3 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
- My mum's slave (not allowed to resign)
- Book Store Assistant
- Waiter

3 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
- Girl Next Door (hot!)
- All Vin Diesel's movies (my idol)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
- Jan 2005, i was 21. I went to Bali 1 week after Tsunami happened in Sumatera

3 TV Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
- The O.C (Merissa, will u marry me?)
- Smallville (Lana, will u marry me?)
- Joey (How u doin')

Super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:
- Erm, me body conscious health conscious guy, seldom snack.
- Well, cheezels is good! :P

Songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
- Red Little Indian
- Happy Birthday (zoo version)
- Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Bla bla blacksheep
- 1 of LMF's song - HKL (ooo.... vulgar song, bad bad!)

Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:
- Kangar, Perlis
- A.Setar, Sg. Petani, Kedah
- Bayan Lepas, Feringgi, Penang
- Pangkor, Lumut, Sitiawan, T.Intan, Taiping, Bkt Merah, Perak
- Selangor
- P.D, Seremban, Bahau, K.Pilah, Negeri9
- Tampin, Melaka, Melaka
- J.Bahru, Mersing, Kluang, Johor
- C.Hghland, Genting, Kuantan, K.rompin, Tmn Negara, Pahang
- P.Kapas, P.Germia, P.Redang, P.Tioman, P.Perhentian, P.Pemanggil, K.Terengganu, Terengganu
- K.Baru, Kelantan
- Kuching, Sarawak
- Next destination - Kota Kinabalu!

- Kuta, Bali
- Singapore, Singapore
- Phuket, Thailand

1 Thing you would do if you were a millionaire billionaire:
- Buy an Airbus 380 (RM1 billion)

3 Places I Would Rather Be In:
- Old Trafford
- Girl's hug? (as if... dream on kampungkai!)

3 bad habits:
- Teasing/kacau people
- Never use a cup to drink water, rather pour straight from the kettle
- Never bring my folded clothes upstairs and leave by the staircase :P

3 Of My Favourite Foods:
- Melaka Popiah
- Shui Gao (Water cake)
- Eggs - Half boil, Hard boil, Fried, Scrambled, Steam. No RAW egg pls.

3 things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
- Ah beng's uniform
- Small little souveniers from places of visit. (It collects dust)
- Hair Gel. (It spoils ur hair, use natural products like BabyOil instead)

Five favorite “toys”:
- Handphone
- Ipod Shuffle
- My car (parent's car to be precise)
- Digital Camera
- My guppies in the fishtank!
p/s: I'll be leaving for my hostel tonite. I've 3days/week class schedule haha! see u all on Friday night!


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