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Friday, April 28

Moto SLVR L7

Finally, i've got some time to sit down and enjoy blogging. It's been such a tiring week in campus, whereby we have this new project to remove, overhaul, and re-install all the landing gears (wheel structure + wheels) of a Hawker Siddeley 125 (aircraft model). This HS125 used to be Kenny Rogers' private jet, and now it's lying in my campus' hangar, as scrap metal haha...

Anyway, we'll leave the aircraft post for another day. Need to rest my mind and talk bout other things in life - my baby L7!!! muacks! LoL... It's turning 1 week old this evening and it's doing good. In fact, it has became my new best friend and my companion when i'm bored.

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Motorola SLVR L7
As everyone knows, motorola came out with an all new design, which is the slim v3, flip version RAZR (Razor). Few months later, they came out with a candy bar version aka SLVR, which is pronounced as Slee-ver, not saliva! It sounds so-not-cool if it's called 'air liur' hahahaha.... :P

I remembered that when moto's slim phones were first released, it was really expensive, around the range of Rm1.8k-2k? Being in love with the phone, but knowing that it wouldn't come true, i broke off my relationship with moto :( and cried...

But somehow cupid heard bout my story, and told the marketing department of moto to lower down their prices and release new models with the same theme of SLIM. So, moto engineers brought it frying pans and cooking utensils to squash and compress the v3, then added sugar and spices and everything nice. Puff! the SLVR L7 was born!

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The futuristic keypad marks Moto's trademark.

Sold at RM1k at release time, i waited patiently till the 1st digit became '6', and there i was standing in the shop buying the L7 for the price of RM699 which comes with a 128mb external memory and 262K TFT screen.

Now dun even start asking "why buy a motorola?!" I bought it for its design, for its technology, for its slimness. Personally, i feel that it's a collector's piece. It's slim yet solid as steel. It's keypad is one of a kind. Not to forget, it's black.

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New in box

Being a proud owner of my baby L7, i opened the box up and check out everthing. There was a charger, a USB cable, a handsfree earphone, and manual.

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SLVR manual

So, i grab hold of the manual and looked at the cover. Simple and nice. Then, i turned it over and looked at the back and some CAPITAL LETTES caught my attention. It read PORTUGUESE. Oh no...

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It really is in Portugese! or maybe it's not! but i just couldn't understand a single thing it says! i flipped through the whole book, and yet nothing looked familiar. (which i later found out that 3 of my other friends had the same portugese manual) Thanx to the internet, i managed to get a soft copy of the L7 manual.

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Flat Keypad

This is the the best part that i like about this phone. It's flat and it looks perfect. the blue back-lit adds to its cool-ness. It feels weird to sms on a flat surface at first, but u'll get use to it. Notice that the alluminum alloy keypad reflects the light. Oh, and it's light sensitive, meaning that it doesn't lit up when the surrounding is bright enough, to conserve energy.

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That lil round hole at the side of the keypad is the microphone. It is positioned beside the number 6 because that's where u positioned your mouth at, so it catches the most of what u speak. The next picture is the cable hole. It's the only hole on the phone and all cables into the phone shares that same hole - charger, handsfree, and USB. For your info, u can charge L7 with the USB cable, but it takes a longer time.

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The speaker is at the lower back of the phone and it's really good. Crisp and clear and loud. And also, there's a moto logo on the back cover which is made from alloy too. That explains why the phone is so solid because it's covered with metal.

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On the sides of L7, that's where chrome-plated buttons are. Volume control and Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons are on the left. Camera button and external memory slot is on the right.

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Micro SD.

Unbelievably TINY! it suits the theme very well - SLIM. Girls would have no problem getting it out from the phone with just a finger nail push; but guys with big fat fingers would be slightly harder. It's only 1mm thick and as broad as your pinky finger's nail.

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Though 0.3MP only, it looks very clear on the screen, thanx to the 262K TFT screen. Not for general photo shooting, but more of for random shots for fun. Light exposure and 4x zoom can be easily adjusted on the keypad click wheel.

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Soon after trying out the functions. I found this in the phone book. CHINESE WORDS! how come!? everything in the phone was english except for the subtitle CATEGORY. other options under CATEGORY are family, business and VIP. But all are in chinese words except for VIP. I am still wondering why.

Another down side of this is that when someone calls or sms, and you have previously saved their name as 012.... without +6012..... their names wouldn't show up! this is so so so cacat! i had to change all my 200+ contacts to +601.... so stupid. But then, maybe it's because i'm using prepaid, cos another friend using the same L7 is using post-paid, and he doesn't have the problem i'm facing. ARGH!

To end this post for today, i'll feature u with a picture snapped with L7's camera. An indian guy in Sg Wang wearing light pink long-sleeve shirt and slippers, with BOXERS as his shorts! I saw him walking from the opposite direction and the little elephant of his was like swaying left and right under that thin piece of cloth! ewwwwwwwww!!!! He is gross! eye pollution!
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Sunday, April 16

Diving in Aquaria, KLCC

Today is my elder bro's birthday. I wonder what's he doing in the land far far away from home - Vietnam. Poor him, no friends and family to celebrate with him, hopefully his colleagues do throw him a simple party and have a nice meal or something like that.

Reminds me of my 18th birthday. I had no plans at all, no party, no nothing. I felt so bored at home that i went to the barber and had the shortest crew cut availbale (1 level b4 botak). Urgh, never celebrate your birhday alone, it makes u do stupid things.

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Birthday Boy

Why is birthday boy pictured in diving suit? cos he loves diving alot. He used to work part-time during weekends in aquaria as a diver. Not really for the money, but for the experience and fun, and also the fame for being the few fortunate ones to be able to be part of the team. Imagine, diving in Kuala Lumpur!

Lots of bloggers have talked bout their trips to Aquaria, KLCC, snapping lots of beautiful pics from the famous semi-spherical glass walkway. But i'm gonna show something different from all those pics. It would still be in the famous semi-spherical walkway, just that it is from the inside a.k.a aquarium, cool eh? tadaaaaaaaaaa! say cheeseeeeeeeeee!

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Brother's friends!

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Lots of people gathering to get snapped on camera!

I wonder whether he feels like he's in a zoo. Everyone is outside looking at him! hahaha... Suddenly this thought pop up in my mind, it would be great if he could write on the glass "WILL U BE MY GIRLFRIEND/WIFE?" or "WILL U MARRY ME?" while in water. It would be very creative and romantic, lovely! :P

Though he works there, but i dun get any discounted tickets *(@#&$*&!!! To be frank, i've never stepped into Aquaria haha! Perhaps i should apply for the job too when i have enough diving experience, then i would be able to enter for free and be part of the animals in zoo! wahhahah!

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Feeding Time

Divers in Aquaria have a few task to carry out. For instance, feeding the fish. Twice a day, the fish will be fed. I've forgotten the feeding time, but it's around afternoon and evening. So, divers feed them with sotong and different variety of fish, but definitely no blood ok? I know it would be thrilling to watch shark + human in action LIVE, but the divers love their life alright? LoL!

Look at that huge garoupa(if not mistaken) coming up behind the diver. It's as huge as the diver! Gigantic! I bet a human's head can enter its mouth. Scary! But no worries, these captive fish are use to human exposure, they are friendly creatures.

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Nurse Shark, does it look like a nurse AT ALL?!

Oh, this 1, the very lazy one. Always lying there, doesn't even bother if there's fish right in front of it. Lazy ass fish. Even if there's food in front of it, it wouldn't move, but just open its mouth and suck the food in.

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Sexy Lips of the nurse.. fewww-ittttttt!

Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahahaahh the shark 'bo-geh' (teethless in hokkien). Dun u just feel like kissing it? very sexy lips, even Angelina Jolie has to say 'I lose'.

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Sand Tiger Shark, divers wouldn't like to see them in open sea.

U wouldn't wanna play a fool with this guy. Though they are tame in the aquarium, but they are born to be cruel, anything might happen anytime if it's agitated. Look at the gills at the side of the head, it opens and closes non stop. And somehow that scary eyes is really scary ok!

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Please don't say cheeseeeee?

Those sharp teeth are sharp enough for us to punch our parking tickets! Look at the number of them, so many! so sharp! Ouch! It's coming towards u! Run! no no... SWIM!

Here's a short video clip from the Aquaria itself. Not from the outside, but the inside. For non-divers, this is exactly what u'll see and go through while diving. But of course this is during night time, it's dark. It would be much brighter during the day. And also, the breathing of air is as heard. Dun be worried, diving is safe. In fact it's very fun cos u can feel how an astronaut feels - floating! u dun sink nor do u float, u just stay level in the water like a fish.

*Video has been removed due to slow loading.

Thursday, April 13

Susu U.H.T Berperisa Coklat

Being a fresh milk lover, i can finish a 1L box of HL milk all by myself in 1 day. I just love it so much since i was young. Back then when dad was still working with MARDI, i used to drink the freshest milk, fresh from the cow/goat itself. Luv it! Hey, wait a minute, i dun mean i put my mouth on the gigantic large huge nipples of the cow and start sucking ok?! :P

Just seive the fresh milk into a pot and boil it till... i can't remember. A layer of fat is then formed on the surface after boiled. Heard that's how manufacturers produce butter. Oooohhh, the creamy milk taste so good, it still smells like the cow hahahha!

Today, was kinda dissapointed to open the fridge and not see any HL milk box. Stock finish. Being unsatisfied, i knelt down in front of the fridge and started foraging through all the bayam, carrot, kangkung, cabbage, and last night's food. Once i pushed the bundle of bayam wrapped in old newspapers aside, to my surprise, i saw this!

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Jo Cerdik!

A big smile was on my face the next moment when i pulled it out from the deep fridge. I've got a box of chocolate flavoured milk! yeay! U might be wondering how come u have never seen this packaging in supermarkets. It's not any ordinary milk than one can buy even if he's rich hahaha!

The picture says it all - a school kid holding a box of milk. It's from the Program Susu Sekolah of Malaysia! Only available in Malaysian schools. Now, it has a new vibrant & healthy outlook compared to the previous outlook which was slightly dull.

Remember the previous outlook? it was dark brown in color. I remember back then in primary school, the 'ketua kelas' would take down our orders by writing how many boxes beside our name in the name list. I, would definitely put '1' everytime. 1 doesn't mean 1 box, but...... 1 BIG box with 24 boxes in it LoL!

At the end of the last class, i would be the most 'lansi' fella in school. Holding 1 big carton of milk, while other kids were only having 1 on each hand :P But come to think of it, it was quite stupid. It's just milk, why was i so proud.

The funny thing is that when i reach home, there'll be another carton or two of the same exact milk. My mum is a teacher! she gets to buy the milk too! Dun ask why, but i dunno why i still wanted to buy when mum can buy it. stupid? *smack me pls

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Strong bones & teeth

Look at how much the outlook has changed through the years. Now the straw is blue in color and bendable at two corners, makes it look like something to drink by the pool side. It also spreads the info of drinking milk builds stronger bones and teeth, especially during growing age. (it's so very true) With the kid's thumb showing GOOD, it just looks correct!

sighh... i feel young again, slouching on the sofa watching spongebob while having the straw stuck in the mouth. Ocassionaly spilling onto my shirt, urgh! nvm.. there's always the sleeves to wipe clean my mouth wahahahah! :P!!! Dun u just miss those days!?

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The Logo that has not change through the years

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Rukun Negara.

Oh, this is great! at least now i know the other 4 sentences of rukun negara. All this while, i've only known the 1st - Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan haha! Now all of you, obediently memorise this alright?! i'm gonna test u tomorrow. If u can't write all 5, i'm gonna cane u as punishment! If u get all 5 right, then i will give u a box of milk. Deal? hahahahhah! LoL! :P

Saturday, April 8

How To Start an Aeroplane

Am inspired to blog bout planes today. Having just came back from KLIA, the sight of huge aircrafts flying 20 metres above me, and the roaring sound of those huge engines, sending a continuous gush of wind for the next 30 seconds or so after flying pass, it's just syok.

Im not sure whether u guys have been to the prohibited area in KLIA - the end of the runway (kompleks bunga raya)? Yea, it's prohibited to enter and drive on the road parallel to the runway. The sight of seeing a life plane rolling on the runway is exhilarating, in addition of being so near to it. BUT there's the possibility of being stopped by police cars doing their rounds. Be careful.

Ever thought of today's topic? How to start an aeroplane engine? Is it similar to cars where we insert the keys and crank the engine? Do u need to step on fuel pedals to rav the engne?

Answer is no. Aircraft engine starting is totally different from automobiles. There's no key, and there's no fuel pedal. A car takes bout 3 seconds to crank, but an aeroplane takes 30 seconds.

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Cut-off view of a turbine engine.

Some might think, Do Pilots lock the plane like we lock our car? ahahha... answer is no again. The reason is because who would want to steal an aeroplane when u most probably will be gunned down by security officials even before stepping into the plane?

Furthermore, why would someone wanna steal a plane when he doesn't even know how to fly one. So, dun be so futuristic by thinking that planes have remote control locking system. Dit Dit! hahha...

Before starting an engine. The aircraft engineers will do a pre-flight check according to a check-list. After clearing the check-list, the aircraft engineers sign the papers and certify that the plane is fit to fly. Then, the Pilot comes and take over the plane.

The Pilot now does the same thing(double check), do a pre-flight check around the aircraft, checking for foreign objects obstructing the engine inlet and stuff. Then, he will get back to the cockpit and both Captain and Co-pilot are ready to start the engine.

Firstly, Pilot will turn on the MASTER SWITCH, which turns on all the electrical stuff. Cockpit will light up and LCDs will show information on the engine. After turning on the master switch, next will be the Auxilliary Power Unit(APU) switch.

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APU is at the back of the plane.

APU is a small engine located at the back of an aeroplane, normally used for engine starting only. So the APU produces a high volume of air and ducts/send these compressed air all the way from the back, through the wings, and finally to the engine. This air is used to turn the huge and heavy fan blades of the engine.

When the blades are turning, it sucks in a sufficient amount of air from the atmosphere into the engine. For combustion(explosion) to occur, there are 3 things to be met. Combustion = Air + Fuel + Heat.

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Big planes have 4 engines; smaller ones have 2. Nice pic, btw!

Now that we have air in the engine, we need heat. Following that, Pilot turns on the ignition switch.

Ignition switch is the circuit that sends around 20,000 volts of energy to the igniter unit (spark plug for automobiles). This high energy causes a high intensity spark and produces a tremendous high heat. The spark is quite alike the camera's flash, just that it's 10 flashes in 5 seconds. Your eyes will hurt if exposed too long.

Lastly before combustion occurs, Pilot turns on the fuel pump switch. Once on, the boost pump will pump fuel into the Fuel Control Unit (FCU), which meters the appropriate amount of fuel needed for starting.

Walaaaa! the high heat burns the fuel/air mixture and brings the engine to self-sustaining speed/idle speed. At this point, it is critical for the pilot to observe the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT). A normal engine start will bring the EGT to let's say 680F (depending on aircraft type). If the temperature shoots to 700F, the pilot has to shut off the fuel into the engine immediately, to cut off the engine.

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EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature

Image hosting by Photobucket
Some other information that are displayed on the LCD.

There u go, a successful 30 seconds long engine starting. Hope u guys learnt something new bout planes today. Just wanna share the info i have with everyone :)

*note: for ppl who are from the aviation industry, this is just a simple explanation to my friends for easier/better understanding. Pls do not judge. I know there are other ways with complicated steps to start an engine. your patience is appreciated, thank you.

Saturday, April 1

Oh Ku Kueh - Behind The Scene

Happy April Fool! Anyone got dooped yet? seems like the Malaysian Citizens are getting smarter by year, i dun hear as much April Fool stories as before, or is it just me being stuck in the jungle for too long that i dunno how to joke? uh...

It's the time of the year again for Qing Ming. Suddenly i feel like showing off my 11 years of broken mandarin. Here goes...

Qing ming shi jie yu fen fen,
Lu shang xing ren yu duan huen,
Jie wen jiu jia he chu ye,
And i dunno what's the last sentence.

Hahahaha! i'm so proud of myself! I've been asking everyone the same question every year during 1st week of April for the past 8 years, 'what's the last sentence?' and yet i can't remember! So now i resort to online friends to help me. Anyone can help me out on this? :P

Since tomorrow me going to do some exercise by ascending & descending hillssss and accidentally stepping over tombs, mum decided to feed me with her high energy food - OH KU KUEH! a.k.a black ku cake...... LoL!!!!!

That's what everyone calls it in hokkien. But in hakka (my mother tongue), we call it Chu1 Yap4 Ban1 (Kuih Daun Kasar in B.M). Why so? cos the leaf used for making this kueh is very coarse and berbulu-bulu like a guy's hairy leg. Ewwww! *vomit - of all things to compare, why the hairy legs!?

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This plant originated from a small town in Jelebu District called Titi.

So, today, let Kampungkai - the kampung boy teach u how to make Black Ku Kueh! Firstly, chop off a hand full of this daun kasar plant, and pluck only the leaves, leaving the stems back. U dunwan to bite on such fiberous stems later on cos u ain't a goat.

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As big as my hand!

I was wondering whether this is the leaf that ribena berries use to cover up their private parts, it looks pretty alike u know? It's even big enough for human's use! My goodness! just make sure it doesn't fall off.

Back to topic. Secondly, put all those leaf (rinse 1st) into a big pot with some water, and boil it for many hours till it becomes erm... like recycled paper pulp, get what i mean? no? erm... imagine throwing something soft on the wall and it takes 10 seconds to flow down the wall hahaha! now u get it?

Then, add in glutinous rice flour and mix mix mix till your biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles become rock hard. When it's done, take a rest and watch cartoon 1st.

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Chai Bu (in mandarin) + pork/chicken what's chai bu called in english?

The pink color thing is the mould to shape the dough. It's a turtle shell shape. Make a hollow in the center, and add in the Chai Bu. Next, cover it up and compress it so that it gets its shape.

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Big = Guys'...... Small = Ladies'

After u got it compressed, knock the mould on the table to let the turtle shell fall off. Tadaaaaaaaa, a turtle shell sitting on the banana leaf! Original Oh Ku Kueh, no artificial flavouring, no artificial coloring, just purely authentic.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Put them into the steamer for approximtely 15-20 minutes. Once u open up the steamer lid, steaming hot water vapor will gush out like an atom bom, forming a small white mushroom in the kitchen (no la.. was just exaggerating). Anyway, do be careful not to scorch your hands.

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Finish Product.

Now, this is what i call BLACK. It looks very tempting, dun u feel like landing your mouth on it? *chew chew chew... it's big, it's fat, it has got lots of chai bu inside, lovely! For easy storage, cut off the sides of the banana leaf, so that it looks neater too. It seems like there's a whole tray of steamed baby turtles, dun u think so?

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Drooling already?

This is the best part, look at how much Chai Bu there is stuffed inside this Oh Ku Kueh. wahhhhhh i myself am already drooling! soft soft on the outside, but when u get to the fillings, it's slightly crunchy and salty, and u can feel the texture of the fresh dough in your mouth, mm mmmm mmmmmmmm!

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Now u see it......... now u don't!

It's so tasty that u dunwanna have small bites ya know. It taste so good to have 1 big chunk of it in your mouth. It's abit like chewing gum, whereby it's a lil starchy, but difference is that u can swallow it. Therefore, with 4 bites, u get the satisfaction. *burppppp

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1 left! anyone up for grab? Yes to the big guy from jasonmumbles.com, RM3! anyone calling for RM3.50? 3.50? Oh, Yes to the lady at the back from gingerlyyours.blogspot.com RM3.50! anyone calling for Rm4? RM4?

"RM10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" everyone's jaw dropped and look towards jasonmumbles.com. He was the only one showing all 32 teeth, running lintang-pukang (imagine it slow motion) all the way from melaka to kajang for his RM10 Oh Ku Kueh! which, he will finish in just 1 mouth. wasted!

My advice: when it's his, dun try to steal it from him......never.
(LoL... kidding dude)