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Friday, May 18

The End

The end? How do u define -the end- at kampungkai.blogspot.com?

Oh man, it's really hard to write this post.

I decided to stop blogging from this very post onwards. Yea, this is the end of kampungkai's journey. I shall join the many 'hot hot chicken feet' bloggers from now onwards.

But by all means, all those dedicated bloggers out there, keep up the good work. Though missing from contributing, I'll be reading and supporting your entries.

Why it's the end?

1. Till today, i've yet to find another blogger from MAS like me, who blogs about aircrafts and life. And lately i found out why, it's hard to find time in our industry, everyone is so dedicated to their profession, therefore no one would spend time doing something unnecessary, blogging.

2. I'm in my 3rd year now, going to 4th year in July. And i can sincerely tell u, workload & pressure is getting REALLY heavy, in both studies and hands-on experience. U wouldnt want an inexperience aircraft engineer to sign off your flight, would u?

3. I've a big ass exam this coming December 2007. An exam conducted by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), that evaluates my knowledge and proficiency in anything about aviation, including air law. It's either i pass, or... graduate in 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 years rather than 5.

4. What i'm studying is very different from any university's course. It's very technical. It takes so long to learn a skill, so much sweat, so much patience... and during weekends, i'd be lying on the sofa like a dead fish. That explains my inconsistency in blogging.

As a summary, NO TIME. Just this two simple words can describe why it is THE END of kampungkai.blogspot.com.

Well, I'm looking forward to pass out as an License Aircraft Engineer one day, and by then, i do hope i would be able to enjoy my achievement with u all. The 3 golden bars on the shoulder with the white shirt is such a pride to me.

Am waiting for the day when i'd say 'I DID IT'

With golden bars on the shoulder, it's not the end, but the beginning of stings of responsibilies put on my shoulder. A trust that all of u rely on without telling me, assumed that everything is taken cared of while flying.

Do remember me, do remember us, the aicraft engineers. And for the gazillion time i'm saying this - Dont only remember Pilots? Who are the ones working behind the curtains? we are. We are the ones who get our hands dirty, making sure u fly happily and safely. So whenever u step in KLIA, think kampungkai, think me.

And pls do not complain to me about inflight food, expensive tickets, flight delays and cancellation, cabin crews, unservicable remote control... the list goes on? Nothing is more important than safety, all those mentioned above are just add-ons. My job is in the engineering dept, making sure the engine continues to spin in air, nothing more than that.

*takes a deep breath

To my Sifu - Jason/my ex-roommate/supper-mate/playmate?, who introduced what blogging is all about 2+ years ago, I'm grateful to have you as my guide. U've helped alot and u r a great writer, really. Till today, i've yet to achieve your pro-writing status. And i highly recommend u all to check out his blog when u feel bored, cos it's real fun reading his entries. Do check it out at www.jasonmumbles.com

Before i sign off, i would like to inform all of u that this coming June till August, there will be an Aerospace Exhibition held here in the Old Terminal 1, Subang Airport. Pls drop by and check it out, cos it's an opportunity of a life time to see a space shuttle here in Malaysia. Read more about ticket price, opening hours...... at

And if u really intend to visit the exhibition, let me know, because i'm working at a stone's throw away from the exhibition. It'd be my pleasure to meet up with my loyal readers, really. Oh, i'm sorry that i cant get any special discount for u hahaha!


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