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Sunday, December 18

Lightning = Pain in the wallet

RM125 out from my wallet, ouch! My DSL modem got struck by lightning, argh! And that's the cost u pay for being lazy to run upstairs and turn off the modem when it starts to rain. To all girlgirl and boyboy out there, dun be lazy like me, please go offline when it rains (lightning especially), else your hair will be standing straight up just like after being electrocuted even though u didn't get struck, because the frustration of not being able to go online is enough to make it stand!!! and that explains my lost of presence for the whole week.

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The new modem - Aztech

Nvm bout all that, i'm just glad that i have the world back at my fingertips, connecting to everyone, seeing how's everyone doing. Have u all been doing good? Of course u have ya?! If u didn't have a good week, let me give u a big huggy! Cheer up!

I was at Bukit Bintang today (to get the modem). Was kinda in a happy mood when the traffic from Kajang all the way to KL was smooth(90/100 kmh most of the time), and having the lil gadget called SmartTag, makes me happier! Looking at cars queueing up, winding down the window, putting out the right hand, some stretching the short hands, while i smoothly overtake all of them and drive into the SmartTag lane, makes me feel like a VIP and a lil bit Smart haha! 'Tut-tut' and vrooommmmmmmmmm u go! HAPPY HAPPY!
Things didn't turn out happy at the junction turning to Bukit Bintang. Jam=Stress=Driving as close as possible to the car infront to prevent hopeless baboons from cutting lanes=time for girl scouting :P ! I was just wondering, what would u all do if u see a handsome guy/pretty girl next to your car during a jam. Do u give him/her a smile? A nod on the head + a smile? Act cool/raise the price? I'm always unlucky, cos KL is full of guy drivers, possibility of seeing girls is low!

Continue with the jam. Wanted to park in sg wang, so i slowly cut into the lane with my signals on (improvement on malaysian driver), and suddenly this white shirt traffic police stood in the middle of the road, put 3 orange colored cones to block the road right in front of my car! What the... He closed up the turning into the parking of sg wang! why me!? why me?! why can't he let 1 more car (my car) enter??!! Cis! Ended up parking in timesquare. Jam is sickening.

So, mood was back to down. But things turn out happy again in the parking lot! Aftersome 20 seconds (only) of scouting for a parking lot, suddenly this ProtonWira zoom out from its lot, LUCKY ME! and it was right in front of the escalator entrance! yeay!

Good things didn't stop there. At lowerground level, right in front of Debanham (i dunno how to spell it! help!), i met Paul Moss! yea, the Malaysian Idol orang putih! Man, he's tall... definitely a 6 footer, well ya i know i'm short, sob! So i quickly told my mum to look at that direction where Paul was standing, and mum said "hehe, why is his hair so whitish, i want to see Jien laa, Jien is cute (nods her head)" My mum my mum... she's really into Jien, u can see her speak softly and lovely whenever she talks bout Jien.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Paul Moss and Jien

Forget bout Paul Moss, continued walking towards the place i wanna buy the modem from. Then i'm pretty sure i saw this Malaysian actor while ascending the escalator, but i dunno his name, so... dun care! While walking across the Timesquare pedestrain bridge/monorail station, there's this little shop along the walkway selling THONGS at the hallway. I wasn't acting like a pervert, but it was obvious enough as it wasn't displayed inside the shop, but at the walkway! Eh girls, dun tell me u would stand in front of those highly-hung thongs, while hundreds of passer-by walk pass u?

There i was walking in the streets of B.Bintang, and when i passed by the road where the policeman sealed off the road earlier on, preventing me from entering the car park, and now he was standing by the side of the road, and cars were allowed to enter !!! ()#@*_&$*()@^#$;*@#^@!*&# What a pain in the arse!

Paid RM125 for the modem. Mood: bad to worst. sobbbbb..... Walking back to the car, handphone rang.

Ring Ring... (a number not in my contacts)
Me: Hello?
Girl: Can i speak to John?
Me: Er... i think i am?
Girl: huh? what do u mean u think u r?
Me: Who's this on the line? Do we know each other?
Girl: Is this John?
Me: ya i am... ?
Girl: Wait a minute, is this 012-xxxxxxx
Me: haha no, i think u got the wrong number
Girl: Holy Cow! u r called John too? That's amazing! i called the wrong number and i got the same name! OMG!
Me: hahaha... yea, i'm shocked!
Girl: Sorry anywayz..
Me: No problem!

hahaha, what a co-incidence! I said "i think i am' because not many people call me John. U see, my name is Yow Jong, but then some people especially non mandarin speaking background ppl can't pronounce Jong because of the G, so i made it easier by just calling me John. Thinking that this unknown number might be my friend, and being unsure what to say, thus i said "i think i am"! hahaha....

Got into the car and drove home. Mood was high up there because out of 10 traffic lights that i drove through, only 1 turned yellow, of course, the other 9 were green! Unbelivable! What a smooth journey back home. And here i am blogging after installing the RM125 modem! Such a pain in the wallet!

p/s: today's mood: Up, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up! 6ups, 3downs. Therefore, today is a happy day! yeay! Crap...


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