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Wednesday, December 28

Clock of Classic

Feeling so bored at home, i decided to pay my blogger friend - Alicia a visit. She's this small town girl from Batu Gajah, currently working as a programmer in KL. And programmers can really sit in front of their PC for some 18hours a day, spending the leftover 6 hours to sleep and eat. Was feeling curious, so i asked why she ain't wearing any optical aids, since she faces the pc for such long hours a day. Then the secret was revealed, she said that all her PCs (home or office) come with LCDs. No wonder. Very well, i should start saving some money to protect my eyes.

Believe me, IT people really live up to their name. She pulled out her laptop and showed me some mp3 and stuff. Wondering why her screen display was so crisp and beautiful and everything seems so smooth, she answered by saying 'I can't live without playing pc games, especially online games, that's y i got a good graphic card.' Then she pointed to the sticker on the left hand corner of the hand-rest and smiled. The sticker says ATI Radeon 256MB! OMG... she owns a 256MB graphic card in her laptop! Not only that, it's fitted with 1GB of RAM and powered by a 1.70GHz Centrino. She says she can't play games with 512MB, it's too slow. I'm so jealous of her!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
She? A Gamer? Are u sure?

Now, how often do u see girls playing pc games? Especially hard-core players like Alicia, who even takes part in competition, winning prizes and stuff. She's a Pro in this online game called Knight Online, and i know nuts about the game, buat malu haha! According to her, she and her gamer friends can play games non-stop for more than 24 hours continuous, surviving on snacks without letting go the mouse. She rocks man! Let's hope she makes headlines in the country, representing Malaysia for Knight Online! *clap clap clap

Having visiting her, i brought her some leftovers of the cookie i baked last week. Haha, Jason must be cursing me right now! Hopefully it's nice. But i think there's room for improvement. Nevertheless, it was the 1st time trying out the recipe, so spare me!

In return, she gave me a clock! Teasing her, i said 'where got ppl give clock as presents wan?' (cos it means funeral if u translate into mandarin) But when i opened the box, and slide it out of the box, i was surprised! i was shocked! It's so CHUN! It's not an ordinary clock with 3 moving hands, but an alarm clock which doesn't run on battery! It's pure classic. In addition, the display background of the word Heineken with 2 bottles is so cool! Dun u think so?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Classic Clock displaying Heineken on the background.

As i mentioned, it's not running on battery. Since it's classic, it's not running on kinetic or automatic technology either. It's powered by manual winding! meaning that u have to wind it every 24 hours or so to keep it working. Does it sound familiar to u? Clock were built like that back during my parent's time. Say 1960s-1970s? Though some ppl might say it's mafan, but i think it's classic and i luv it alot!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Technology: Gears, knob, chrome plated = So cool

Clockwise: The black knob is for adjusting the hour and minute hands, followed by the manual winding handle. Then the alarm time adjustment knob and a small activate/deactivate handle for alarm. I've yet to find out the usage of the last 1 with + and - sign. It seems that u can adjust it for precision or something like that, i dun really understand the words on the box. Any1 have any idea? Help me out please...

There's no other alarm clock that can battle with this one. Even with Nokia 3310's level 5 ringtone, this classic alarm clock can cover up the sound, easily. 2 alien looking chrome plated hemisphere, with an interconnected handle can wake up a neighbourhood. It's so loud and annoying that u wouldn't wanna let it ring again. In fact, u will feel angry, and that's a pretty good way to make u crawl out of bed for work.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The 2 shining ears on top of it.

According to Alicia, she bought this from Bangkok. She's got taste! What a good souvenier, rather than buying keychains or t-shirts. I've yet to see this clock in Malaysia, i thought it vanish from the world after the one that my dad had broke down. But lucky me, it pop-out into my life again! Thank you Alicia! Not only i like it, but also i love it! Thanx thanx thanx!


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