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Wednesday, December 21

Choc-Chip Hazelnut Cookie

Please read this article about MAS b4 u proceed.

Great, real great, what a nice way to start my day...Do u know how sickening it is to wake up and read the papers (TheStar) and see RM1.55m used on buying 3 paintings just to decorate the chairman's office? This is just ridiculous! What paintings are they? OMG! This is just ridiculous! So i guess that's ONE OF THE REASON why MAS is losing money. argh, i dunno wat to say. (*@#&*$(*@&#$ That freaking RM7,525 daily worth Chris Andrews, OMG! so 1 month's salary is RM225,750?! 365days = RM2.7m? What the heck! Mensiasuikan my name CHRIS only! NO WONDER MAS LOSING MONEY LA! If any business man is reading this, let me tell u this. STOP YOUR BUSINESS AND JOIN MAS AS ONE OF THE MANAGEMENT TEAM, EASY MONEY! AND U GET BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS IN YOUR OFFICE ROOM! WTF... uh... disgusted

*takes few deep breath...
*think positive, no point being angry. I've been targetted by some friends, asking what the heck is MAS doing, MAS here MAS there. SICKENING. Dude, i'm just a trainee in the engineering dept, i've got nothing to do with the financial stuff. U want me to cut cost for your safety? No problem, see u 3 feet under. (4 feet if u prefer)

Anywayzzz...Feeling itchy today, i told mum to bake some stuff. Since xmas is coming up, and so many ppl's blog showing off xmas tree, present, party, cakes... My blog has to be competitive as well rite? Well, since she's so free now (she's a teacher), bake some cookies for me to eat la! She, being very obedient to my words (cough!), then agreed to bake this new recipe from TheStar. Choc-Chip Hazelnut Cookie. hahaha!

Come to think of it, it's really fun to be the only child left staying with parents, cos parents will pay all attention on u. (both bro and sis are overseas) But please dun mistaken me as a manja-boy k. I can survive in any condition, not ALL conditions, but shouldn't be a problem if thrown into the jungle or sea. Have gone through much survival skills and training.

Around 15 minutes after i suggested to bake something, i walked to the kitchen, and walaaa! all the baking stuff and ingredients were ready on the table. So fast?

Me: wah... u have all the ingredients needed already?
Mum: Ya, very simple only. Your mummy's fridge is like doraemon pocket (i taught her 'doraemon pocket' haha!)
Me: hahaha... no wonder the fridge is always full of stuff. Never once like the showroom or advertisement in tv, where there's only fruits and 2 boxes of milk.
Mum: How do u think u got into this size?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
The process of mixing up everything.

So, mix everything up, run the mixer for 15-20 minutes. Rest the mixer for 10 minutes to cool the engine down. Then, continue mixing for another 15-20 minutes, done! Eh, do i sound like Jamie Oliver on Astro Channel 11? haha... his cooking very very bachelor style.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Next, go to the oven and preheat it. Following that, use a tea spoon and scoop up a small portion of dough, and throw the dough onto the tray. Just like throwing water balloon onto the wall, get it? PIAKKKKK! It's fun! Push the tray into the oven.

I dunno what happened in the oven for the next 10 mins. But i was real shocked to witness what came to my sight! The whole thing melted! It became like ginger bread man! lol! Shouldn't it be sebiji-sebiji rather than 1 big lump flattened?! Big Failure i suppose?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ginger Bread Man!

Then i went back to the recipe and looked at the picture attached with it. To my relieve, the cookies shown in the pic has the edges uneven also, so i presume they were 1 big piece like mine initially, then broke into pieces later on. Fuhhh... Sucessful! *clap clap clap...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My new wallpaper

I'm chewing off the cookie while typing this, crunch crunch crunch! Come, let me feed u. Wear your baby napkin, open your mouth and say 'ahhhhhhhhhh' Um! nice? hahahhaha... Merry Christmas!


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