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Thursday, April 13

Susu U.H.T Berperisa Coklat

Being a fresh milk lover, i can finish a 1L box of HL milk all by myself in 1 day. I just love it so much since i was young. Back then when dad was still working with MARDI, i used to drink the freshest milk, fresh from the cow/goat itself. Luv it! Hey, wait a minute, i dun mean i put my mouth on the gigantic large huge nipples of the cow and start sucking ok?! :P

Just seive the fresh milk into a pot and boil it till... i can't remember. A layer of fat is then formed on the surface after boiled. Heard that's how manufacturers produce butter. Oooohhh, the creamy milk taste so good, it still smells like the cow hahahha!

Today, was kinda dissapointed to open the fridge and not see any HL milk box. Stock finish. Being unsatisfied, i knelt down in front of the fridge and started foraging through all the bayam, carrot, kangkung, cabbage, and last night's food. Once i pushed the bundle of bayam wrapped in old newspapers aside, to my surprise, i saw this!

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Jo Cerdik!

A big smile was on my face the next moment when i pulled it out from the deep fridge. I've got a box of chocolate flavoured milk! yeay! U might be wondering how come u have never seen this packaging in supermarkets. It's not any ordinary milk than one can buy even if he's rich hahaha!

The picture says it all - a school kid holding a box of milk. It's from the Program Susu Sekolah of Malaysia! Only available in Malaysian schools. Now, it has a new vibrant & healthy outlook compared to the previous outlook which was slightly dull.

Remember the previous outlook? it was dark brown in color. I remember back then in primary school, the 'ketua kelas' would take down our orders by writing how many boxes beside our name in the name list. I, would definitely put '1' everytime. 1 doesn't mean 1 box, but...... 1 BIG box with 24 boxes in it LoL!

At the end of the last class, i would be the most 'lansi' fella in school. Holding 1 big carton of milk, while other kids were only having 1 on each hand :P But come to think of it, it was quite stupid. It's just milk, why was i so proud.

The funny thing is that when i reach home, there'll be another carton or two of the same exact milk. My mum is a teacher! she gets to buy the milk too! Dun ask why, but i dunno why i still wanted to buy when mum can buy it. stupid? *smack me pls

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Strong bones & teeth

Look at how much the outlook has changed through the years. Now the straw is blue in color and bendable at two corners, makes it look like something to drink by the pool side. It also spreads the info of drinking milk builds stronger bones and teeth, especially during growing age. (it's so very true) With the kid's thumb showing GOOD, it just looks correct!

sighh... i feel young again, slouching on the sofa watching spongebob while having the straw stuck in the mouth. Ocassionaly spilling onto my shirt, urgh! nvm.. there's always the sleeves to wipe clean my mouth wahahahah! :P!!! Dun u just miss those days!?

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The Logo that has not change through the years

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Rukun Negara.

Oh, this is great! at least now i know the other 4 sentences of rukun negara. All this while, i've only known the 1st - Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan haha! Now all of you, obediently memorise this alright?! i'm gonna test u tomorrow. If u can't write all 5, i'm gonna cane u as punishment! If u get all 5 right, then i will give u a box of milk. Deal? hahahahhah! LoL! :P


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