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Friday, April 28

Moto SLVR L7

Finally, i've got some time to sit down and enjoy blogging. It's been such a tiring week in campus, whereby we have this new project to remove, overhaul, and re-install all the landing gears (wheel structure + wheels) of a Hawker Siddeley 125 (aircraft model). This HS125 used to be Kenny Rogers' private jet, and now it's lying in my campus' hangar, as scrap metal haha...

Anyway, we'll leave the aircraft post for another day. Need to rest my mind and talk bout other things in life - my baby L7!!! muacks! LoL... It's turning 1 week old this evening and it's doing good. In fact, it has became my new best friend and my companion when i'm bored.

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Motorola SLVR L7
As everyone knows, motorola came out with an all new design, which is the slim v3, flip version RAZR (Razor). Few months later, they came out with a candy bar version aka SLVR, which is pronounced as Slee-ver, not saliva! It sounds so-not-cool if it's called 'air liur' hahahaha.... :P

I remembered that when moto's slim phones were first released, it was really expensive, around the range of Rm1.8k-2k? Being in love with the phone, but knowing that it wouldn't come true, i broke off my relationship with moto :( and cried...

But somehow cupid heard bout my story, and told the marketing department of moto to lower down their prices and release new models with the same theme of SLIM. So, moto engineers brought it frying pans and cooking utensils to squash and compress the v3, then added sugar and spices and everything nice. Puff! the SLVR L7 was born!

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The futuristic keypad marks Moto's trademark.

Sold at RM1k at release time, i waited patiently till the 1st digit became '6', and there i was standing in the shop buying the L7 for the price of RM699 which comes with a 128mb external memory and 262K TFT screen.

Now dun even start asking "why buy a motorola?!" I bought it for its design, for its technology, for its slimness. Personally, i feel that it's a collector's piece. It's slim yet solid as steel. It's keypad is one of a kind. Not to forget, it's black.

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New in box

Being a proud owner of my baby L7, i opened the box up and check out everthing. There was a charger, a USB cable, a handsfree earphone, and manual.

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SLVR manual

So, i grab hold of the manual and looked at the cover. Simple and nice. Then, i turned it over and looked at the back and some CAPITAL LETTES caught my attention. It read PORTUGUESE. Oh no...

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It really is in Portugese! or maybe it's not! but i just couldn't understand a single thing it says! i flipped through the whole book, and yet nothing looked familiar. (which i later found out that 3 of my other friends had the same portugese manual) Thanx to the internet, i managed to get a soft copy of the L7 manual.

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Flat Keypad

This is the the best part that i like about this phone. It's flat and it looks perfect. the blue back-lit adds to its cool-ness. It feels weird to sms on a flat surface at first, but u'll get use to it. Notice that the alluminum alloy keypad reflects the light. Oh, and it's light sensitive, meaning that it doesn't lit up when the surrounding is bright enough, to conserve energy.

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That lil round hole at the side of the keypad is the microphone. It is positioned beside the number 6 because that's where u positioned your mouth at, so it catches the most of what u speak. The next picture is the cable hole. It's the only hole on the phone and all cables into the phone shares that same hole - charger, handsfree, and USB. For your info, u can charge L7 with the USB cable, but it takes a longer time.

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The speaker is at the lower back of the phone and it's really good. Crisp and clear and loud. And also, there's a moto logo on the back cover which is made from alloy too. That explains why the phone is so solid because it's covered with metal.

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On the sides of L7, that's where chrome-plated buttons are. Volume control and Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons are on the left. Camera button and external memory slot is on the right.

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Micro SD.

Unbelievably TINY! it suits the theme very well - SLIM. Girls would have no problem getting it out from the phone with just a finger nail push; but guys with big fat fingers would be slightly harder. It's only 1mm thick and as broad as your pinky finger's nail.

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Though 0.3MP only, it looks very clear on the screen, thanx to the 262K TFT screen. Not for general photo shooting, but more of for random shots for fun. Light exposure and 4x zoom can be easily adjusted on the keypad click wheel.

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Soon after trying out the functions. I found this in the phone book. CHINESE WORDS! how come!? everything in the phone was english except for the subtitle CATEGORY. other options under CATEGORY are family, business and VIP. But all are in chinese words except for VIP. I am still wondering why.

Another down side of this is that when someone calls or sms, and you have previously saved their name as 012.... without +6012..... their names wouldn't show up! this is so so so cacat! i had to change all my 200+ contacts to +601.... so stupid. But then, maybe it's because i'm using prepaid, cos another friend using the same L7 is using post-paid, and he doesn't have the problem i'm facing. ARGH!

To end this post for today, i'll feature u with a picture snapped with L7's camera. An indian guy in Sg Wang wearing light pink long-sleeve shirt and slippers, with BOXERS as his shorts! I saw him walking from the opposite direction and the little elephant of his was like swaying left and right under that thin piece of cloth! ewwwwwwwww!!!! He is gross! eye pollution!
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