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Sunday, April 16

Diving in Aquaria, KLCC

Today is my elder bro's birthday. I wonder what's he doing in the land far far away from home - Vietnam. Poor him, no friends and family to celebrate with him, hopefully his colleagues do throw him a simple party and have a nice meal or something like that.

Reminds me of my 18th birthday. I had no plans at all, no party, no nothing. I felt so bored at home that i went to the barber and had the shortest crew cut availbale (1 level b4 botak). Urgh, never celebrate your birhday alone, it makes u do stupid things.

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Birthday Boy

Why is birthday boy pictured in diving suit? cos he loves diving alot. He used to work part-time during weekends in aquaria as a diver. Not really for the money, but for the experience and fun, and also the fame for being the few fortunate ones to be able to be part of the team. Imagine, diving in Kuala Lumpur!

Lots of bloggers have talked bout their trips to Aquaria, KLCC, snapping lots of beautiful pics from the famous semi-spherical glass walkway. But i'm gonna show something different from all those pics. It would still be in the famous semi-spherical walkway, just that it is from the inside a.k.a aquarium, cool eh? tadaaaaaaaaaa! say cheeseeeeeeeeee!

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Brother's friends!

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Lots of people gathering to get snapped on camera!

I wonder whether he feels like he's in a zoo. Everyone is outside looking at him! hahaha... Suddenly this thought pop up in my mind, it would be great if he could write on the glass "WILL U BE MY GIRLFRIEND/WIFE?" or "WILL U MARRY ME?" while in water. It would be very creative and romantic, lovely! :P

Though he works there, but i dun get any discounted tickets *(@#&$*&!!! To be frank, i've never stepped into Aquaria haha! Perhaps i should apply for the job too when i have enough diving experience, then i would be able to enter for free and be part of the animals in zoo! wahhahah!

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Feeding Time

Divers in Aquaria have a few task to carry out. For instance, feeding the fish. Twice a day, the fish will be fed. I've forgotten the feeding time, but it's around afternoon and evening. So, divers feed them with sotong and different variety of fish, but definitely no blood ok? I know it would be thrilling to watch shark + human in action LIVE, but the divers love their life alright? LoL!

Look at that huge garoupa(if not mistaken) coming up behind the diver. It's as huge as the diver! Gigantic! I bet a human's head can enter its mouth. Scary! But no worries, these captive fish are use to human exposure, they are friendly creatures.

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Nurse Shark, does it look like a nurse AT ALL?!

Oh, this 1, the very lazy one. Always lying there, doesn't even bother if there's fish right in front of it. Lazy ass fish. Even if there's food in front of it, it wouldn't move, but just open its mouth and suck the food in.

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Sexy Lips of the nurse.. fewww-ittttttt!

Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahahaahh the shark 'bo-geh' (teethless in hokkien). Dun u just feel like kissing it? very sexy lips, even Angelina Jolie has to say 'I lose'.

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Sand Tiger Shark, divers wouldn't like to see them in open sea.

U wouldn't wanna play a fool with this guy. Though they are tame in the aquarium, but they are born to be cruel, anything might happen anytime if it's agitated. Look at the gills at the side of the head, it opens and closes non stop. And somehow that scary eyes is really scary ok!

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Please don't say cheeseeeee?

Those sharp teeth are sharp enough for us to punch our parking tickets! Look at the number of them, so many! so sharp! Ouch! It's coming towards u! Run! no no... SWIM!

Here's a short video clip from the Aquaria itself. Not from the outside, but the inside. For non-divers, this is exactly what u'll see and go through while diving. But of course this is during night time, it's dark. It would be much brighter during the day. And also, the breathing of air is as heard. Dun be worried, diving is safe. In fact it's very fun cos u can feel how an astronaut feels - floating! u dun sink nor do u float, u just stay level in the water like a fish.

*Video has been removed due to slow loading.


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