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Monday, October 31

Wanna see Kampungkai BOTAK?

Jason: eh Chris, join me cut botak head
Me: huh? What’s the occasion?
Jason: botak for charity *sends me a link www.petertan.com/blog
Me: oh Peter Tan, yea I read bout him in TheStar few weeks back, blogger.

So, it seems there are now 5 bloggers, INCLUDING A FEMALE shaving their head to help Peter raise RM5000 for HOSPICE. And Jason aka my buddy aka my ex-roommate aka makan buddy is one of the soon-to-be BOTAK HEAD bloggers. Knowing that I was from a Chinese school for 11 years, Jason knew that it wasn’t a problem for me, cos Chinese school students always have crew cut hairstyle!

But hey, I’ve done the shortest crew cut, but I have yet to try out BOTAK wey! BOTAK is no hair rite? Just the shiny scalp and I always tease at ppl who have shiny scalps cos they apply some layer of oil I think? Man… now Jason is kacau-ing me to do it.

I dunno. I’ve yet to make my decision. Can any1 tell me by when I have to decide? I’d like to show some support to Peter, but the thought of going back to class, and the whole campus talking bout it, it’s scary! But then it’s for charity, so why should I be shy of? However… I’m still hesitating hahaha! Help me!

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My kind lil blogger friend – showed some support by drawing me a very cute and funny cartoon pic. It says BOLD CHRIS DUCKIE.

Derhhh??? Since when did Kampungkai turn into Kampungduck?! Hahaha… Then, after some scolding and teasing, she drew me a new pic, tadaaaa! BOLD CHRIS CHICKIE! Cute huh?

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My mum is fine with me going BOTAK, cos she loves to see me in short hair. Even though my hair is only 1 inch long after a hair cut, she’ll say “Why still so long? Next time cut shorter”… tak faham. So perhaps after shaving, she’ll have nothing to say but to sayang and rub my shiny, squeaky scalp?

Mum did suggest that those taking part in shaving should do it together in a saloon/barber which will sponsor the cut. Well, at least I feel braver with friends around too ya? Hm.. til now, I can’t make up my mind. It ain’t hard to shave my head, cos 11 years of crew cut is nothing to me, but it’s the aftermath that scares me. I really respect Peter Tan for what he’s doing. His hair is like 100x the length of mine!

It's not that i'm unwilling to do it, i love doing charity, just unsure bout the hair haha! Maybe some words of encouragement from u all will help?


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