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Sunday, October 30

Juicing for Health

It's Sunday! today, i dun need to feel sad for going back to hostel, cos i'm having 10 days of hols, yeay yeay! woke up at 11am, after a really tiring trip up to cameron highlands with MAS buddies (will blog when i get the pics). Walked down from my bedroom to the kitchen to look for FOOD, and not surprised to find the same food on the table - fried kuey teow, mee+meehoon soup, mee+meehoon curry, and wantan mee. Then i saw this piece of A4 paper with fruit magnets on it securing it to the freezer. It reads...

Miracle Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit
1. Celery - 2 long stalks
2. Cucumber - 1/4 of a cucumber
3. Green Pepper (Capsicum) - 1/2 of a large capsicum
4. Bitter Gourd - 1/4 of a bitter gourd
5. Green Apple (Granny Smith) - 1 pce

Preperation and Consumption Instructions:
1. Wash all fresh ingredients thoroughly and put them through a juicer to make into juice.
2. Drink the juice first thing in the morning with an empty stomach one house before breakfast.
3. Do not add sugar or other flavouring ingredients.
4. All juice must be condumed within 15 minutes of juicing.

Remedy for and to control and regulate:
1. Blood pressure
2. Cholesterol
3. Blood sugar
4. Lover and gall bladder function
5. Gastric problem
6. Constipation
7. Lung problem
8. Gum disease
9. Kidney problem
10. Under nourishment
11. Obesity
12. Cold sweat
13. Frequent urination
14. Insomnia
15. Rashes
16. Piles
17. Tumor
18. Eye disease
19. Gall stone
20. Arthritis
21. Muscle / tendon inflammation
22. Amnesia
24. Cyclothyme
25. Common cold

Hearing my ransacking of bowls and spoons in the kitchen, mum shouted from her favourite lazy chair in the living room "drink the glass of juice in the fridge". But after reading the ingredients on the paper (celery + bitter gourd + capsicum) i was wondering whether the juice inside the friedge is the juice i read about and how on earth will the smell of these celery bitter gourd.......be? After running through my food department in my brain, my brain hanged because the taste just cannot be fused together! ewwwww!

Knowing that i cannot run away from mum's order, i put my nose near the glass of dark green juice and took a short smell of it. Verdict: SO GREEN! (uek uek uek) Still having the thought of not being able to run away from mum, i opened my 'elephant glue' glued mouth and had a sip of the slimy thing.... sip sip sip, hey, ain't that bad! it's sweet!

walked out to the living room...
mum: so how does it taste?
me: not bad, but it's very green
mum: it's good! it maintains body figure too!
me: oh really? i'll finish it!
mum: *shocked to hear that i'll drink it *haha!

after bout 30 minutes of bfast and paper reading, finally i went to wash up. For your info, only on Sundays i eat b4 i brush my teeth in the morning haha! gross? Then, during CAKE MAKING SESSION, i think i mixed too much water into the the dough, so walaaaaa! WATERFALL in the toilet bowl! it must be the juice that was so so so fiberous that purged and cleaned the whole system. As for now, i feel so light and clean, both outside and the inside! u gotta try it!

Here's a link to a successful slimming program by Mama2jojo, she lost 3 kg in 4 days!!!!
hey Mama2jojo, u must be standing in front of the mirror alot now ya? your husband must be drooling of how hot u r, congrats!


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