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Tuesday, November 8

Innocent Animals

Have u ever killed a cute innocent animal? I did. I drove my 1500kg car over a kitten underneath my car. I'm terribly saddened by what happened, it's so brutal! But it ain't all my fault rite? I didn't know it was underneath my car, which was parked in a well known busy town - Kajang. It was a stray pussy cat, roaming around backlanes, foraging for food in rubbish bins behind food outlets. How sure i am it was a stray cat? Pretty sure, cos after i felt my front left wheel went over something, i got down my car to check it out, it was dark orange with black dirt here and there, not much fur covered the skiny weak body. Sign of mulnutrition?

To make things worst, i crushed its head only. (darn) That's y i could see clearly the furless skiny body! I felt really bad and coudln't forgive myself for driving over the kitty. The thought of it lying on the road with blood and veins and curvy brain cells all around the road haunted me for a few days. I kept on apologising in my heart, but there was nothing else i could do.

And thanx to my BRUTAL MIND, let me add more disgusting stuff in. U know, after running the tyres over it, there should be some 'juice' stuck/stained in between the grooves of the tyre tread rite? So when the car starts moving, for every revolution of the tyre, there should be a stain on the road, correct? Sigh... Anyway, enough of this story, i still feel very bad about it. God Bless The Kitty that I killed. Sorry.

Last weekend, while i was driving back from my holiday trip at Summerset, i saw more than 10 animals lying by the roadside throughout the journey. Out of 10, 6 were grown up monkeys, 3 average sized ant eaters, and 1 baby leopard. I couldn't believe the sight of the baby leopard lying on the road (with blood everywhere of course), and i wasn't sure if it was a leopard. But then, what other animals is brownish-orange color with black round spots all over the body? Does Malaysia have leopards? Sigh.. such fast sprinting hunters which can run faster than wind, ended up running down by vehicles.

As for the 6 monkeys, though I feel sorry for them, but they are quite stupid, seriously! But then again, i dun blame them. They can't judge the speed of oncoming cars though they know the cars are approaching them. Therefore, they just run all the way across the road. For those fortunate ones, damn lucky. For those unfortunate ones, flat on the road. God Bless The Monkeys that were run down by vehicles. Same goes to ant eaters, God Bless!

Hm... i recalled that my ex-gf called me up 1 afternoon after class, when we were still in school days. I picked up the phone and all i could hear was crying. No matter wat I said, there wasn't a reply from her at all, but continuous of crying. I was freaked out, and u know what was running down my mind? I thought she was r****. Hey, i'm not a bastard, but she was crying nonstop and didn't utter a single word, wat else could have happened? In the end, after some 15 mins of consoling, she explained to me that her favourite white puppy jump out of the wire mesh guarding the gate, and ran across the road, and lied on the road without waking up. Man... after she told me that, it was my turn to go speechless. What should I say? And back then I was still young, it was impossible to drive the car and get to her house to give her a hug. Uh, it was just terrible.

Dear animals... i hope u guys dun roam around roads too much.
Dear humans... i hope u guys dun destroy the eco-system which houses the animals.


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