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Wednesday, June 1

Cinema Outing with Special Friend

It's study week now. But for me, i call it holiday-week! wuuhoooo! how do u expect me to open the book and study?! there's just too many distraction. Besides, the book is just like King Arthur's sword stuck in the rock, can't pull it out(can't open it), and for my case, there's a protective ring covering the book. Each time i go near to 3 feet from the book, i get electric shock! so i just leave it there and dun get myself into trouble. (ahhh nonsense! all excuses! just admit that u r LAZY! *smacks the back of my head)

2 days ago i manage to obtain the msn contact of an old friend. A special friend i should say. Why? cos she has exactly the same birth year, same birth month, and same birth day as me! Not to forget, we are both from K-Town too! (K-town = Kajang Town. sounds gaya abit haha!) Currently still unsure who is elder by how many minutes or hours, but what a small world! and this beautiful girl is named SweePing, sounds lovely too! (mmm too bad i dun have a photo of me and her)

After chatting through the net, not that sure who, but either 1 of us, or maybe both, invited each other for a movie the next day. And we agreed! I guess after not meeting up for so long (after form5 if not mistaken), why not meet up to see how Macho or how Beautiful each other is? (hahah! nonsense) So, we came to a decision of watching Madagascar at 1500hrs in Leisure Mall. I'll drive and pick her up in town at 1420hrs. (bear with me with the international hours thingy, i'm use to this timing system haha!)
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In the zoo it's called exercise ; In the wild it's called survivor!

All dressed up, well groomed, and while i was wearing my shoes, mum shouted from the kitchen far far away "eh u going out ar? fetch me to town, i wana buy some stuff". Hm... it was still early, so OK, i fetched her to town. My goodness, the jam in town was bad, and i was late! How could I? 1st day meeting an old friend and i'm late! To my surprise, when i reached the place where we were suppose to meet up, she wasn't there, it was already 1440hrs, we are going to be late! Then, i gave her 2 miss calls, and walaaa! my batt was dead. (stupid me! @*&@#&) Therefore i waited awhile, and she appeared 10 minutes later and got into the car.

Me : Sorry!
SweePing : Sorry!


Well, i guess both felt bad for not being puntual? But it's ok. Through out the journey we talked non stop, it seems as though there's just too many things to talk about. Even 'I', didn't speed, but enjoyed talking to her on a casual drive. Well, we reached at 1510hrs, obviously we were late. Still walking slowly and talking non stop from the carpark all the way to the ticket counter.

Me : Excuse me, can i have 2 tickets for Madagascar?
Sales girl : What time?
Me : 3pm
Sales girl : Sorry, full house.

*(&!@#@*()#$^@ what!!! 3pm full house? it's a weekday man! Then, suddenly i remembered... it's school holiday, no wonder. This is my 4th attempt to watch Madagascar, and i still failed to watch it. Can't believe i lost to those kids! arghhh! SweePing said "the show is meant to be for kids!" and i just smiled (hey sweeping, i love cartoon very much even till today haha! malu...) After making some decisions whether to wait for the next 1 at 1700hrs, or to watch STARWARS 3 at 1525hrs, we decided to go for STARWARS 3. Ya, this is my 2nd time watching, but it's still nice watching, especially listening to Yoda speaking HSILGNE KILABRET (read from T-H)

Yoda : Go, I will.
Yoda : Good relations with the rookies, I have.
Yoda : Follow the dark side, you will.

What's wrong with him man?! can we just sent him for english tuition? hahahhahah! Anyway, we walked into the cinema with the mouth still non stop talking, and after sitting down still non stop talking. That's just how much we talked. Well SweePing is in the advertising line, so she was paying attention to all the ads b4 the movie starts, explaining to me which 1 is nice, which 1 is not, how long it takes for an ad to be completed, this and that. And u guys remember the Coka Cola singing can? She was part of the team! cool huh? Glad to know some1 in the advertising field-something very new to me.

During the movie, i didn't raelly enjoyed it. Not because i've watched it b4, but because of the kids sitting next to us! they (plural, not singular) were jumping up and down like monkeys on the sofa, sending vibrations to me and SweePing's sofa. Not only that, they were talking to each other in soft tones (but they shouldn't be talking!), and going in and out to the toilet! All in they went through us 8 times, counting in and out as 2 times. Now is that annoying enough?! However, Prince is always a nice guy, he is very forgiving, ya? indeed... =)

The discomfort didn't stop there. i heard a sound, a very familiar sound.
@*()#$&@#*($&@ WTF! the man across the aisle on my right is snoring! he is snoring in a light saber fighting scene in STARWARS 3, ZUM ZUM ZUM! (light saber sound) i can't believe this! what is wrong with himmmmm???? mannnn!!! But as i just told u, Prince is always a nice guy, he is very forgiving, ya? indeed... =)

Movie ended, we started talking again. both of us came to a conclusion that the show was "so so only", kinda boring in the middle part, but the back part was thrilling. If not for the back part, we would give it a grade C, for now we grade it B+

Hm.. it was already evening by then. We went home. Still, talking all the way home for your info. Was a nice day going out with her, an old friend, a special friend. Do hope we'll have another outing soon. Hope u had a nice time, SweePing! Hugz!


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