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Thursday, May 26

Giraffes and exams

Again, i'm back from such a long rest. Life has been busy for me for the pass whole month, especially in studies of the electronic systems and complicated high-tech-end cockpit. My brain has gone through frying, steaming, boiling, scalding, baking...... & watever way of producing an edible brain. (yukssss!)

I feel so exhausted right now. I wish there was a technology which can read my mind and write it out here, rather than having me using my fingers to type. I'm just so tired. Test just finished today after a 4 day battle. I was down with sorethroat, flu, and a block nose in 3 out of the 4 days, but thanx to a miracle yesterday afternoon while i was on my way back from lunch, i've recovered! I bought a green coconut from a lil stall beside the road after taking the advice of my roommate that coconuts can do wonders. Paid RM1.80 (i was grumbling how come it is not RM1 only, since i was in a kampung, not KL!!) and the Makcik chop off the upper and bottom part for me.

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*Do not do this to your "kepala"

Upon reaching my hostel room, i took out the can opener and punctured my "buah-coconut-tapao". SPLASHHHH!!! the cool water splash all over my face and it felt so refreshing, i closed my eyes and tilted my head up, enjoying the coolness just like how SK II facial cleanser does to our face - POM POM POM! After having a lick around my lips to taste the coconut water, i opened my eyes in disgust. "ewww... how come it's sour!" (then i found out it was my sweat)

Anyway, i consumed the drink and had a 2 hour nap. After i woke up, my sorethroat and flu was cured, amazing? believe it...

Hm... i've gone out of the topic of "Giraffes and exams" eh?
*pulling the rope back.... uh! uh! uh!

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"Do i look sexy?"

Today, i had my last paper, it was about PowerPlant Electrical. Basically it's about how the aircraft engines move the generator to produce electricity for u guys to read in the airplane, for pilots to control the plane, and many many more. Without electricity, an aircraft cannot fly even though it is filled with kerosene.

I studied very hard for all 4 subjects throughout the 4 days, sleeping an average of 4 hours daily. I went for the exams and passed 3 of them (today's 4th paper result not out yet), didn't pass with flying colors though, just merely. The papers were tough, and i would have failed if not for the 4 hours of sleep daily. Anyhow, i was satisfied that i passed the papers, if compared to 60% of my fellow coursemates who failed it.

But I was stunned and amazed by this classmate of mine, let's name him Schumacher (Vroom Vroom!). Schumacher skips most of his classes, he sleeps in every class, he doesn't seem interested in studies, teachers always scold him, and he is just cool and calm about it, just like a cucumber. But from the test results, he scored the highest for 2 subjects and also a highly respectable result for the 3rd paper, indeed i was having thoughts in my brain whether he has a baby hantu that protects him and does wonders in exams too! how come? how come? how can he score such high marks from the way he is acting all this while? unbelievable...

ahhh.... then only i remembered that he befriends a genius in my class, then only i remembered that he always sits bside the genius during exams, then only i discovered that his highly-respectable results were not from himself! He was playing truant all this while! and u know what? his results were better than his Sifu (the genius). So me and a few more guys started teasing the Sifu, saying "eh Sifu, how come your student can beat u? hahaha! U must do something about it man, else 1 day your student will turn over his rice bowl, and run away, no loyalty to u! hahaha!" the Sifu just smiled in return, cool and calm like his student.

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Aww... He looks so sad...

Today's test was something different. This time i was sitting on the right hand side of Sifu, and the student was on the left behind seat of his almighty Sifu. I purposely chose that seat and payed notice to the Giraffe. Wow... darn i was amazed by how long the neck of this animal could stretch! respect! Kaotao! He was also calling out his secret S.O.S code in a very low frequency "Sifu! Sifu!" To his disbelief, the zoo keeper didn't want him anymore, the zoo keeper had enough of him, the zoo keeper had my words running in his brain "he'll betray u, he is not loyal to u!" Zoo Keeper shooke his head when Giraffe called his name and even covered his answer sheet with the questions. I was looking at the whole drama from start to end, seeing how frustrated Giraffe's face was, seeing how deep-shit he was walking out from the exam hall, hahaha! it just made me laugh.

I did my own paper as i wanted to remain a Hippo with short neck rather than a Giraffe with a long one hahahah! With full confidence, i can say that i did the paper pretty well. U can say that i'm cruel, but think of the consequences when he graduates, it leads to your safety on flight, correct? would u want such aircraft engineer to sign your plan off as safe-to-fly? no compromises can be taken in the aviation industry. I feel very very tired, gonna sleep now... ZZZzzzz....


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