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Friday, April 15

J.Ds, Bacardi Limon, Tequila Pop [Part-I]

"I'm a good boy. I know it!"

This afternoon, when mum came back from school, i greeted her, helped her take her bag in and asked "how's today's teaching?". Uh, i'm just so caring ya? U see, I just woke up 10 minutes b4 she reached home (1pm), and she hates it when I wake up very late, she'll be asking me what i did the whole night? "what u did last night har?! so late also dunwan to sleep?! Become ghost d issit?!" (In hakka dialague) kekeke... mum-->funny-->mum hihihi... Anyway, she didn't know bout today, else she would be scolding me until i turn into a ghost. I'm so glad that she's teaching in the morning session recently, then i can sleep till the sun is direcetly above me. (she has retired btw, just go back to ganti teachers when they are on leave, like class ganti). However, on days that she doesn't teach, i have to wake up around 8-9am, even though i ghost around til 5am. Just to avoid nagging and scolding and act as though i'm a good boy who sleeps early wake up early. But i would be sleeping on the couch when she reads papers.

who said he's a good boy? *coughs... bullshit

Last friday night, me and 3 other bachelor buddies got together for a chat and drink. We've not met for quite some time as everyone was busy with studies and stuffs. I shall name them A, B and C. Gathering was at A's house. It was and still is always at A's house, cos his mansion is large enough for us to run around, which indirectly trains our cardio haha... Here are some pics of the ground floor of the 3-storey mansion.(these pics were not taken on that day, but more than a year back)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not living room, but 'welcome hall'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me at where we were popping, dining room behind

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dining room

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Guest room, nice?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me at waterfall, in the garden

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Side of house

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Luxurious staircase (schoolmate)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me and Best Friend...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me and another Best Friend...

Large eh? that's y we like hanging out in his house, got a/c also, comfy! So 'A' bought a bottle of Jack Daniels (J.D) old whiskey from KLIA for RM88. Opened bottle, 4 coasters & 4 glasses with ice. Poured poured poured poured. Wanted to start off slow, so we added coke to soften the drink. Hm... after adding the coke, it didnt really taste like liquor, but more to coke with a touch of J.D. So we were taking it easy, drinking like plain water. Sips after sips, cups after cups, after around 10 minutes, half the bottle was gone. That was quite fast for amatures like us. We felt ok and was alert until 5 minutes later when we started to blush and turned into red monkey's arse. Hot Hot Hot... face was steaming, i guess the gassy coke stimulated the absorption rate? (that's what i heard from experienced drinkers later on)

Decided to stop drinking and cool down, put aside the bottle, and started chatting, talking bout life, this and that. It's nice to get together with friends once a while, talk and laugh, somehow it releases stress and u feel better after the outing. 'C' excused himself to go to the toilet during the conversation, none of us noticed, maybe cos our reflexes slowed down from the liquor effect (lagging). nvm, continued chatting...

- 'C' walked out from the bathroom back to the table.- stood in front of us, motionless for 10 secs, like a kayu.

C : " i fell down in the bathroom, see, my shirt is wet"

- all of us stopped talking and looked at him.

Me : " har?"

A : " what?"

B : "___" stares...*

we were so blur that we were still processing what he just said, really lagging la! hahahah....

C : " i fell down in the bathroom and my shirt is wet"

After the second attempt to explain, then we got what he wanted to say. We started laughing and laughing like mad cows, banging our head and hands on the table, and continued laughing for at least a minute till we felt so exhausted laughing, lack of stamina la. So what actually happend in the toilet is... (from what he said, dunno got cover up not, maybe he felt shy so didn't disclose some sensitive parts LOL) ...he was standing right in front of the toilet bowl (squatting type) peeing, (hm.. i wonder whether he aimed his chrysanthemum tea accurately into the hole not?) then after peeing, he attempted to bend down and reach for the hose to spray (ok, confirm didn't aim properly, that's y need to spray the side of the toilet bowl, ahhahahha!) and dunno how on earth he slipped and fell on the wet floor.

C : " when i bend down, i think too much blood flowed to my head, then suddenly i black out and fell to the side."

hahahaaha... we started laughing again like super duper mad cows! I know that we are suppose to be caring and ask him if he's alright, or whether he's injured, but then, we just couldn't help it but to laugh and laugh and laugh! haha in the end we forgotten bout it, he sat down and we continued chatting.after about half hour, we all felt even worst. blur. changed venue to the living room. C starting playing the play station2, amazing! he could still use his brain. respect respect. We hang around until 6am, and it was time for me to go home, fearing that my parents will wake up by the time i reach home. So i sent 'C' home and rushed back. To my surprise after i click on the auto-gate, it opened and there was it...my mum was doing her warm-up b4 her walk, and dad was wearing shoes, preparing to go to work. "shit" i'm doomed. They said nothing, and i explained that i overslept in friend's house. Done....hopeless kid.

Now who AGAIN said that he is a good boy? *coughs coughs... bullshit

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

BOOM! in return for reading my blog haha!

to be continued...


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