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Sunday, May 29

Bloody VIRUS @#*$&@#*()$^ !!!!

I'm writing this post with full rage and anger and frustration!!! Bloody hell, my pc was infected by VIRUS because of downloading. Well, also thanx to myself for being a full-time-pirate and download movies illegally (haha, who doesn't in Malaysia? Malaysia won the title for highest piracy rate last year, didn't we?)

Here's what happened. I 'was' using ARES (download software) to download my stuff, to be precise, STARWARS III - RETURN OF THE SITH. Though i was one of the millions who watched the premiere, but it's still ok to have a copy of the illegal copy rite? In addition to the among of ppl sharing it out on the network, why not take the opportunity of high speed download? So itchy fingers me, double clicked on it and the download started instantaneously. i was shock with the speed in 1 hand, and happy with the speed on the other, it was moving at a speed of +-28KB/s !!! something i seldom see in ARES. It's considered very fast and it finished downloading in 24 hours, happy me!

"STARWARS III - RETURN OF THE SITH finish downloading"
These were the words that pop up at the bottom right corner when it was ready. Uhhh, i could still remember the happiness on my face to have an illegal copy of that, waiting to show off to every1 that i have STARWARS III even though it is highly protected. Nah... things weren't as happy 5 seconds after that pop-up, the red light on my CPU was blinking furiously non-stop. Well, i thought it was ok, maybe a newly downloaded file needs some settling down period and the CPU will run. However, even after 30secs, the red light didn't go off, blinking so fast that it seems stationary. Darn, my PC lag to the max, i couldn't open 'My Computer', i could do nothing! Without any other thoughts, i knew it, "I'm attacked by VIRUS"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The pitiful PC that had a heart attack, but he survived because he's strong!mmph!

Since i couldn't click on anything, or i should say it took ages for something to appear after clicking, my finger went to the ON/OFF button and restarted the PC. After restarting, eyebrows raised. "hmmm???? pc is ok, how come!?" no problem entering My Computer, D Drive. But once i clicked on the download folder (there's where all my download stuff goes to), the red light went on again! *sob sob... cpu usage in task manager was showing 100% even though no progrmas were running. Finger back to ON/OFF button.

So i found out that whenever i click on that particular folder, the VIRUS is activated. I cut and paste every other folder from that drive into another drive to save them from any further contamination. And back to that infected drive, i right clicked and format... There's nothing else i could do other than that.

Though i manage to cure it in less than an hour, but i feel very unsatisfied and frustrated. Why? Because i have 1 whole long list of downloads still running there and i have to clear/delete it off! i just couldn't save it. Sigh... wasted all my time for the downloads, wasted my parents' money on electricity bill, and wasted my happiness on having a copy of pirate STARWARS III. darn!

I was so looking forward to this list of downloads. All of them were near finish, only left a mere 5-20%. These were on the list :

1. Lost episod 1
2. Lost episod 2
3. Lost episod 3
4. Lost episod 4
5. Lost episod 5
6. Lost episod 6
7. Lost episod 7
8. Lost episod 8
14.Desperate housewives 122
15.Desperate housewievs 123

Sigh.. all gone, nothing left, not even ashes. Waited so long for it, hoping to watch a new series of Lost, hoping to continue on Desperate housewives, hoping to watch all espisods of STARWARS all over again... but in the end i get nothing. "Adakah ini balasan kepada aku sebab menjadi seorng lanun?" *@#($&#*$^@#$^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From today onwards, I AM NOT GOING TO USE ARES ANYMORE. All this while i've never encountered such problem from other softwares (kazaa, bittorent, warez), but since changing to ARES, i've got infected not once, but twice! And it caused loads of chaos and havoc to my PC. For u ppl who r using ARES, do be careful. And for new users, just use other programs but not ARES, alright? Learn from the experienced.

There, there's all my frustration, all thrown into here. Now i feel better. Thanx for lending me your ears ya! hahahah... have a nice day! Hugz!
p/s : what software do u guys use? any recommendation?


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