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Saturday, April 16

J.Ds, Bacardi Limon, Tequila Pop [Part-II]


The following night we were back at the mansion to finish up the bottle, with an addition to half a bottle of bacardi limon. while preparing to open the bottle, A's father walked pass and took up the J.D bottle...

A's father : what's this, Jack Daniel's old whiskey, 40%, made in United States...
A : yea, bought from KLIA, RM88
A's father : hahahah RM88 only ar? what's this old whiskey, i think it's cheap whiskey la

*shakes head and laugh in a sarcastic manner

@*&$*(@&;# !!! ishhhhhh.... and we started laughing and A had nothing to say but to accept the fact that he was 'zha' by his dad. what a joker! the same goes to the bacardi bottle. Dup! (homer simpson's sound)
As we were trying out to pop the JD with Coke, and the bacardi with sprite, A's mother came walking by.

A's mother : eh, what u all doing?
A : Pop! make cocktail.
A's mother : haiyaaarrr.. how can pop using this, can only use tequila!
*she points to the cupboard
*we actually knew that tequila is the correct liquor for popping, but thought of finishing up the JD, so...
And so open bottle! *clap clap clap... A's mum thought us the correct way. She sliced the lemon into chunks and brought out a small bowl of fine salt. She seemed so experience as she does it, guiding us step by step.

1. put ice cubes into the cup (she said 3 cubes is enough)
2. dip the chunk of lemon in salt, and stain it on the mouth of the cup (so the mouth has a salty and soury taste)
3. pour in 1/4 to 1/2 inch of tequila, add a ratio of 1:3 tequila to coke
4. put the coaster over, Pop it hard
5. drink straight down till bottom's up
*additional note : turn the glass while gulping to taste the salty and soury flavourthere goes. Experienced, ain't she?

Try this out, kinda fun! believe me, it really taste good and it's nice to drink. But dun end up like us after that, we got so blur, but not drunk yet! 4 of us finished the bottle of 40% alcohol, and was challenging each other to walk in a straight line (follow the line in between tiles on the floor). We all passed! so it means we were not drunk, just blur. yeayyy! changed venue again, leaving the wet and dirty bar (splashes from the pop everywhere) to the living room.

Our head felt so heavy that once we didn't sit straight, we would just fall to the side, totally have no control of ourselves at all. Not to forget, we were again like monkey's arse - RED. after cooling down, we went and make some chinese tea to counter attack the liquor in our body. The walk from the living room to the kitchen was tedious, walking such a distance in the mansion and our heads were as heavy as washing machines, wasn't an easy job. Come to think of it, our head really resembled the washing machine, firstly it's heavy, secondly it's spinning the same way too! hahahha... and our mouth is the place where u pour detergent, and the water disposal tube is our ..... =)

Wow, what a wonderful night. This time i left A's house at 4am rather than 6am. Wanna beat my parents b4 they wake up. But of course, i was concious when i drove home, alcohol effect gone. Remember ar u guys and gals out there, please dun drink and drive alright? chill around 1st, have a drink, dun compromise your life, appreciate it k? So i reached home 20 mins later and had a really nice sleep till noon.

Mum : where u went har last nite?! so late still dunwan sleep! become ghost d issit?!!!

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh....................told u i'm a good boy...


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