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Wednesday, April 20

Effect of NesLo

I'm home I'm home! Tomorrow Holiday! yeay! Friday, Saturday & Sunday holiday too! Yeay! 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 days holiday! hahaha...What a short week in MIAT. The night i stepped foot in MIAT, i was already looking forward for today, sitting infront on my own PC, eating a cold apple while online. The feeling of being released from jail is just....just... just too good to be true!!! Yea, i call MIAT a jail, cos i'm forced to stay in the hostel during school days. At least at home, there won't be any guards who'll be nagging away if i come back after 10pm, and at least i can go out after 10pm if compared to the stupid rules and regulations set by MIAT. That's a place i call -----> HELL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (all these . . . . . . . dots are blood, hell has lots of blood hor? hahahha)

Didn't blog yesterday cos i was too tired to even walk to the library to online, for i had only slept for 8 hours in 3 days. I'm a light sleeper when it comes to work. And during the last 2 nights i have been doing my revision and homework till the wee hours of the day, sacrificing my sleeping hours, for the sake of everyone's safety in the future(chaeeeewahhhh hahahha) Well, didn't know why i was so hardworking and dedicated for 2 nights. Maybe it was because of the topics that interest me, it was about GPS-Global Positioning System, Fly-By-Wire, and lightings of an aircraft.

Wondering how i managed to tahan 3 days with only 8hours of sleep? the secret is, a cup of hot NESLO. Mix the 3in1 packet of Nescafe and add 2-3 tea spoons of Milo, and u'll get a magic drink. The aroma will put a big ring to your nose like what a cow has(ouch!) and pull u to the drink, making sure that u have a sip of the 'kaokao' potion hahaha...my nose hurts! i remembered, even after drinking my Neslo at midnight, i felt so sleepy, so i went to bed. To my surprise, instead of cuddling comfortably in my comforter, i was turning from left to right, right to left, chest facing up to back facing up, legs facing east to legs facing west, extra pillow on the head to below head. arghh! i just got more and more alert and i couldn't even close my eyes! *@(#$%^)@# turned on table lamp, started studying.

Here are 3 beautiful pics of coffee i took a year ago in a hotel. nice?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
1. Black coffee

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2. Pouring fresh milk into Black coffee

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3. Tadaaa! Coffee.....

I seldom drink coffee for i wanna keep it as a magic drink when i need them, especially during exam week or when i'm in the mood to revise. I'm sure some of you are immuned to caffeine even though drinking coffee or tea 10 minutes b4 sleep. I used to be like that, but i soon discovered that i couldn't produce anymore magic drinks when i needed them most.hahaha! (i'm not a magician like Harry Potter) Even with 2 bottles of red bull(kononnya makes ppl alert), i slept like a baby. (wasted my money and it doesn't taste good, NesLo still the best haha!)

On the 1st night, i studied till 4am, my eyes felt dry and tired, so i went to bed. Unfortunately, i was still turning left to right, right to left and the list goes on............. since then, i understood my body a lil more better. I learnt that i whenever i had NesLo, i will stay up for 5 hours, and so finally i dozed off at 5am. (i think so it's 5am, cos the last time i saw the time on my hp was 4:50). However, the peaceful and comfy sleep finished a lil too fast. Just a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes later(7:20am), I had to wake up at for class, SIGH!!!

As for tonite, dun think i'll be re-charging my battery so soon cos I'm back HOME! I guess every1's the same, whenever we r back from studies for the 1st day, we'll stay up til as late as possible no matter how tired we felt while still in college/U. Tonite yamcha, wuuhoooo! any1 wanna follow? no more NESLO for tonite!


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