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Sunday, April 17

Pathetic Robbers

Gonna head back to MIAT-Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology in an hour or so after dinner. I never liked Sundays, it's the day where i'll wake up knowing that I've to go back to hostel in the evening, looking at the clock counting how many hours more b4 going back, and knowing that i have to suffer another torturous week in MIAT, both mentally and physically.

It makes things worst when i recall about things happening in MIAT. i'm talking bout BREAK INS. Believe me, after reading this, you'll be either shaking your head or laughing like a mad cow or maybe BOTH? Here's what i'm gonna tell u today...

MIAT is situated in a very kampung area, surrounded by pokok kelapa sawit and hutan belantara. It's somewhere near KLIA, bout 15 minutes drive. erm...beside ELITE highway, before KLIA toll plaza, Left Hand Side if u come from KL-SRBN highway direction. Try and look for it next time while driving, u'll see a big hanger. That's MIAT, a place with lots weird monkeys (as in humans) and uncivilsed monkeys(humans also).

So, my hostel room has 2 doors. 1 is locked, with a cupboard blocking it because we re-arranged the room(safe space and also because that door has no key), and the other is used for going in and out. Too bad for me and roommates, this door's knob is spoilt, therefore cannot be locked. Knowing that it cannot be locked and all of us will not be around during class and weekends, we don't keep valuable things in the room, only leaving table lamps, books, papers, stationeries, can food and cheap cheap stuffs back.

1 fine sunday night a few weeks back, when me and Eric(roommate) reached the room together, we sighed together, because it's a whole new week to go through again. He turned on the lights and fan, everything was at it's place like when we left it. Unpacked out stuffs and mop the room. After everything done, we took out our towel and wanted to bathe.

- Eric was searching for something, while i was waiting for him at the door

Eric : Chris, u got toilet paper ar? i dunno where i put mine.
Me : got, wait ar...

- Opened my cupboard, searched for my toilet paper

Me : yeee? where's my 2 rolls of toilet paper ar? not here wan?
Eric : hmmm..... ei? the roll inside the tin also lost!
* it's a like milo tin with cover

- both of us started smiling at each other and laughed

U get what i'm trying to say? There was a break in! in our room! and our toilet papers were robbed! not pieces, but rolls! what the heck! Eric lost 1 new roll and 1 half-used roll, and I lost 2 new rolls and 1 half-used roll, all in 3 new rolls and 2 half-used rolls. Man.. ain't that pathetic? I think i'm gonna hold a donation drive on toilet paper, will u guys and girls be kind enough to donate some of yours to me? so that i can put them INSIDE my room for 'monkeys' to take?! pleaseeeeeeeeeee?

Then i found out that my syillings on my table was gone. OK fine, that's my fault, shouldn't have left coins on the table, few bucks gone.fine fine fine! toilet paper gone nvm, syillings gonen vm, so we continued on going to the bathroom. As i was wearing my slippers...

Me : Eric, you put your slipper inside the room issit?
Eric : No ar...
Me & Eric : hahahahahhahhaha!

U get what i'm trying to say AGAIN? There was another break in! in our room! and this time Eric's slipper was robbed! (sounds better than stolen, hehe) What the heck! It wasn't even a branded BATA slipper, but an old japanese-type slipper which i hated so much cos it's so noisy when he walks. Now... u tell me, is this pathetic too? Last semester i lost my BATA slippers which cost RM30, knowing that this place is not safe, now i wear an old 1 that u won't even feel like putting your feet into it. But Eric's slipper wasn't clean either!

Alright! toilet paper gone nvm, coins gone nvm, slipper gone nvm. We bathed and slept peacefully. Next morning as we were preparing for class, dressing up in uniform, packing books into bag, Eric was making coffee. He poured coffee powder into his cup and added hot water. Then...

Eric : Chris, did u see my sugar?
Me : Isn't it on the table, in the tupperware?
Eric : Oh no no, not that 1, i mean the packet sugar, like hotel's type
Me : it's on the table wat, dun have?
Eric : dun have...
Me & Eric : hahahhahhahhahhah!

Sighh... i think u know what happen. --->Sugar stolen. Not the tupperware of sugar, but the whole plastic bag of small packets of sugar. So, in 1 weekend, we were robbed, we treasured out live, we told them not to harm us, and gave them watever they wanted. Toilet paper, coins, slipper and sugar. Thank God i'm ALIVE. hahaha.. and in 30 minutes time, i'm going back to this pathetic place. I still wonder who did it. Was it the students? Or was it the cleaners? Can u figure it out for me? Hopefully, nothing is stolen this time. Byebye everyone.


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