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Monday, April 18

Forgetful Me

On my way to MIAT last night, I found out that i forgotten to bring along my 'PowerPlant' text book and an assignment paper that needed to be handed in today. Sigh, i didn't dare voice out to my dad who was driving to turn back, else i would get sounding. So, i decided to ask around friends, whether any1 would be kind enough to lend me a car or bike.

To my rescue, my roommate drove his car to MIAT today. He reached at 7:30am, and i had to fore myself to wake up to ask for his permission.(my class was at 11) It was hard to actually open my eyes at 7:30, if compared to my normal waking up time at noon. What to do? I'm just so forgetful.

5 mins later, i managed to drag myself out from the comforter, reluctantly wore on a shirt and styled my sleepy hair with my hands. Done, ready to go. Not even washing my face 1st or brushing my teeth (i'm just so gross). So i got in the car, started the engine, rubbed my eyes again, passed the guards, and drove for 10 minute.

And suddenly i felt so awake! total adrenaline rush! eyes bigbig, heart dupdap dupdap!............... I left my house keys back in my hostel room.(no1 was at home, so i had to bring my own keys) sighhhhh, why am i just so forgetful! I made a U-turn, drove another 10 minutes back to hostel, ran up the stairs, opened my cupboard and grabbed the housekeyes. My roommate looked at me without saying a word, but i could read what was running in his head. He was saying "stupid" hahahh!

took a 30 mins drive home, had a nice hot water bath til the whole bathroom was filled with steam, brushed my teeth and took whatever that i forgotten to bring, including 2 new rolls of toilet paper, hahah! Then, I drove to town and tapao-ed zu chang fen(in mandarin) for my roommate to say thank you, and drove another 30 minutes back to hostel. Now i'm feeling so tired for the lack of sleep.

5 minutes ago, b4 posting this, i just found out that the assigment has to be handed in by tomorrow, not today. *(@#&()*)*($&*_@#*(&@#*( arghhhhh, y treat me like that? i could have slept till 11 and gone home to take the things in the evening. I guess u all have experienced such situation b4 in your life? gonna get my lunch now, so hungry!


  • we share the similarity of not telling our parents (the driver) whenever we had forgotten something

    but well, at least u had the assignment with you now :) and you do need the textbook too,right?
    have a nice day.

    [u're lucky ur house is pretty near to MIAT, if they were to send me to USM or UKM or UPM, i'd be 350km away from home :~( ]
    -somehow reminds me of John Denver's "leaving on a Jetplane".

    By Blogger venus, at April 18, 2005 4:24 PM  

  • Muahaha! I suppose this has happened to all of us before. :) Forgetting things. Lucky you had a friend who was willing to lend you his car. :)

    But funniest of all, u had to forget when u had to hand up ur assignment.. Did something like this before. Thought my class was at 130pm. Left my house at 1. But it is a 45-50 min drive. Sped like crazy and reached in time, just to find out that class only starts at 230pm. Dumb right?

    By Anonymous BbHippo, at April 18, 2005 8:01 PM  

  • haha..so careless one..? maybe it's a sign of getting older...? hehe=P and regarding to ur "Pathetic Robbery"..so pity for u guys..isn't that bad staying in that kind of hostel? err...i mean it's a MUST or u can either choose not to stay?

    neeway,take care..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 19, 2005 10:29 AM  

  • Welcome to gang of pelupak...wakakakakakaa......

    By Blogger Carol, at April 20, 2005 4:27 AM  

  • *laughs* yeah, carol -___-"
    Gang PelupaK aprak pun dah lupak dah -___-"

    By Blogger venus, at April 20, 2005 3:20 PM  

  • Lu dua dua lupa apa apa pun tak apa, lu Jason lioh, nahas kamu berdua ni~!

    By Blogger Jason, at April 20, 2005 10:46 PM  

  • wah... so big head prawn oo... when u become aircraft engineer, dun forget to tighten a screw or make a mistake oo... my life is in ur hand...hehe...

    By Anonymous MR.C, at May 28, 2005 2:23 AM  

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