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Thursday, April 21

Home Alone with Daddy

*sweats...fuhh, finally i'm home. Just got back from my aunty's place in Sri Damansara. Woke up kinda early this morning at 8:30am, and sent my mum there. The drive was smooth all along the journey except a lil stretch in cheras, an unavoidable jam that is there 18 hours a day.

It was a boring trip. Why? cos my mum will be mouth fighting with her sister, and my cousin who is 22 years elder than me, will also join them in mouth fighting. Leaving me all alone in the living room peacefully, away from all the noise pollution. I prefer to lie on the floor whenever i visit their house, cos the black leather sofa warms up very quickly under my butt, and it makes my butt sweat! hahaha! So, i'll be on the floor, with the 'stolen' lil MAS pillow under my head, watching ASTRO, particularly channel 11 - food & travel. Luv the shows! All the chefs make cooking as though it's so easy. Cut here cut there, chop chop chop, and throw inside the Kuali. 5 mins later, done! Darn, it makes my saliva drip as it looks really tasty and mouth watering. To my interest, there was this show about a chef, the title of his show is called "NEVER TRUST A SKINNY CHEF" ahhahahhaha! It's so true, i agree with him! Apparently, he said that chefs who are skinny are not chefs, they dun eat and taste enough food, so no quality. Keep it up FAT CHEF!!

After lunch, me-mum-cousin-aunty went to THE CURVE jalan-jalan. It's a new mall, just beside IKANO, TESCO and IKEA. Kinda empty, maybe cos it's new, and i dun see any shopperholics with bags on their left&right hand, nor their neck or legs! hahaha.... IKANO was much crowded than THE CURVE, even though both malls were interconnected by a bridge. Ppl of all ages could be seen loitering around. And i walked pass "APPLE SHOP", but i couldn't enter! cos the other 3 aunties were not technology minded! arghhhh wanted to check out the iPOD, but only had a glance of it through the window. *sob sob...

After getting some groceries from TESCO, we headed back to my aunty's house. And me was back to lying on the small MAS pillow, watching ASTRO (my house dun have ASTRO, that's y i watch it whenever i'm in her house). At 5pm, i headed back to Kajang alone.

Tonite, i'll be Home Alone with Daddy. Mum will be staying at Aunty's place till Sunday. Well she's kinda free cos she has retired. My brother is currently on a fishing boat trip somewhere near P.Tioman, doing deep sea fishing (hope he doesn't get a Dugong back hahah!), and will onlybe back in a week or so. However from tomorrow morning onwards, I'll be Home Alone with Myself! dad is going to Kota Bharu to work, driving all the way for 8-10 hours, pity him! Just wonder why there's no highway from Kuantan to Kota Bharu, it would make life alot more easier and travel time shorter. Hope i could just fly him there, that would be much faster and least tiring.

*just went and open the door for dad, he went jogging

Aiyorrrrrrrrrr..... he tapao-ed dinner! i have alraedy taken out the leftovers to warm up and eat, but he tapao, duh! my dad really is really weird, he would definitely bring us out to eat or tapao whenever mum is not around, not even a single thought of consuming leftovers! hahaha... daddy daddy. btw, it's a secret between his children and him, we won't tell mum that we ate out and didn't eat her food (kekekek shhhhh)

hm... any idea what i can do for tonite? and also the other days till Sunday?

*Jason, if u are reading this, please dun tempt me to go Melaka
*k la k la, any1 interested to go Melaka? tell me, then we'll go.


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