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Thursday, April 14

Seduced by Female Doctor

* ...Continued

After the urine test, i waited for the next test. There were 2 other guys with me (who are now my roommates).
After around 10 minutes, it was my turn. "Chen Yow Jong.... Mari!" Obediently I walked towards the nurse who was at the other end of the waiting room. "Berdiri belakang garis ni ya!" Obediently I stood behind the line. Now I was facing a white wall which was around 10-15 foot away. The Nurse then hung a small board with lots of alphabets on the wall. Then only i figured it out, it was the 'eye test'. As usual, the alphabet at the highest part is the largest, and the row right at the bottom is the smallest. Within a few seconds, i read out all perfectly! yeayy! (I've sharp eyes! eksyen eksyen abit)

Next was weight and height measurement, followed by ears test.

And back to waiting at the waiting room.

Had a number in my hand this time. Waiting for my turn to see Doctor. It would be the final stage, Doctor could fail my medical check-up if he/she thinks i'm ugly, and i wouldn't be fit to join MAS' aircraft engineers. (sob sob) Thus, i was nervous.... (i'm not handsome, what to do?)

*ting! tong! #123 ROOM 5

Walked gracefully pass all the others who were sitted, like bergaya only me in my BONIA long-sleeve and tie. hahaha... Well here's the main topic that i wanna blog bout today, enjoy.

*knock knock knock! ("come in")
*smiles =) (oh it's a she, an indian doctor)

Doctor : " Hi, have a sit"
Me : " Good Morning" *smiling all the way
Doctor : " How are u feeling today?" *smiles
Me : " mmm... abit nervous and tired, cos i rushed back from melaka for this."
Doctor : " i see... well, just relax and calm yourself, it's alright to be a lil nervous. We'll be done in no time." *smiles

- silence for a minute or two while l relaxed and calmed myself.
- she opened my file, took out some papers
- picks up a pen and laid the papers in order

Doctor : " Alright, we'll have to go through some paper work here, all u need to do is to answer me 'yes' or 'no'."
Me : " Oh ok."
Doctor : " Do u have AIDS?"
Me : " HAHAHA...nooo"

- what question is this!?

Doctor : " Do u have TIBI?"
Me : " HAHA...nooooooo"

- what? another weird question?!

Doctor : " Do u have eating problems? bulimic or aneroxic?
Me : " HAHA... nooooo, definitely no"

- ok, what is this! why all the weird weird questions wan?
- and the list of weird weird questions went on and on, it was as long as 2 A4 size papers
- there were Qs like 'do u have multiple sex partners' & 'any problems when urinating' (oh mine was flowing smoothly!)
- i was laughing and smiling all the way while answering NO to all of them
- i think it's part of the procedure la, so i accepted it la...

Doctor : " Do u have menstrual problems?"

- hahahhahha! kidding laaaa.... she didn't ask me that! I just saw this part on the paper accidentally.
- no offense to all our beloved females ya! forgive me...
- paper work finished.

Doctor : " Do u smoke?"
Me : " no, no i don't. I'm against smoking."
Doctor : " U better not smoke alright? It's really bad for your health."
Me : " yea sure, i really hate it, seriously hate it"

- no offense to all bros & sis smokers, i said that just to please her and act as a good good boy. *smart*

Doctor : " I'm the leading head of the anti-smoking something something in Selangor, have to curb this problem, more and more youngsters are smoking. I make sure my kids do not smoke. There are far more better things to do than smoking!"
Me : " Oh ok."

- OK. She's someone big. dun play play.
- So i changed into a serious look and stopped smiling. Oh, she has kids ~loving mother~

*** Seducing STARTS ***

Doctor : " k, i need to check your blood pressure now."
Me : " Oh ok"

- Unbuttoned my right sleeve, and started folding up layer by layer
- Just as i folded up till elbow level, revealing my fore arm...

Doctor : " Wowwww, do u body build? You have big arms!" *she looked at my right forearm while my left hand was still folding
Me : " hehehe... ya abit abit. I work out in the gym back in melaka"
Doctor : * Smilesssss.......

- eeeeee, how come she ask like that wan? weird.
- nvm, continued folding, so that the strap of the blood pressure equipment fitted my upper arm
- finished folding, reached the max, cant go higher anymore, revealing my BICEPS on her table

Doctor : " Wowwww, U have very big muscles! U take heavy weights?" *she asked with eyebrows lifted
Me : " hehehehhee......abit abit la"

- At that moment, i started to feel really really awkward!!!
- OH MY GOD, yerrrrrrrrrr.....why is she asking me such things!!!
- very very the geli laaa ~shivers~ she's a mother with kids already man, if she was a young 20+ lady, i understand la, but then! yerrrrrrrrrrr, u get what i mean?
- i raised my eyebrows too, questioning myself... "what the heck is happening now?"

- she strapped the thing around my arm
- pump pump pump.... waited..... pssssttttttttttttttttt, let go off the air and took off her stetoscope
- raised eyebrows....

Doctor : " Your heart beat is quite fast. Are u nervous?"
Me : " I think so?"

- WTFFFFF! of course nervous la! in fact, terrified!
- she asked me so geli questions, definitely i scared laaaa!
- walauuuu if my heart beat doesn't beat faster, sure i got problem d.

Doctor : " cool down, relax... I'll check it again few minutes later."
Me : " ok."

- trying really hard to chill.... looking around the room and table.
- then i did another blood pressure check, still the same..... fast heart beat
- was it because when i was chilling, i saw some surgery instruments on the trolley? knifes and sciccors?
- in the end, she tick the box and pass me. YEAY!

Doctor : " Next time dun be so nervous ok? learn to be cool, take a few deep breaths"
Me : " Next time u dun say my muscles big la.. i shy shy wan leh" (hahahaha! of course i didn't say that!)
Doctor : " k, I need you to take off your shirt and lie down on the bed" (it was on the other side of her room, beside the wall, oppposite her desk)

- Obediently, i listened to her. hahaha like she was dominating me. "STRIP! LIE DOWN NOW!"
- My back facing her, front facing the bed.
- I untied my tie, unfolded my right sleeve, unbuttoned my left sleeve, unbottoned whatever button on the shirt
- My pants was still on. hihi...

- I took off my shirt. My back still facing her
- I turned to place my shirt and tie on the petient's chair, so that it won't be crumpled
- Now i was facing her... and...

Doctor : " Wowwww, you are really big and muscular ehh?" *nodding her head

- F***! now obviously there's something wrong here!
- 1st my forearm, then my biceps, now my upper body? helppppppp...... =(
- WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! she's freakin me out now...
- that's not the end of the story, read on!

- continued smiling.
- laid down on the bed, both hands on my belt. (near to sibling, can protect if anything abrupt happens)
- she came over in her white jacket.

Doctor : " Can u sit up straight?"
Me : " yea sure."

- puts on her stestoscope.
- *heart beat sound.....dup dap! dup dap! dup dap!...................... tutttttttttttttttttttttttttt (hahah no la, still dup dap!)
- wahhhh the flat metal end of the stetosope damn cold man! it's metal rite? some more in air con room!

Doctor : " ok, lie down"

- continues pressing that piece of cold metal on my body. ah! ah! ah! cold laaa!
- luckily it's not hot wax instead. ouch! hehehheeh...
- here's the best part, and her next action satisfied her curiousity, i think?

- As she presses the stetoscope on my chest part...

Doctor : " wowww, very toughhhhhh eh?"

- *(&@#)(^@(^@ ?????????
- Continues pressing a few more time around the heart (but still on the left chest)
- I could feel that she was pressing abit harder this time, why the f*** did she do that!?
- was it because chest muscle too thick, cannot hear my heart beat? (DETT! wrong answer!)
- was it because chest muscle too thick and attractive, she wanted to feel it? (DING! U R RIGHT!)
- ahhhhh press harder, press harder... ahhhh! (hahahahahha *can't stop laughing hahahha)

I couldn't do anything, but just lied down there and let her feel me (damn!). The stetoscope and bed thing ended eventually, and i wore back my clothes, just like after some 'real actions' hahhaha... slowly, i button up 1 by 1, tug in my shirt, but kept my tie in the pocket this time. saw her closing my file.

Doctor : " U r done. Welcome to MAS"
Me : " oh.. thank you doctor." *smilesssssssssssssss =) yeay yeay!

- did i really get through the medical check up?
- or did i sacrifice my body for it? hahahhahha!

Doctor : " have a nice day!"
Me : " same to u."

I opened the door, closed softly. and said "F***" softly and laughed my way out... man, what a memorable day. See, even after 9 months i still remember every single word she said. I WAS SEDUCED BY A FEMALE DOCTOR!!! but thank god i wasn't seduced by a MALE doctor? vomits....

On the same day, i had to rush back to melaka for a midterm test which was at 8pm. Thank God i reached at 7:30pm, still could make it. But unThank God cos i didn't study that subject at all. Thank God again it was 80 objective questions, and thanx to hwayinn who let me copy her answer. I had a neck strain after the exam, stretched too much. kekeke...

How's the story? never got seduced b4 leh? envy me not? wahhaha.... =P


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