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Wednesday, April 13

Chrysanthemum tea, tasty?

Finally, my boring class has finished. The class was about the flight deck, where all the controls and switches and super duper lot of complicatd things are located. (use to be known as COCKPIT, somehow because the word 'cock' was a sensitive word, they changed it) It wouldn't be that boring if it was not this particular lecturer teaching the subject. He mumbles just as jason does (*he's gonna kick my arse), and no 1 in the class listens to him. We will be doing our own revision, drawing stick man on the table...... and the 2 girls will be polishing their finger nails with that polishing stick (if u get what i mean, it's like a big ice cream stick). I looked at the 2 of them and respect! POWER laa.... polishing nails in an aviation school's classrooom.

While i was day dreaming and drawing 2 stickman with swords in class, i had a flash back of my medical check-up conducted by MAS' doctors b4 recruiting me. It was 9 months back in June 2004. Couldn't remember the date, but it was a Thursday while i was in MMU, Melaka. I had a call while i was walking home, and it was my mum. Mum said that MAS just called up and told me to come for a medical check up the next morning. And I was like "huh? tomorrow? wahhh means i have to rush back from melaka to kajang by tonite la?"

And so, i packed my bag as soon as i reached my room, still wondering why MAS didn't inform me a few days or a week earlier. But then, i was very excited and happy at the same time, cos normally those who get called for medical check-up gets a place in! My face was filled with cheer and joy throughout the journey back to Kajang. =) happy =) happy =) happy =) happy

Next morning, woke up at 6am (appointment at 9am), bathed, dressed smartly in long-sleeve and tie, looked non-stop in the mirror to be the perfect most me, drove all the way to Subang Airport, entered the MAS clinic.

Nurse : "Chen Yow Jong!"
Me : "Yes, me. I'm Chen Yow Jong."
Nurse : "Take this cup, put urine inside. Write your name on both the cup and cover."

- me took the cup with a weird feeling, and gave out a really really weird smile. Was i shy? HAHA!
- walked and walked, searching for the toilet.
- found toilet, look left right and behind, see got ppl follow me not.
- went in toilet, closed door.
- started looking above me, checking whether got spy cam or not (hahahah... i know it's funny!)

*** 18 SX ***

Then, i zipped down my zipper..... undressed my sibling with left hand, holding the cup with right hand, and the cup cover between my lips. (that freaking toilet got no place for me to put the stupid cup la!) Then, carefully holding the cup with the right hand, and u know what the left hand was doing, i 'sprayed' into the cup!!!! The cup was around the size of a 'shots cup' - the 1 for liquor. So it wasn't that big, and it filled up really fast mannnnn(with the current flow which was powerful), and i had to stop 'spraying' when it neared full. Now, can u imagine peeing half way and u have to stop and tahan? how does that feel? not easy rite? and the warm chrysanthemum drink splash onto my right hand! (when the cup neared full, sure will splash out rite? just like raining on a puddle of water, it splashes up!)

Oh my God, and i was wearing long-sleeve, remember? i wonder whether i got any chrysanthemum on my BONIA's sleeve. Anyway, then i put the drink on the floor, and continued my release. ahhhh it never felt so good, especially after tahan-ing for 10 seconds and bending down to put the cup.(not easy ok? needs skill) I pick up the cup and saw the chrysanthemum level was quite high, sooo... i poured 0.5cm out. "hmm, better."

Smart-ass me, after coming out from the toilet and walking towards the table full of chrysanthemum cups, i found out that i have not written my name on the paper cup. I took up the pen. Oh b4 that i washed my hands thoroughly with soap and water hehehe... I took up the pen with right hand this time, cup on left hand, and hold the cup high up around eye-level, and wrote my name on the soft surface of the cup, fearing also that chrysanthemum tea might pour on my left hand this time and on the floor and then my shoes and trousers. Thanx to my experience and non-parkinson disease hands, i did a fine job. Btw, the cup felt quite warm.

DONE! everything was done. I washed my hands again, dried it, and out towards the waiting room.
*Wipes sweat... fuhhhh afterall it wasn't that hard.

*to be continued...


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