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Monday, April 11

My Hopeless Groupmates...

Hie everyone, it's been a really long time since i last blogged. Have to admit that nothing very much interesting happens in palm oil estates, that's y i have nothing to write about most of the time. In addition with the amount of things that i have to learn about the aircraft electronic systems (which is starting to kill my brain), i'm of no time to blog.

Anyway, just wanna tell u all that my groupmates are hopeless. We formed groups in english class, where this semester we'll be writing essays. Throughout the last 2 months of 6 essays (all needed to be done in a group), I was the one who wrote all 6 essays, all ideas came from meonly, but in the end, the marks were shared among the members. VERY GERAM.

But if i just shut up and act as though some1 will write it in the end (this is what they do), i'm sure we'll be getting very low marks and it will pull down my final exam marks even though i scored 100 during test. And last semester i had to explained continuously to my parents for getting 72 marks for english(they expected better) It's all because of my course works that pulled my bloody results into shit.

Before any presentation starts, i have to write out their scripts, nicely on small pieces of papers, fearing that they might forget what they said. When u asked them whether they are alright and have done their research on the topic so that they would be able to speak more freely and spontaneous, they will give u confident look and say 'YES'. But during the presentation, ................... i just feel like slapping them! I've been doing my best, fighting with all my heart to get the group to a respected status in class, and these bloody mates of mine dun even give a damn and spoil everything. They just go blank during presentation, dun even know what they are talking about. We are not talking about 200 ppl in the lecture hall looking at u, but only 22 ppl including the teacher. sigh.......

They just dun care on any damn thing! I dunno how MAS will survive with these ppl being the aircraft engineers in future, representing the national flag carrier, WHAT A DISGRACE TO THE COUNTRY.

Here's an essay that i just wrote 2 hours ago, free topic.It's another of the group's work, but i did it all by myself. Dunwan to rely on my hopeless mates. I'm not that good in writing, hope u will enjoy it. (this is based on a real life story)





“Four-two-one, you are clear to descend to nine thousand feet.” As the voice of the controller guiding them into the Kuala Lumpur International Airport snapped through his headphones, Captain Anas Akasha entered the new altitude into the automatic pilot but suddenly a red buzzer started blinking and caught his attention. Captain Anas was shocked to see the cabin pressure buzzer blinking and the indicator showed that the pressure was decreasing gradually.

“Captain, did you hear a cracking sound?” said co-pilot Saiful with an anxious look on his face as he snaps on the seat belt. Captain Anas looked around the flight deck filled with control instruments, trying to trace where the crack sound originated from. Before Captain Anas could even reply to Saiful that he acknowledged the cracking sound, the front windscreen of the Captain’s side blew off the aircraft and sucked Captain Anas out from his seat towards the window, leaving the lower half of his body inside and the upper half outside. It happened so fast that Saiful couldn’t believe his eyes. Saiful grabbed Captain Anas’ ankle firmly, preventing the Captain from being sucked out of the aircraft.

To Saiful’s rescue, a cabin crew rushed into the flight deck and grabbed the Captain’s ankle too. “You control the plane, I’ll hold on!” the cabin crew shouted as the wind was so strong that they could hardly hear each other. “Mayday! Mayday! Four-two-one request emergency landing, flight deck malfunction, captain injured!” Those were the words that alerted KLIA’s air traffic controllers at 2132hours and got them up from their seats. “Four-two-one, clear for emergency landing, traffic clear!” replied one of the controller. The other controllers not only alerted all flights in range and put all departures on hold but also alarmed the emergency unit which consist of the medical team, fire brigade team, and the police team to standby for the landing.

Meanwhile, Saiful and the cabin crew holding on to Captain Anas struggled to survive. The Boeing 777 descended from 20,000feet at a speed of 800km/h, blowing head-on wind into the flight deck as cold as -15 degrees centigrade. The 2 of them shivered and tried to prevent hypothermia. Saiful remained calm and focused on the flight control as he put on the oxygen mask for oxygen supplement. In order to keep the furious and panic passengers calm and seated, Saiful did a false announcement through the loud speakers, informing them that it was just a bad weather with a lot of turbulence. It was the best excuse Saiful could think of to prevent from further problems.

However, the heavy and continuous vibrations made the passengers frightened. Children and infants cried and screamed, senior citizens recited prayers, and many other passengers anxiously questioned the cabin crews on the real situation. Following co-pilot Saiful’s order, the cabin crews calmed the passengers with comforting smiles on their face, and told them to be seated with the oxygen mask on and the seat belt bucked up throughout the journey. The cabin crews continued giving assistance and help for those in need and gave encouraging words to reassure them that everything was going to be fine.

After 20 minutes of tense situation, Saiful got a clearance for emergency landing as he approached the runway with just 8 kilometers to go. He was very worried about Captain Anas’ condition, wondering whether he was still alive or suffering a great amount of pain. With Saiful’s experience, the aircraft landed safely and smoothly. All the emergency teams were fully prepared to take over the aircraft and give assistance.

As flight four-two-one came to a halt on the apron, the self-inflated rubber slides launched just after the doors were opened by the cabin crews. The relieved passengers were guided to their exit and they slide down to be accepted by the medical team for check up at a temporary medical booth. Inside the flight deck, both the helpful cabin crew and Saiful were lead out of the aircraft for medical check up too. Saiful was more worried for his Captain than for himself. A few members of the fire brigade team climbed up the electrically operated ladder to the flight deck to check on Captain Anas’ condition. Apparently, Captain Anas was stuck to the windscreen frame. “He’s breathing, Bring me a Doctor!” one of the fireman shouted.

After cutting through the metal frame, Captain Anas was carefully laid on a stretcher for first aid. The Doctor inspected him and confirmed that he was alive, but the captain succumbed fractures on his right arm and wrist, bruises and frostbite. Captain Anas was rushed to the hospital for further care as Saiful looked on from afar, praying hard that the captain will be safe. The Police and engineering investigation team lined up the surroundings of the aircraft and examined the problem. A few investigators also retrieved the black box from the empennage to assist in giving more valuable information that might solve the mystery behind the accident.

Flight four-two-one landed safely with everyone on board alive. It was an unforgettable and challenging flight for Saiful, as well as a traumatic experience by Captain Anas. The news broke the head lines the next day and all flight and cabin crews were awarded the medal of courage for being the hero of the flight.


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