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Saturday, January 22

12males & 1 female in swimming pool

After going CNY shopping with mum at Alamanda Putrajaya, I found out that i have to cut some pounds to have a more presentable outlook.So, i decided to go swimming!!

At 6:20pm, i semangat-semangat wore my trunks, folded my towel, and took out my goggles from the cupboard...took the car key and screamed "meee, i'm going swimming". Happily driving to the club house at bkt mewah, wondering how many laps to swim today, and also thinking that since today is a public holiday(Hari Qurban), so there will be more girls(saliva dripping), and thus i lagi semangat to swim!

b4 getting down from the car, i put on my oakleys sunglasses(pirated laaa, where got so rich!btw, RM12 only), paid RM6 at the counter, walked down the stairs, laid my slippers aside, and walked towards the lazy bench...wahh damn gaya i tell u, i notice ppl looking at me while walking (of course la, oakleys sunglasses wat) hahah! paiseh paiseh.. Then did some stretching as if i'm a pro, scanned the pool for chics, and slowly pulled my shirt off... walaa! -a fat ass-

dived into the pool, and swam underwater til the deep end. During this 15seconds underwater, i felt as though i was thrown naked on a block of ice!! damn farking cold ok? well just imagine a frog shivering while swimming, darn it freaks me out.Reached the surface, put on my yellow tinted goggles(means i can see u, but u can't see my eyes), and did a thorough scan both above water level and below water level. Not bad, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ..... 7 girls! 4 of them were in 2 piece, sweet!Thank God today no dinosaurs swimming today, only ikan bilis.

6:40pm... peak time. About 12 males, all darn semangat swimming, got frog style la, freestyle la, butterfly style la, dog style la, and for the kids... dunno wat style, but looks like baby elephant style. Fuiyorr... when the butterflies come, all the other swimers stop and look, gaya sial! then got this uncle, semangat semangat wanna do butterfly also, so i stopped and watched. Bush! Splash! Bush! Splash! Bush! Splash! wahlannnnn... u know what is baby ikan paus ar? that's the uncle la! Nothing same like a butterfly, but a baby ikan paus that only know how to splash ALOT of water out.. and there was this little girl learning how to swim, when her head was up from the water to breathe, the deflection of water from the ikan paus drowned her! Oh My God! poor girl... dun worry, she survived, just a few coughs hahahha!

all the guys were still swimming lap by lap, one after another, without stopping, mainly to impress the girls who were by the side of the pool most of the time. And how can i loose out? so i also go lap by lap laaa... choosing the lane nearest to the side, so that the girls can notice me. A mixture of freestyle and frogstyle swam by them. Freestyle was the best, cos can see sideways, wahhh nice body! saliva mixed with pool water at that time...ewwwww! (we'll talk bout kids and swimming pool in another post, if u get what i mean)

swimming syok syok at full speed... suddenly POM! i immediately stopped, rose my head from the water, and saw a long black hair girl right in front of me. Shit, i bang into her... "I'm so sorry, are you ok?" She replied with just a smile and said sorry too. Suddenly brain freeze, dunno wat to do, so i dived my head in and continued swimming lagi full speed, malunyaaaa... Well, i didn't eat her toufu ok, just hit her upper arm (i knoww..... it's near). After that, her smile was in my head on every single lap, she looked nice in that black 2 piece, sweet girl.(ahhhh tonite sure sweet dream)

7:15pm.... 7,6,5,4,3,2.... 6 girls left the pool, left only 1 girl! Sial! and obviously no more guys were doing laps ANYMORE right after the girls left. Teruk la guys...eh i was still swimming for your info, thinking bout banging into that girl, and very dissapointed in myself for not getting her name(duhhh macam pimp). And so... 12 males & 1 female in swimming pool. All hanging around the sides as though they were in a hot spring. Pity that girl, she must be so freaked out and scared and terrified and shy..... 15minutes later, she got out too, darn! But i didn't waste the view of her walking in her suit towards the washroom, nice body! (saliva dried up d... mouth opened only)

Finally, i reached my target of 60 laps. Dun get me wrong, the pool is only half the length of olympic size. So it makes a normal 30 laps swim. Dried myself, wore clothes, put the towel on car seat, and drove home, WHILE thinking of the human accident that occured in the pool. and now 5 hours later still thinking of the human accident that occured in the pool. tomorrow will be the same... still thinking of the human accident that occured in the pool.....human accident in the pool.... accident in the pool.. in the pool.... pool.. pool... ool...ool......l............ ZZZzzzzZZzz....


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