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Thursday, February 3

Chicken out by Praying Mantis

last night at 1:20am as all 3 of us were preparing to go to bed, CS(my roommate) yelled "yerr! wey wey faster come, got praying mantis on my bed!"

I jumped up from my bed, went over the other side of the room, and saw this light green 6-inch 6-legged GIGANTIC insect on his bed, contrary with the white bedsheet. We stood together 3metres away from the bed, looking at the motionless insect. Starring at it carefully, making sure the path we were standing at doesn't block the insect's jumping path, we continued thinking of ways to get 'it' out from the room, worried that it might sting us or hold on to our leg with its sharp claws while sleeping.

"Eric, wake up! come here quick!" He blurred from his bed and zombied over to the 2 of us. You could see the sudden change on Eric's face.(from an eye line as fine as hair to a 50cents coin) *shock* "wahlauu! so big wan! martherrrr..." Without hesitation, Eric took the transparent plastic container (the type we use to bungkus food)behind us and walked carefully from the back of the praying mantis. Me and CS were amazed by his bravery, so we stood and see how he would save our night. However, things didn't go as expected from us. He stopped at 1 metre distance from it, put his hands forward, and threw the container over it like a chicken. The container covered the praying manting at 1st, but then bounce and fell off the bed! "alamak....why so cha wan u.. throw also dunno how to throw!"

This time the praying mantis was at the edge of the bed, head facing us! we got freaked out and change location of standing. Again, our hero - Eric prooved his bravery. This time he took the mop and went near the praying mentis, HOIK HOIK, doing chinese kungfu, praying mantis style hoik hoik! and he shoooood the mantis off the bed, and dunno how the mantis ended up entangled on the mop, with its sharp legs stuck to it. Eric quickly took the plastic container and covered over the mantis, the mantis obediently crawled upside down into the container and he covered it up.

The 3 of us happily opened the door and walked out shirtless from the hostel room, going down the 3 flights of stairs to the nearest tree. CS stood 10 metres away from the tree. Eric 5 metres, and me the FINAL HERO put the container on the ground beside the tree, making sure the mantis' head was heading away from me, and open up the plastic cover.... within a blink of an eye........CABUT!!! 3 of us ran up the stairs , shut the door and laughed...

Sigh.. now only i know how chicken we are. A lil praying mantis 1000 times smaller than us can make our knees go weak. Hope mr mantis has a nice place to live in now and don't come and kacau us anymore!


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