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Friday, February 4

'Lucy' is BaCk !!!

OMG!!!! helpppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy is back! argh argh argh argh...uhuhuhuhuh....some1 please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after exactly 7days i got the ridiculous riddle from my beloved "Lucy", she sent me a message 5 minutes ago.... arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Is she haunting me? what have i done wrong?!! tomorrow better go to temple and pray hard, "pit" away all my bad luck, prepare for chinese new year! "Ong mari Ong mari ONGGG!"

Here goes the conversation...

lucy (10:11 PM) :
are you busy now?
Prince ® (10:11 PM) :
no... very free.. free till dunno wat to do
lucy (10:12 PM) :
then why didnt reply me?
Prince ® (10:12 PM) :
dunno wat to reply also....
Prince ® (10:13 PM) :
do u know spongebob?
lucy (10:13 PM) :
ask you sumthing
Prince ® (10:13 PM) :
lucy (10:14 PM) :
an ant passes thro' desert...why there are not ant footprint but just a straight line leh?
Prince ® (10:15 PM) :
hahahhahahahahhah u asked the same question to me last week
Prince ® (10:15 PM) :
any new questions?
lucy (10:18 PM) :
okok....you are provided with 2 bucket and tap water...one bucket can fill in 3 liter of water..then the other can fill in 5 liter...now how are you going to measure 4 liter of water...where the are no measurement and only 2 bucket nia
Prince ® (10:20 PM) :
Prince ® (10:20 PM) :
pout till two buckets are level?
lucy (10:20 PM) :
Prince ® (10:21 PM) :
eh tell me answer la!
lucy (10:21 PM) :
lucy (10:22 PM) :
think 1st
lucy (10:22 PM) :
since you said you so sien
Prince ® (10:23 PM) :
hahahhahah! i bored then u give me these questions? wahhahahah! so funny la u
Prince ® (10:23 PM) :
i cannot think laaa... i'm laughing non stop here
Prince ® (10:25 PM) :
hello hello?

Well, the conversation stopped right there... maybe she got pissed off muahahha! for the mean time i'm still cracking my head for the 4litres bucket thing, can help me out?


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