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Wednesday, January 26

Bungee Jump

I so so so so wanted to try this when i was in Bali a few weeks back. Darn syok wey...standing at the edge of the platform and "free fall". I dun think you would be able to even scream because it's really scary. From afar of the other end of the beach, you would be able to see that 8-9 stories high platform.

The tower could be seen from a distance

So, me and bro super semangat walked towards the tower, teasing each other that we'll shiver while standing at the edge haha! or might just wet our pants! Each step closer made our heart pound faster and harder, very eXcIteD!!!

Reached the place. Knee joint became extremely weak.
me:"oi, sure u wanna jump ar?"
bro:"(looks at me and smile) hehehe.... dunno la, u leh?"
me:"(looks back and smile) very high oh!"
bro:"i know... we see ppl jump 1st la"
me:"ok lo..."

To tell u the truth, at that moment of conversation, neither of us wanted to do it. why? simple....... very scared! haha! :P (My knees are weak right now, cos i still can imagine the situation)
(would wish to show u the video, but dunno how to upload video, any1 can teach me?)
after looking at the 1st jump by this qweilo, again i asked myself "are u sure u want to do this?"
Well, me and bro challenged our guts, walked to the counter.

me and bro:"hello.."
cashier:"good evening, how can i help you?"
me and bro:"we want to jump"
cashier:"oh sure, here are the packages u can choose from(points to the board behind him)"
me and bro:"(swallows saliva... silence for 10 sec)
me and bro:"(i looked at him, he looked at me. smiles) come let's go. Thank you!"
cashier:"u r welcomed!"

know why we left without asking more? .................................bcos it cost US$75 to jump one time!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pressing calculator) and it comes to RM286 ok? which is also equivalent to 715,000rp. For your info, i brought 1,000,000rp only. Even though we had more money, we wouldn't do the jump, because it's over priced. The 2nd package is 2 jumps, US$90 / RM343. Both package came with the jump, a t-shirt, and a certificate.

Come on la... want to jump off the edge also must pay few hundred bucks, just get a free pass up to KLCC-twin tower's bridge and jump off, free of charge, lagi syok. (ppl...i'm not encouraging u to commit suicide ok?)

In the end, we walked off with a smile because it was getting dark and our stomach was having an orchestra. Hope 1 day when i'm rich, i'll return to BaLi and overcome my fear. Dare me? I'll dare you! bring it on boy!

*btw, u have to sign the 'death letter' b4 jumping.

The Tower

The deep pool, just in case the extension rope snaps


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