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Sunday, January 30

Ridiculous Riddles

Oh finally... I'm back for the weekend after a few torturous days at MIAT. Rumours have been spreading around campus about we MAS students are going to be sent back to Subang Airport for training (keep my fingers cross), and there's a better rumour on the spread too.... "MAS may send us to Ireland for training". hahaha...I bet you, it won't happen! MAS cannot afford such expenses. All they know is to waste money on A380 advertisements on TV, which the plane will only start operating in 2007, i wonder why such an early introduction? (to show off to AirAsia that they have big planes i guess?)

As usual, whenever i'm back for the weekend, i'd definitely go online, catch up what i've lost throughout the week, read through blogs and chat with friends. Not too long after logging into ICQ, YM, and MSN, there was this message blinking in ICQ. From 'Lucy'- a girl i got to know last week through random search.(She searched for me). So I clicked on the blinking message and here goes..........................
*enjoy the message

Lucy :"Hi, long time no c. Mind to chat?"
me :"hey.. how are u? sorry that i couldn't chat with u the whole week, i was back at campus, no internet over there."
Lucy :"ic... :

- conversation stopped for around 5 minutes, didn't know what to talk bout-

me :"so.... how old are u now? where ya from?"
Lucy :"i'm from perlis. 16y/o"
me :"oh i see perlis, very far from here. so now in form4 issit?"
Lucy :"ya. U know perlis?"

- duhhhh! of course i know la! i'm a malaysian-

me :"wel for sure i know.. it's at the border of malaysia and thailand, northern part"
Lucy :"ya"

- conversation stopped for around 5 minutes, didn't know what to talk bout-
- trying to recall what topic i normally talk about when i was in form4-
- suddenly a topic struck my mind-

me :"so , tomorrow got tuition or not?"(hahahha! all i remembered in secondary school was having lots of tuition)
Lucy :"got..."
me :"what subj?"
Lucy :"kimia.... 10-11:30"
me :"kesian.. why got tuition on saturday wan?"
Lucy :"dunno...."

- silence for 5 mins -

me :"got homework or not? add maths teaching wat now? matrix?"
Lucy :"nope... teaching something something"(i forgotten what was it)
me :"when is your test? dun be sad if u fail add maths ok? it's normal... most ppl will fail"
Lucy :"har? really ar? i very scared"
me :"nvm nvm... just try your best, U'll get use to failing in form 4 and 5"(hahahah!)

- silence for 5 mins -

Lucy :"eh i ask u question."
me :"ok" (shit.. hope she dun ask me add maths, cos i've erased them from my memory)
Lucy :"got 1 ant, goes throught the desert, how come there's no footprint, but only a straight line?"

- are u serious? i have to answer such question? why so mouliu wan?
- jaws wide open. watching blankly at the monitor, shooke my head-
- ppl, start cracking your head now and think, search for the answer -

me :"i dunno laaaa... tell me the answer la"
Lucy :"u think... very easy wan"
me :"cannot la...i dunno the answer"
Lucy :"want me to tell u?"
me :"ya tell me the answer"
Lucy :"because lehh...... the ant is cycling with a bicycle, that's y no footprint and got straight line lo!"

- falls to the floor -
- what!!! I can't believe i'm playing this with her -
- unwillingly continued the conversation, as though i was excited and interested -

me :"hahahha! like that also can a.... haha... so funny la"
Lucy :"ask u the 2nd question, related to 1st question wan... very easy"
me :"ok" (harrr?? another question? some1 help me!!)
Lucy :"A man put a cake in the fridge, when he went back and get the cake, how come he knew that the cake has been eaten finish?"

- crack my head even harder, thinking seriously -
- cannot la.. really canot d.. i really dunno -
- ppl, start cracking your head AGAIN and think, search for the answer -

me :"i dunno la.. can tell me the answer?"
Lucy :"hahahha because the man saw the bicycle parked outside the fridge, so he knew the ant must have eaten up the cake"

- falls to the floor -
- takes up the blade and stab myself -
- sits back towards my chair, look up the ceiling and sighed with a laugh -
- hope i could just commit suicide -

me :"wahh like that also can a.. hahhaha really funny wor!"
Lucy :"told u it's very easy la... Q1 & 2 related wan"
me :"so i guess there's Q3?"
Lucy :"yeap.. hehe how u know wan?"
me :"so what's Q3 about?"
Lucy :"the ant, the fridge, and the man are in an aeroplane, but overweight... which should be thrown out in order to have a safe weight limit?"

- ahhhh this is easy, the fridge la, since it's the heaviest -
- hahah i manage to get the 3rd answer this time -

me :"the fridge? cos it's the heaviest..."
Lucy :"wrong... correct answer is fridge + ant should be thrown out of the plane"
me :"har?????"
Lucy :"cos the ant is inside the fridge ma...."

- alamak... how heavy is an ant???!!!!!!!!!! -

- aiyooooo i really having heart attack now la, can feel my veins bursting -

me :"so where did u learn all these question from ha, so keng wan?"
Lucy :"hahah.. funny hor? today one of the guys told all of us in class, all of us laugh till wanna die hahhaa"

- didn't know perlis' guys are superduper LAME, now i know -
- i couldn't stand her anymore , had to ignore her immediately -

me :"eh i gtg.. wanna go swimming, it's very hot!"
Lucy :"ok... see u again"

- oh no.. i would never wanna see u again.. -

Aiyooooo really cannnot tahan la... why is she so childish? were we like that when we were form4? definitely no rite?? we would be busy copying homework, no time for jokes and ridiculous riddles ya?(hahahahhha! damn true *shakes head) Wonder what has change the new generation kids, is it the can food? can drinks? school education? .....?...........................?

Since then i've ignored Lucy, not replying her messages. Well, it's not her fault actually, there's nothing wrong with her.. it's just my problem. I think the 5 years of age gap between us makes things awkward, especially when she's still in secondary school and i'm in tertiary level. It's hard to communicate, true?


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