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Saturday, February 25

Hypnose the eyelashes

Still in time to post up my weekly article before i start work at Kampachi, else no one would wanna read anything from me again, because for being inconsistent in blogging. (I've been busy with studies!)

Girls = fashion slave. Agree? all the guys out there, i know u agree with me haha! They spend lots of $$$ on clothes and makeup, don't they? Not uncommon, they have this shop-till-drop syndrome. Maybe not for working ladies out there cos they have wages. But for girl friends of mine who are still studying, man... besides paying for room rent, everything else goes into shopping! they shop-till-die.

Even though we guys' stuff are much more expensive than gals (like PS2, iPod, leather shoes, Nike shoes), but yet, they still spend more than us! how come!? Besides, knowing that shopping means alot of walking, yet gals still wear high-heels for shopping, even though i always lecture my girl friends to wear snikers instead. Sigh... *shakes head, NEVER LEARN!

But well, no harm done-lah... Gals always look pretty and gorgeous. With those rosy cheeks, sexy lips, and heels, they attract whole lots of attention! Keep it up! We(guys) do complain, but yet our eyes never fail u haha! :P

Image hosting by Photobucket
Joel & Amy (black blouse)

Who she? She - my online friend, Amy. But preferred to be called Monster, she loves it, rite monster? A lil bit of intro, I got to know monster some years back then when ICQ was such a hip (when we gotta memorise some 9 digit account number, remember?). She's 19, and currently studying in St. Andrews, Scotland.

One fine day, she IM me and said "I need to borrow RM100 from u". I went blur and could only make the expression of 'huhhhh?'. Knowing that she's in UK, my brain started doing some calculations. RM100 = 15pounds. Why on earth would she wanna borrow 15 pounds from me, it's not even enough to pay for her dinner!

Then, slowly and sweetly... she asked for a favour, to help her buy a mascara from Lancome. Well done, she's asking a GUY who knows nuts bout makeup to help her buy a mascara. After getting a short makeup class from her, well it ain't that hard to understand the terms like Lengthening & Volume, though to me, length means inches, cm, mm, foot, and miles; whereas volume = length x width x height. But to girls, it means 60% increase in eye lashes' length and volume makes her grow more eye lashes!

It was a big dissapointment when i drove to Kajang town's Parkson Grand. There was no such brand called Lancome at the makeup section, but there was one called Mustika Ratu, duh! I do hope some marketing fella from Lancome is reading this now, open a booth in Parkson Grand, Kajang! It would make my life easier! I just wanna buy a mascara from u, and u make me go all the way to Mid-valley, so pa-pai!

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There I was, in mid-valley with a bunch of guys (i'm so dead). As usual, they started teasing me when i said that i need to buy a mascara. Who's that girl? Pretty not? eh, since when, never tell us? what's her name? Ignoring them, i walked towards the Lancome sales girl. (shy to the maximus!)

*with a weird look on her face upon seeing me
SalesGirl: ???
me: i wanna buy a mascara.
sg: what type of mascara do u want?
me: ?????
sg: hahaha, well we have 2 new products, L'extreme and Hypnose. L'extreme gives 60% increase in length and Hypnose gives both length and volume, but not as lenghty as L'extreme.
me: ?????
sg: hahaha, is she active in sports? does she sweat alot?
me: NO! (she's such a lazy ass)
sg: ok, then take the non-waterproof one. However, most ppl will take the waterproof one. With the waterproof one, she has to have a makeup remover, does she have one?
me: ?????
sg: *she gave up, cos she was like talking to an idiot
me: how much is L'extreme and Hypnose?
sg: L'extreme is RM89 and Hypnose is RM85.

What the heck, a 5.2g black stick cost RM85!? the packet chilli sauce given by KFC is even heavier than it (10g)! Using my logical brain, i made a decision to get the Hypnose. L'extreme's 60% increase in length would make her look fake, she's not a blardy camel from the dessert.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

I was wondering why couldn't she just buy it in scotland? Till she told me that it cost 30pounds over there, I was shocked! goodness, it comes to RM200 after conversion! crazy! wow... didn't know that Malaysia really is a shopping heaven to the westerners.

Hypnose, it sounds pretty good ya know? it's like, after applying Hypnose mascara on, u can hypnotise any guy u see, just like the movie Geisha haha! So for all the girls out there, go grab yourself a Hypnose and make the guys beg for moreeeeeeeee! LoL!


  • that girl goes to scotland to study or to check out the latest fashion and make-up product?

    By Anonymous manda, at February 26, 2006 12:33 AM  

  • sigh...are you going to get your money back?

    By Blogger yuin, at February 26, 2006 2:21 AM  

  • Service for beautiful ladies, okie lar :p

    So are you supposed to send the mascara or what?

    By Anonymous Jee, at February 26, 2006 3:50 AM  

  • It's so true! Beauty products are EXPENSIVE in scotland! It's way cheaper back home. But back home, who wears make up all the time? Over here.. everyone wears make up!! ALL THE TIME!!!


    When will I be getting my mascara huh?

    By Blogger soul-explorer, at February 26, 2006 6:14 AM  

  • I agree with Yuin. Are you gonna get your money back? And you haven't consider how you gonna send the mascara - another few ringgit. Probably adds up to Rm200.

    Never ever do that for a girl who is not your gf.

    By Blogger Gina, at February 26, 2006 10:29 AM  

  • manda: she... hopeless! trying to attract all the handsome mat salleh.

    yuin: yea sure, she's close to me, i know her, she knows me. Dun worry, i'l charge her 10% for service charge + 5% gov charge. LoL!

    Jee: yea, i'll have to send it to her using PosMalaysia. Now, i have to hope that it doesn't go missing while handled by PosMalaysia.

    siah: ooo, kinda different culture ya? or maybe it's too hot and humid back here in malaysia, that's y the girls wouldn't wanna have a smeared face? haha... so are u following the trend of makeup-ing in scot?

    Gina: No worries Gina, she'll pay me back, guarantee, she's my close friend. And also, she's loadeddddddddddd (see how many d(s) are there), so as i told yuin, i'll charge 15% tax to the bill haha! Never do that to a girl who is not my gf.. .hmmm... good advice! wanted to buy u something wan... but then... LoL! :P

    By Blogger Kampungkai, at February 26, 2006 4:55 PM  

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! You student mah. I don't really expect anything from you also. Keep the money for more deserving girls lah. This aunty understands one. We just worry you kena taken for a ride nia. You know lah. Guillible.

    By Blogger Gina, at February 26, 2006 10:14 PM  

  • I'm looking forward to one day when another girl would ask u to buy her "roti", wei4 sheng1 mian2.

    By Blogger Jason, at February 26, 2006 10:23 PM  

  • hey,thanks 4 dropping by,am loving d aviation industry i guess. long live aviation! lolz. i guess it's good to shed some light unto guys abt make-up. haha~

    By Blogger hooiching, at February 26, 2006 11:43 PM  

  • My god.. dude... better get used to buying this for girls.. hahahaha... i think im an expert now... i know how you feel for the first time buying makeup, mine is buying bra... got yell by gf, cos buy wrong size... sales girls, non stop laughing... how do i know what cup there is wo....HAIIIII...

    By Anonymous Keith, at February 27, 2006 10:38 AM  

  • Gina: I love rides! swim-car-river is so fun! more deserving girls, hm... no girls seem to want to be deserved to me! so sad case yea? sigh...

    Jason: I'll buy u a roti perancis on my next trip to JJ, melaka and buy strawberry jam to apply with it and feed u!

    hooiching: APU girl! do u wear makeup to work? If u do, definitely u will attract loads of attention especially around MAS' hangar ya? LAMEs and mechanics would be drooling while u walk pass them.

    Keith: u the man la bro! respect! Btw, how could u buy the wrong size for your own gf?! haven't u seen/feel enough of it?! hahahhah! practice makes perfect, remember!

    By Blogger Kampungkai, at February 27, 2006 10:56 AM  

  • you didn't try it out at the counter? ROTFLOL...

    By Anonymous maria @ twinsmom, at February 27, 2006 1:14 PM  

  • Very brave la u. Buy mascara, make up and all. I buy facial scrub at the pharmacy also a bit shy already. Next thing you know you'll be buying bras and panties coz they're so damn expensive overseas. Maybe too thick for comfort. Hey! Here's an idea, you might want to ask her buy you briefs with fur lining. Burrrr.

    By Blogger agus, at February 28, 2006 10:54 AM  

  • fren, how la wanna make-up? getting up at 6am is already taxing enuf..we go for natural beauty,haha =P nah we seldom pass d hangars..MAS cafeteria yes lah..lol

    By Blogger hooiching, at February 28, 2006 10:56 AM  

  • prince! im speechless! NEVER ever do that again!she might b loaded,n u might been chattin wif her for ages.but haf u met up wif her?no rite? never trust online dating!she can get d mascara frm e-bay/they do sell lancome products online in malaysia,she can get those frm there.never ever do tht again...ok! not unless she's ur gf :) -audRey-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 28, 2006 4:14 PM  

  • aiyo kampungkai, u reli kampung la, so gullible...DUDE, if she's really that LOADEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (how many D's r there?), y izit a big problem for her to get it instantly from scotland?? u've been hypnotised!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 01, 2006 10:14 AM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 01, 2006 10:25 PM  

  • dont u ppl get it????!!!!

    the girl is his gf

    i repeat

    h i s g f


    ... wake up ppl...

    By Anonymous amanda, at March 01, 2006 10:26 PM  


    By Anonymous AMY, at March 01, 2006 10:34 PM  

  • http://s62.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=103CW0GTIMMLW1QPHWH3M4F7TX

    By Anonymous AMY, at March 03, 2006 10:08 AM  

  • hey m8....i'm in scotland as well...y u din buy anything for me one?juz bcoz i got a batang....takde lubang.....cheh!!
    'same ppl dun hav the same life'
    Now u know wot to do larr...go get me something n send it over to me!!need my addy??bwahahaha

    m8....borrow me 10k....go get me something tht's worth 10k n send it over to me...will DEFINITELY return back to u...remember i'm your m8! ^_^

    By Anonymous Manson, at March 04, 2006 6:58 AM  

  • YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Check my blog ;-)

    By Anonymous allison, at March 05, 2006 3:22 AM  

  • http://www.dropload.com/redeem.php?t=dc834f3889bf2cd42af7030f73d01bdf

    By Anonymous AMY, at March 05, 2006 7:48 PM  

  • ooo...u learned this for ur future gf ma........GOOD FOR U!!!!hehe...

    By Blogger phindoltheploy, at March 06, 2006 1:09 PM  

  • hi honey ive got a good news ha

    By Anonymous uknowwhoami, at March 06, 2006 8:30 PM  

  • hmmm.. u should charge 30% extra, and it is still worth her effort. How are u going to send it to her?

    the KFC look alike may melt on change with temperature.

    By Blogger Robin, at March 09, 2006 9:36 AM  

  • Dudeeeeeee

    Where got more than 30quid? £17.50 only lah!

    Dior Mascara also less than 30, Lancome mana ada 30quid?

    Some Lancome products are cheaper in UK!

    By Blogger MooPig, at March 20, 2006 5:08 AM  

  • Who say! =P I spend most my money on food la =X

    By Blogger cheesecakeerian, at April 08, 2006 10:35 PM  

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