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Saturday, February 4

My 1st Blogger Gathering

Happy Chinese New Year! (still in the festive mood ya!) :) Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Just got back from my 1st blogger gathering in Milwaukee Steak House, Kepong. Was indeed excited and surprised to see my fellow bloggers in real person! Everyone was without a keyboard and monitor, so i was daydreaming, imagining how would it feel if everyone was in front of the pc. Maybe the next gathering should be held in a CC, then we can all blog together! haha...

You see, bloggers have this syndrome, a unique syndrome i should say. In the streets, it's very obvious to notice if one is a blogger or not. If he/she brings the digicam along wherever he/she goes, and snaps whatever he/she does or eat or see, walaaaaa! u found yourself a blogger! who definitely has the so called 'blogger syndrome'. (Most) Bloggers will be snapping pics everywhere they go, for the sake of our own blog, for enhancing the blog outlook, for attracting more readers, or just for memories in the journal.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
At Milwaukee, Kepong.

Here u are, proof that these bloggers in the pic have 'blogger syndrome'. Everyone is having a camera in their hand, snapping nonstop, they are un-controllable! I have to admit that the flashes from the camera is making me see tweety birds flyng around my head. Btw, how come i still see so many full moons in my eyes, definitely because of the flashes!

Yummy yummy, had a sirloin steak with black pepper sauce (RM21.90)+ mashed potato(RM5.90). It's dissapointing that the chef in the kitchen doesn't understand the writing of the waitress who took my order. Me, being so particular in steak, asked for a medium-cooked steak, which should supposedly turn out reddish in the center of the meat after cutting, soft and juicy when chewed on, but ended up getting a well-done piece of steak that was tough and dry. Urgh, wasted piece of meat.

Didn't expect to get an angpao from the gathering. Thanx twinsmom! hahahha... u very lenglui, u will earn lots and lots of money, u got long life, u will gain fame around the world, u will have loving children and husband, u will win ToTo, 1+3D, 1+4D, Magnum, Long Live Twinsmom! LoL! (have to praise sky high to get bigger angpao for the next few years)

Sorry to all who were at the gathering. Didn't speak much cos me shy hahaha! So i'm volunteering myself for free smacking and whacking for trying to act cute and say that i'm shy. LoL!

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Look at the clouds formation, seems like a tornado!

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A view that guys would bring their girls for :)

After clearing the bills, me jason and mr. kiasa, went to a well-known place among selangorians. It's called small-genting! ahhhh, sounds familiar? it's in Ampang, on the top of the hill, where lots of cars not from the neighbourhood would park their car and have a breath-taking night view of Kuala Lumpur.

Here and there u can see young couples standing by the rails of the hill, most of the time the guy will be behind the girl, hugging them, while viewing the blink-blink lights of K.L, so lovely, so romantic huh? But too bad la, i was there with 2 other guys, ish! Potong Stim kaokao!


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