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Sunday, June 12

Summit Indoor Rock Climbing

*none of the photos below are taken by me, all copied from the net.

(looking at both hands) My palms are so coarse now, with red lil spot at the intersection of fingers and palm, not pain though. And it seems like my finger prints have flatten and smoothen out, all 10 of them!

I went rock climbing at Summit USJ this afternoon. The fact that my holidays just started yesterday will eventually turn me into a BIG POTATO COUCH. So since i have nothing to do, i decided to get my body moving & pumping, and believe me, rock climbing really pumps u up! So u ppl who are potato-couching right now, get your ass up and start climbing! MOVE IT MOVE IT! haha!

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Couch Potato

This is my 1st time doing rock climbing, and i was pretty excited about it throughout the journey, and till now after climbing, i find it very fun and thrilling, definitely would try it again and again! Entrance fee is RM12 (no time limit), but i paid only RM6 cos i showed my student ID. Cheap ya!? no no... u r wrong, there's a little asterik (*) above the RM6. The equipment that u'll be needing is an extra charge.

1. Basic Rock Climbing Safety Instruction Course - RM10
2. Rock Shoes - RM 5
3. Climbing Harness - RM 4
4. Belay Device - RM 3
5. Student Price - RM 6

For those who are not students anymore, u'll be paying RM34. The price is reasonable, cos u can climb as many times as u want, till u r satisfied learning the art of the CICAK! wahahah! But dun let me see u climbing, or else i'll take some rubber bands and shoot u down! Love doin it! =P

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Rock Shoes
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Upon paying up and wearing the rock shoes, there was this climbing instructor who came over and taught me what's rock climbing all about, from the basic safety to the climbing. 1st of all, he took out a harness (refer the above pic), and laid it properly on the floor to let me put my legs through the hole and pull it up all the way till the waist line. Then, he taught me how to fasten the belts on both the waist and the thigh, and also the importance of double fasten (it means to buckle the belt in opposite direction after fastening) As for guys, after fastening up all those belts, pay attention to your kkc, it is so obvious that it's buldging out! (bcos the belts pulls your trousers tight, look at the pic properly!) my goodness, luckily every1 was the same hahaha!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Carabiner and Super 8

Next was about the belay device which consists of a carabiner & a Super 8 . He taught me how to tie knots for climbing, the proper way of using the carabiner & Super 8, the position to stand as a belayer, the communication between belayer & climber...... many many more. Oh, a belayer is the fella who supports you while u r a climber. your rope is attached to him, so that u won't fall off the wall. U might be thinking "what if a 45 kg girl belays a 80 kg guy?" hahah! i thought of that also, definitely the girl will go up when the guy falls rite!? haha, so funny! She would be screaming all the way up haha! Well, my curiousity was answered, the instructor then taught me the way to overcome the problem if the belayer was lighter. He said "stand close to the wall, and put your left leg on the wall and lean backwards" , can imagine? As for in indoor climbing, there will be latches on the floor so that u can latch yourself down, preventing u from flying up the sky! haha! i just can't stop laughing!!!!

So that was the introductory class which cost RM10. Very informative, i learnt something new today, excited! Here starts the fun part, CLIMBING!

After preparing and double checking for safety...
Climber : Are u ready?
Belayer : OK, ready!
Climber : Climbing now!
Belayer : OK
Climber : Uhh Uhh Uhhh... which step should i take?!
Belayer : Left! no no...Right! the yellow 1!

haha... these are the words that u'll often hear from rock climbers. Then, once awhile, get some powder on your palms so that u'll get a better grab. I'm not sure what kind of powder is that, but it really gives u the grip rather than slip.

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Chalk Bag and Chalk hand

Rock climbing is really fun. At first u may seem scared and unsure of your capability, but once u try it, u will like it, really! It's hard to explain the feeling, just drive to summit and climb! test your physical and mental reaches what limit!

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Belayer : I got u! Just climb!

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Those slanting walls are not easy

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Can i shoot him with a rubber band?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I see 2 CICAKs

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wow... check out the up-side down part


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