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Saturday, October 21

RM10,000 Toilet Bowl

Believe my words, it really is RM10,000. I dunno why it is so expensive, but an easy explanation to u is, "it's an aircraft component, everything is expensive".

Being an Aircraft Engineer doesnt mean wearing white uniform with epaulettes (the goldern bars on the shoulder), and walking around slowly and smartly in the airport.

As the name implies, the engineer knows everything about the aeroplane from A-Z. Having that said, the 'shit job' is part of our job.

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The lavatory can be categorized as one of the highest quality requirement in the aircraft. Meaning, though it's such a small and simple thing, but when it is not functioning, the passengers will screw the airline high & low. ie: 'wahlauu... i pay few thousand ringgit and they cant even get the toilet fixed!?' u get what i mean?

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Toilet bowl

This is the RM10k toilet bowl. Made from stainless steel and coated with Teflon on the inner surface, it is exactly like the non-stick pan we used in the kitchen. So, your urine and shit doesnt stick to the wall of the bowl.

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Toilet assembly

this whole unit cost +-RM100,000. It's pretty high tech in the sense that there's a build-in computer with a memory for each toilet bowl. it records the number of flushes and records the fault of the toilet bowl, for instance Leakages.

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Toilet assembly

whenever u push the flush button, an electric signal will be sent to the flush system, and also to the vacuum system at the same time. If u notice the amount of water used per flush, it's very little. It's only 4.6 ounces, which comes to about 1/4 of a milk glass.

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Flush Control Unit (FCU)

this FCU is connected to cockpit, whereby the pilot can identify whether the toilet is functioning or not. Regardless to say, it's the most expensive part of a toilet. say, RM40,000?

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today was my last day working with the sanitary department, have gained my valuable experience and so i'm sharing some behind the scene shots with u. Be prepared for the worst. WARNING: STOP EATING IF U ARE READING THIS

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Lau Sai

Once in a blue moon, if the cleaners forgotten to clean it before sending to us for repair, this is what we get. A bowl of shit that has been kept there for a few days, or maybe a week. If u r not a hardy-type of fella, u would puke on the spot.

Normally we gotta disinfect and soak the bowl with a super strong detergent (the turqoise liquid), and every time after work with surgery rubber gloves, we gotta clean our hands with dettol, or else i'll be eating u ppl's shit!
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toilet paper

Once in a purple moon, there'll be a piece or two of toilet paper in the bowl when sent to us for servicing. It looks nice on 1 side... till

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toilet paper + shit

till.... u flip over and see shit all over it. Again, u will puke on the spot. Notice around the upper ring of the bowl, full of harden urine flakes, gross! but it's part of the job.

So, whoever thought aircraft engineers job is cool, think twice. It doesnt seem as nice as it is. Though quite highly paid, but this is what u need to do.

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I love toilet bowls!

We are so used to seeing and touching toilet bowls that it's nothing much to us, we would dare put our head inside the bowl to do inspections and servicing, we would come in close proximity with the bowl, and we would smell a slightly diff smell everytime.

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urine stain

By the way, did u know your urine is very corrosive? look at this pic, this is the front part of the inner bowl where our urine normally shoots at. This means the bowl has to be sent for recoating of Teflon.

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From the toilet bowl to the 'holding tank'

Lastly, for the ladies. Can u gals do me a BIGGGGGGGGGG favor? Please promise me u will not throw the sanitary pads into the toilet bowls? PLEASE? I BEG U?

The pads are gonna stuck the vacuum system and cause alot or trouble. And in the end, the engineer would be the 1 taking it out u know? not the cleaners, because they dunno why it is stuck.



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