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Friday, November 10

9M-MRI in Stockholm

The tension has loosen up.

No one was hurt, no one was put to jail, nothing went wrong.

It seems it was the manufacturer's problem, whereby the same thing happened before.

What happened was something from the thrust-reverser flew off. Wasnt a critical part, therefore it was alright.

Hopefully the manufacturer will do something about it asap, so that such incident would not happen again.

Damage has been done, and MAS' reputation has a scar. Yet, we Malaysians should show support by promoting 'Visit Malaysia Year 2007' and begin our visitors' comfy-journey with Malaysia


  • Haha. So, you feel alot better already lah now. :P But I still want to make you feel bad.

    You didn't do the checking properly. It's your fault, Chris!

    LOL. Just joking lah. ;)


    By Blogger Jason, at November 10, 2006 10:21 PM  

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