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Monday, October 23

Workload vs Manpower

As u are reading this on your comfy cushioned chair, in your cosy home; I, in contrast, would be working, in the hot-like-hell hangar.

Since Malaysia is a multi-racial company, it's our turn (chinese) to work our asses out this week. Selamat Hari Raya to my Malay colleagues, and Happy Deepavali to my Indian colleagues!

This Deepa-Raya week, i'm gonna work from Monday till Friday, and then continue with Saturday & Sunday (depends on speed of job during weekdays).

Work hours? 0745hrs - 1645hrs. But most probably every day must do OT. Latest OT is up till 0400hrs (4am!)

Well, this is the service industry's life. When people go for holidays, our work load increases x1000, and manpower /1000. Aeroplane maintenance due date must be followed strictly, else would cause lots of trouble and loss of money in millions.

Am not complaining though, this is what i chose, so i'm liking it. Furthermore, i'm paid differently this week man! time to get some extra pocket money! hahaha!

Till then, happy holidays to all of u! and happy working week to me! see u guys around. Take care aight?


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