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Monday, July 3

Mercedes Benz SLK 200K

Never in my 22 years of life, the thought of sitting in a sports car had ever crossed my mind. It seems something impossible. But, today is my lucky day.

Having hints from my buddy/the car owner since 24 hours ago that he would give me a surprise by fetching me to his house, i was feeling anxious.

While watching tv and waiting for his arrival, i heard tyres slowing down over some sand and pebbles in front of my gate. It should be him. So, i grabbed hold of the house keys and locked up the house.

While turning the key to lock the door, i turned my head towards the gate and STOP. I STOPPED TURNING THE KEY, I STOPPED BREATHING, AND I STOPPED BLINKING. My jaw dropped 5 foot to the ground. After a full 3 seconds, then i walked towards an illusion with a big smile, still unbelievable.

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The illusion that i was walking towards.

I might sound 'jakun'... but please forgive me, this is the 1st time in my life being in such close proximity with a SLK (not a Small Little Kancil ok?).

Friend: So, what do u think of the car? any comment?
Me: *speechless and continued smiling
Friend: Never expect to be able to sit in this car at the age of 22?
Me: *nods head vigorously
Friend: Me too!
Me: *still speechless

What next? Test drive! It's a sports car, expect the expected! This 1800cc supercharged kompressor engine drains every breath out of u as it zooms pass every single car. Though at high speed, yet u feel safe and secured.

Just like any other big cars, u wouldn't notice that you have already reached 110km/h, it feels like 60km/h and u feel slow in it, u would want more of it, and that's when the devil in u step on the accelerator as u fall back on the seat enjoying the thrust.

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I guess u know what we went through during the test drive. After checking from the Mercedes-Benz website, i got to know that the car accelerates from 0-100km/h in 8.5 secs, that explains why i had difficulty reaching for the compartment box as i was push backwards like taking off in an aircraft!

Dun be fooled by the 160 limit. It's just a number. The important part about a speedometer is its Unit. For this case, it's in mph! Nevertheless, with just a push of a button, u can easily switch it to kmh, whichever is convenient to u. *hint: we passed 140 :P

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Till today, i am still wondering why it is spelled as Kompressor, and not Compressor? it sounds like B.Malaysia, or is it German? For those who dunno, kompressor boosts the engine output so that the 1800cc engine will operate like a 2000cc engine.

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Center console

It's built for comfort that they can even heat up the seat and blow hot air around the neck upon request (even the temperature can be set), something very useful when the hood is down when enjoying the drive up Genting Highlands. Ops, did i say it's a convertible?

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just 22 seconds is all it takes for the electrohydraulics to convert the SLK-Class from hard-top coupe to open-top roadster. Just press the button on the centre console or, if you are outside the car, use the button on the ignition key. TOTAL COOLNESS!

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The Cockpit.

As u have your big ass sitted in the ever so comfortable body-wrapping bucket seats, u feel in control of the car. U feel the pride. U sense the stare and awww that all passer-by give. U create jealousy and u cause hatred. But what to do? LoL!

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The Bucket Seats

Notice the row of holes around the neck part of the seat? that's where hot air is emitted. The manufacturer calls it AIRSCARF. Also, look at how thick the door is, it's freaking 1 foot thick! not only it's built for speed, but also safety of passengers.

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The heart of the SLK.

As u pull up the bonnet of the beast, a complicated and high technology awaits u. Besides... the 'pssssssssss' sound of the absorber supporting the heavy bonnet makes it even high-tech!

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Rear view.

Not to forget, the twin exhaust pipe that is a killer! The back looks so solid and cool, dun u think so?

Well, last but not least, how can u finish reading without seeing me in a SLK roadster? wahhahahhahhah! Ever since i felt the touch of this angelic devil, i 've promised myself to own one someday in the future. It's good to have draems, isnt it?

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P/S: Thanx to the owner of the car for all the pics and the thrill ride. I had fun! Let's just hope no police ticketsssss will be sent to your home. CHOI! lol...
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