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Saturday, July 2

Backpack to Pulau Perhentian

2nd beach to visit in 1 month's holiday. Have to keep myself busy, rather than staying at home, going out yamcha, ending up being a fat arse. Main reason of going is to take up SCUBA diving license by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Insructors)

SCUBA stands for 'Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus'. Currently reading up the diving book to prepare myself for the theory part. Thanx to my bro who is alraedy a licensed diver, he pass me the book a week earlier! Guess he expects good results from me? arghh stress, cannot humiliate him!

U must be thinking tat i'm loaded with cash? going Pulau Kapas 2 weeks ago, and now going Pulau Perhentian? Mind u, these 2 trips are budget trips, bacpacking trips, so that's why it's VERY cheap and i'm able to afford it. Backpacking trips means that there's no a/c to enjoy, no beautiful rooms to live in, no 10 course meal ; but only 4 bamboo woven walls with atap roof, no fan but only the sea breeze, and roti + maggie mee for meals. haha, sounds bad ya? So, this is called backpacking.

By next week, i would join my brother and his friends as a diver, a new thing for me! so excited! But, after this trip, i will only be surviving on roti + water hahaha... cos i'm officially declaring bankruptcy. The diving license will cost me RM800, which is my hard savings.

Anyway, if u all wanna know more bout backpacking, or wanna go backpacking, do call me along! i'm the best planner! But we'll take the fishing boat instead of speed boat, take bus instead of flight k? cos i'm just so poor!

This time the bus journey would be further than Pulau Kapas, as perhentian is much more further, it's north of redang. Therefore, my jetty will be at Kuala Besut, nearing Kelantan border. Though it is further, this bus company "Mahligai" offers the same price of RM30.80/1 way, and it reaches the jetty instead of Kota Bahru (which i have to take a taxi to the jetty). But the weird thing is, when i bought the ticket in Kajang, they charge my RM34, but still i have to board in KL! And the sales girl said that they are an agent, helping to sell the tickets, that's why there's an extra charge. Being unsure whether to get ticket from Putra Station on the spot tomorrow, i paid RM34 instead to secure me and my bro a place.

Hotel has not been booked, hopefully there's a room when we get there. if no room, me and bro's faithful army hammock will do the job! haha...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Map of East Coast

So, have a great week ahead as i enjoy my last week of holidays! I'll be leaving on Sunday night 9:30pm from Putra station, opposite PWTC. chao dudes!


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