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Thursday, June 30

Petrol all over my leg!

Uhh... it's just such an angry day for me! Just got back from the 'pump petrol marathon' at SHELL, apparently gonna naik harga 20 sen! But after knowing that it cost 3 aussie dollar per litre in australia from my friend, i'm just relieved that Malaysia's oil is much cheaper.

Waited at least 10 mins in queue for my turn. No time for thinking whether your petrol inlet is on the LHS or on the RHS of the car, but just prepare in 1st gear when u see the driver getting in the car, then zoooooommmm into that empty lot once it moves an inch. This, i call...... SURVIVOR! no mr nice guy, ladies!

Parked at counter 7, walked to the counter and waited in line again.
Me : Kounter 7, penuh!
Girl : Kena bayar deposit
Me : *Took out wallet and slip RM50 through the lil hole, walked off

So, i did what the advertisement taught us. "Angkat, Cucuk (masuk actually), Picit!" Pulled that lil metal piece to hold back the trigger so that it flows constantly without holding it, i waited. I looked at the numbers going up and up and up, it was just so slow compared to other petrol kiosk... bored. Nvm, continued waiting. Then, i lean my back against my car, just beside the nozzle. Not even 5 secs later, my right leg felt so cold, and definitely some liquid was flowing all the way from my knee down to the slippers! IT WAS PETROL! immediately the sight of me being ablaze with fire came to my mind, thinking of how painfully i'll be screaming and rolling on the floor screaming for help, then the fire spreads to the car and explodes and continues with the whole petrol kiosk exploding! (bear with me, i watch too much tv)

So, petrol on my leg, and splashing all over the floor, just like a running water tap! Within the blink of 1/2 an eye, i grab hold on the nozzle and unlocked the trigger! Fuhhhhh what an adrenalin rush! A few guys were shocked to see after the dripping sound caught their attention. I looked back at them with a blur look, didnt
know how it happened either. Well, i guess the full limit auto-detect thing in the nozzle is spoilt, therefore it couldn't scan that the petrol has reached the full limit, thus overflowing.

The petrol evaporated extremely fast, but my right leg was still feeling a lil cold. Closed the petrol inlet, put back the nozzle, and walked back to the cashier to get my change. Btw, it cost me RM48.82, and i didn't dare to make it RM49 cos the petrol has already spilt!!! (guess i wasted 30-40cents?) At the cashier, after putting my hand out to get my change of RM1.20, instead i only got RM1.05! WHAT IS THIS! I know my rights, so i raised my voice...

Me : EH, BUKAN RM1.18 KE? PUMP RM48.82 SAJE?
Girl : Takde duit syilling la boy...
Me : *in my mind i was thinking, "what nonsense or asshole words is she talking?"

Ok guys, i know it's another 13cents less only. For those easy goers, just forgive me for being rude; but for those who knows their rights and knows that money is hard to earn, u know how i feel. U wouldn't want them to earn such easy money, rite?

So, she thinks that tomorrow increase 20cents... so 1 hour before midnight can increase 13 cents la? F*** her man! ..l.. middle finger for her. In addition to the faulty nozzle and spilling of petrol on my leg, still dare to charge me extra?! Go to hell.

In the end, i gave her back the 5 cents, and got a 20cents back. I guessed she gave 2 cents extra to apologize to the bouncer-look-alike guy? And for those who wanna go pump petrol, dun go to Bangi's SHELL, cos that's where i got this S***!


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